Sweet Rustic Love: Four Brothers’ Wife

Chapter 8 - Breasts And Buttocks Exposed?

Chapter 8: Breasts And Buttocks Exposed?

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In the morning, Liu Duo felt sticky down below. She woke up semi-consciously and got out of bed in a hurry. She did not even put on her outer clothing as she took her cloth and rushed out.

Mo was chopping wood when he saw Liu Duo run outside with nothing but her undergarments on. He furrowed his brows unhappily and was about to give her a scolding when Liu Duo entered the outhouse.

In the kitchen, Ling was steaming buns for breakfast, to be eaten with porridge.

After changing the cloth, Liu Duo slowly walked out of the outhouse and went to wash the cloth by the well. There was another bucketful of water ready. Warmth gushed into her heart. Ye Ling mentioned yesterday that he would always fetch water for her.

“Liu Duo, have you no shame, being under-dressed like that? Get back inside and put your clothes on!” Seeing that Liu Duo did not return to her room immediately, Ye Mo stopped what he was doing and started scolding her.

She perked up and glared at Mo. “Are you blind? Do you not see what I’m wearing? Have I somehow exposed my breasts or my buttocks?”

Her tone was neither salty nor calm, which made Ye Mo red in the face! How could a woman bluntly talk about such things, breasts and buttocks? Utterly shameless!

“You… just get back inside and put your clothes on. Don’t argue with me! As a wife, you should be submissive to your husband. Do you understand!”

“Pffft… whatever,” She finished washing, let it dry on the rope, and returned to her room.

Ye Mo took his anger out on the firewood. As the axe struck down, one split into two. In her room, Liu Duo got into bed and lay down with her eyes closed. Having her period was awfully uncomfortable.

“Mo, Duo Er, food’s ready,” Ye Ling called out, having set out three bowls of porridge and the chopsticks.

He went into the room when Liu Duo did not show up and found her cowering in the bed under the blanket. He walked to the bedside, tapped her gently and said, “Duo Er, come eat. Didn’t you say you wanted to go out for a walk yesterday? After breakfast, I’ll take you.”

When the two were talking last night, Liu Duo said she wanted to familiarize herself with the environment. Otherwise, she would not know their location in the neighborhood, and wouldn’t that be silly?

Separated by the blanket, Liu Duo replied dully, “I don’t feel like moving. I’ll eat later. My “great aunt”, I mean menstruation, makes me uncomfortable.”

Hearing this, Ye Ling began to worry. He did not know what to do. He didn’t have any practical experience with menstruation. “Would you want Uncle Lee to take a look? His healing skills are great.”

“No, this is normal. I just need to lie down, so you can eat first,” What’s the need to call a doctor over a normal physical condition? It’s not like she had a cramp and needed medicine.

“Then why not eat first and lie down later? It’s bad to go hungry.”

“That’s alright. I’ll get food later.”

“Or how about this? I’ll leave your food in the steamer. Eat it when you feel better.”

“Sure. Thanks, Ling.”

There was nothing he could do for her. Ye Ling left, closing the door on his way out.

Ye Mo took the bundle of wood into the kitchen and washed his hands. He did not see Liu Duo, but instead saw Ling return to the kitchen with a bowl of porridge in his hands.

He went over curiously and sat by the table, “Where is she? Why isn’t she coming? Do we have to graciously invite her for breakfast?”

Ye Ling sat down, holding his food, “Duo Er’s not feeling well. She’ll eat later. Mo, let’s eat.”

“How is she not feeling well? She didn’t do any work, nor has she consummated, since our brothers aren’t back yet. What’s going on? Is she up to no good?” His temper began to rise.

“Mo, it’s her… menstruation making her uncomfortable. She just wants to lie down. Stop being mad at her every other second, would you?” Ye Ling could not deal with Mo’s temper.

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