Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 1094 - Did Your Grandfather Do It?

Chapter 1094: Did Your Grandfather Do It?

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“Has she ever mentioned to you about the incident previously?” Lei Qingyi questioned Lu Yi. He was eager to find out if it was the doing of the same group of people back then.

Lu Yi shook his head. “She did not mention anything.”

However, Lu Yi felt that it would not be the same group of people. Yan Huan was not that stupid. She might not have mentioned how she went missing, but she was not afraid in the slightest which meant that she never thought it would happen again.

As for this time, he could not tell if it was an intentional act by humans or a mere accident.

“I will figure something out.” Lei Qingyi turned on the computer and looked it up.

“She should have gone out after three o’clock,” Lu Yi uttered as he counted, making an estimation of the time. Yan Huan would probably go out after he went out. If she was going to cook a table of dishes, then she should probably have not much time left. In accordance with her habit, she would go out after he went out and most likely on foot. She would buy groceries in the market which was not far from here. Based on the amount she bought, if there were not plenty of groceries, she would walk home. Otherwise, she would call a car and only a taxi. The market was less than 10 minutes away so if she did not take the taxi, it would take her about 15 minutes to walk home. However, it would be much faster if she had taken a taxi, possibly around five minutes.

In light of the traffic condition, it was the main road of the Sea City. Yan Huan was always vigilant so it was almost impossible for her to get into an accident unless someone had set up a trap. Perhaps, that person had waited for her very long, waiting for her to fall into the trap.

Their main focus should be on what happened yesterday.

Lei Qingyi began to search for information on his computer and made several phone calls. They headed to the market at dawn. Lu Yi probably knew what Yan Huan was wearing. The weather was cold recently so she had been wearing a grey hooded overcoat and her flat snow boots these days. The problem was that she was wearing a hat and a mask, hence only revealing her eyes. It was impossible to find anyone according to the pair of eyes.

Lei Qingyi thought about it and requested someone to make a compilation to form the image of Yan Huan’s clothing.

“It should look something like this.” Lei Qingyi placed a photo in front of Lu Yi.

Lu Yi picked up the photo and took a closer look.

“Well, her dressing is similar to this.”

Lei Qingyi started to have a headache. It would be extremely difficult to look for her because most of the women dressed up like her, with a hat, a mask and a pair of snow boots. After taking a stroll around, they found out that at least nine out of 10 people dressed in that manner. Moreover, Yan Huan bought that trending garment at random because of its comfort feeling. Thus, it was common to see people in similar clothing, not to mention, even exactly the same one.

In this case, it was really like looking for a needle in a haystack, to be exact, it was like looking for the needle’s tip in a haystack.

“I have news for you.” Lei Qingyi dashed toward Lu Yi, appearing as though he was running along the way; sweats perspired from his forehead. As he was in a rush all the time recently, it caused his mouth to be filled with blisters.

Lu Yi placed a huge glass of plain water in front of Lei Qingyi.

“Thank you.” Lei Qingyi hurriedly took over the glass and drank it without a second thought.

Just then, he spoke in a hurry, “I found a man, a villager nearby who said that he picked up some groceries in an alley, there were plenty of vegetables and a fish. These groceries were enough to satisfy the hunger of his family for days.”

“It was exactly the same day when Yan Huan came out to buy groceries and go missing. The timing was right too. It was such a coincidence that an accident occurred along the route she always used to take to walk home so it was blocked for about three hours. Therefore, Yan Huan who could not wait any longer chose to take the shortcut. The man said that the number of groceries lost was quite a lot but it was not too heavy.” If Yan Huan could lift them, she would probably carry them on her own instead of getting a car. In this regard, he could possibly confirm the place Yan Huan got lost. Besides, he could also tell that someone had been keeping an eye on her for several days like last time.

Yan Huan was not a fragile woman. In fact, if it was merely a few ordinary men, they would probably not be a match for her. If it was an intentional act, a professional fighter like Lu Yi could easily take Yan Huan down as it was almost impossible for her to escape.

“Who would lay their hands on her?”

Lei Qingyi could not come to a realization about this.

“Could it be your grandfather?” Lei Qingyi thought of Ye Jianguo instantly. Yan Huan was a lady with a good reputation and she did not make enemies. Even if it was an act of revenge, one would not think of using such a method.

Kidnapping was a crime. Only a limited number of people would dare to mess with the Lu family and Lei family in Sea City.

Ye family was the first one he could think of.

No, not the Ye family, to be precise, it should be Ye Jianguo, not the Ye family. Ye Chuji and Ye Xinyu definitely would never do such a thing, but it was hard to say in regard to Ye Jianguo.

“I don’t think so.” Lu Yi tapped on the table with his fingers. “Although my grandfather favors Sun Yuhan, he would not do such a thing. Of course, Sun Yuhan is important to him but the Ye family is the most prominent of all.”

For those old men who used to serve as soldiers and fight in battles, once they grew older, they laid their focus on two aspects: first, their offspring and second, their family’s reputation.

He would not bet on the Ye family for the sake of Sun Yuhan. For instance, one time when the Ye family was in turmoil, he was willing to beg for help until he was almost enraged to death.

Ye family was more important than anything else in his heart.

“You’re right,” Le Qingyi nodded. “I think so too. Moreover, even though your grandfather did not care about you and your mother, he would not dare to go against the Lu family.”

If he really did break his relationship with the Lu family, he would have a hard time, not to mention Sun Yuhan who would suffer more miserably once he was dead. Thus, it was best for the one-legged Sun Yuhan to follow suit when he breathed his last.

So, for the Ye family, for Sun Yuhan, he would not have the guts to do so.

Yes, Ye Jianguo surely dared not do it.

“What are you planning to do now?” Lei Qingyi felt sorry for Lu Yi. Yan Huan just came back and now she was lost again. How was he going to explain to Ye Shuyun and the three children?

Besides, how was he going to make it clear to his short-tempered wife, Yi Ling?

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