Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 569 - The Play Can Be Different Too

Chapter 569: The Play Can Be Different Too

The child who needed to be held in a person’s arms had now grown into a lady. As for him, he had aged as well.

“The two of you?” Old Master Lu stared at both of them for quite some time before he remembered the purpose of him being there. He was there to recognise her as a family member.

Although Lu Qin just got a new girlfriend, he had been treating this matter very seriously. It was clear that he was really concerned and centered about this particular girl to the point of making it such a big deal by making Old Master Lu and the Lu family come over.

Now that they think about it, they started to understand the situation.

The girl who he brought back was not just anyone but Su Muran from the Su family.

“Grandpa, we are now seeing each other.” Lu Qi held Su Muran’s hand tight. Su Muran’s palm was starting to sweat at that moment. She did not know what that feeling was, but she was indeed tense. That was something that she had never experienced before.

“Okay, good, good.” Old Master Lu continued to nod. He would be very satisfied with Lu Qin’s choice of marrying someone if it was Su Muran. He had high hopes when it came to Lu Yi who was his eldest grandson but he ended up marrying a hideous woman.

“Actors never take love seriously.”

He spat out these words while looking at Yan Huan.

Yan Huan laughed.

“Miss Su, please don’t mind him. That was my grandfather’s mantra, he’s not talking about you on purpose.”

Su Muran’s face turned green and so did Old Master Lu.

His chest rose and fell rigidly and the flesh on his cheeks trembled, but there was no way to refute what he said. The more he talked, the worse the situation looked.

His sentence was obviously meant for Yan Huan. Little did he know, he looked like he was criticizing three people at the same time. Not just Yan Huan, but also Lu Qin and Su Muran.

All of them had the same profession. They had nothing different aside from their origins.

An actor will always be an actor. There would be no difference.

“Well, we’ve already met your girlfriend.” Lu Jin had no mood to stay there. Old Master Lu did not like their family to begin with. He would pick on them whenever he could. He himself was indeed picked up from a rubbish pile.

“Father, if there is nothing else, we will leave first.”

Lu Jin finished his sentence without any intention to stay. Similarly, for Ye Shuyun, she could give face to the Su family when she was required to, but all she would give was a smile, nothing else.

Everyone knew about the Su family’s intention to get the Ye family’s airport. Same goes to the hideous things they did behind the shadows. Fortunately, Lu Yi took Yan Huan as his wife instead of Su Muran. If Lu Yi had any sort of relations with her, Ye Shuyun would break his legs.

“Father, we’ll be the first to leave,” Ye Shuyun said bluntly to Old Master Lu. Old Master Lu waved his hand towards them and did not demand them to stay. He knew about the matter between the Su family and the Ye family. He also knew that it would be impossible for him to force Ye Shuyun to stay and continue smiling to her enemy.

However, he felt a bit of discomfort in his heart.

Indeed, the Su family did not do a good job in this aspect. It could be said that they were unreasonable. Although it was said that profits always come first, they knew each other for many years. Their accomplishment today accumulated over those years. Therefore the backstabbing events that occurred were indeed not something to be proud of.

In short, he was disgusted by the actions that had been done. However, although what Su Qingdong and his son did was indeed immoral, Su Muran did not do anything wrong. So, he would not reject Su Muran. But all in all, the rejection by Lu Jin and his family was quite understandable.

He would not force them to like her.

Su Muran answered in a well-behaved manner when Old Master Lu asked her questions about herself, so Old Master Lu was quite satisfied with her. For him, this was the good standard of becoming a wife of the Lu family. It would be splendid if she was with his eldest grandson. Too bad that fate did not allow that to happen. Aside from the fact that Lu Yi married an actress, the bigger problem would be on the Ye family’s side as Ye Shuyun would definitely not allow her son to marry someone from the Su family.

As the saying goes, a human’s heart will always be biased.

Although they had the same profession and occupation, Old Master Lu thought that Su Muran was much better than Yan Huan. He thought of Yan Huan’s career as a play but for Su Muran, he saw it as a proper job.

However, Yan Huan would not take this seriously nor would she feel disappointed.

Disappointment already became a habit of hers in her previous life. It was not that she did not work hard enough. It was just that Old Master Lu would only fancy people with good family backgrounds, and this trait was rooted deep within him.

She could not change her origin and she could never become like Su Muran. Of course, she was less than bothered. She would rather not be born than have a father like Su Qingdong.

Ye Shuyun did not talk to anyone after she went back.

Lu Jin had no other way. Ye Shuyun was already moody after she returned from seeing Qin Xiaoyue due to Mei Zhi’s incident. Now that Su Muran appeared, it was clear that Qin Xiaoyue’s intention was to go against Ye Shuyun and make her uncomfortable.

“Father, are you sure that you were not adopted?”

Yan Huan extended her head behind Lu Yi.

Lu Yi pulled Yan Han back quickly.

Lu Jin’s lips twitched. His primary task now should be to comfort his wife before he proceeds to investigate whether he was actually adopted.

“Why did you say that?” Lu Yi pinched Yan Huan’s face.

Yan Huan played with her fingers, raised her face and said, “In our previous life, you were the only one to protect Mother when Father was gone. Who else do you think she had after she lost the Ye family?”

“Me and Qin Xiaoyue had been bullying her at that time and you could only watch her grow older and quieter day by day. However, Grandpa never said a word about it.”

Lu Yi held Yan Huan’s shoulder, “So that is why you’ve been trying to change everything about the Ye family. It was not just for me, but also for Mother.”

“Yes.” Yan Huan nodded.

“They treated me like a dog in my most difficult time. Mei Zhi would hit or scold me, and she wouldn’t give me anything to eat. If it wasn’t for Mother who snuck some food for me, that child might not have even survived for four months.”

“Also, she was the one who asked you to rescue me when I was taken to the hospital by Lu Qin.”

Yan Huan leaned on Lu Yi’s shoulder. She had been earning money with a purpose after her return. She wanted to make enough money to prevent the fall of the Ye family. If the Ye family never fell, the Su family would not be that powerful in the future. Even if they lose Lu Jin one day, Ye Shuyun would not lost her backing totally. This life was obviously better than what she imagined. The Ye family was still here, and so was Lu Jin.

Lu Yi caressed Yan Huan’s hair gently with his lips shut tight. There was some unspoken sorrow that he kept deep inside.

Recently, Su Muran and Lu Qin’s relationship became a hot topic on well-known TV stations and networks. Those two had many things in common like family background and visuals. They began to appear more frequently on major networks as the headline. The two were also preparing to re-shoot a large-scale costume drama called Demi-Gods and Semi-Devils.

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