Sweet Wife in My Arms

Chapter 571 - What Do You Have To Compare Yourself To Others?

Chapter 571: What Do You Have To Compare Yourself To Others?

“Is it good?” Yan Huan asked Lu Yi eagerly although she knew that Zhu Xiaoye would definitely be a big hit like in her previous life, mainly because of the high viewer ratings from the website. However, no matter what, she was still anxious since it would be the first series she directed. Even though she stole someone else’s work but the effort she had put in this series was not something anyone could imagine.

She did not want to fail, she just wanted it to be successful.

Lu Yi took over the remote control to press on it, stopping the television screen and met Yan Huan’s crystal-like sparkling eyes earnestly. Then, his good looking lips curved upward.

“Mmhmm, it’s really good.”

“Really?” Yan Huan asked once again in disbelief.

“Yes.” Lu Yi placed his hands on Yan Huan’s shoulders, then gently pressed on them and said, “The special effects were great and the outfit designs were beautiful too, but most importantly, your acting was amazing.”

Lu Yi was not accustomed to saying sweet things but this was because of his personality. The way he usually talked and did things were always objective and impartial so his judgements and comments would always be very honest. He would not exaggerate intentionally merely to make Yan Huan happy just because she was his wife.

He was really pragmatic and would only give something a score that it deserved.

After Yan Huan heard Lu Yi’s comments, she felt at ease since it was not bad.

Currently, Luo Lin was calculating the statistics of the views. Within just a day, Zhu Xiaoye’s views had already reached up to five percent even though only two episodes had been released and the overall reviews were good.

This was because there was really nothing to criticize about the series.

Whether it’s the styling, the outfits, the post-production, or the actors and the actresses’ acting, it could all be considered perfect. This production had gathered some award-winning actors and actresses and with such a huge IP rate, it brought with it terrifyingly huge fan response.

Moreover, the original work’s fans were partially included too.

Although there were some changes from the original work but from observation of these two episodes, the story was quite similar to the original’s. Hence, for the rest of the days that came thereafter at the exact same time every day, there were a lot of people who sat in front of the television and some of them who had no television would sacrifice their sleep just to wait for the website to update the new episodes. Besides, according to statistics, there was a huge amount of VIP reloading on major popular websites recently and the majority of it was to watch Zhu Xiaoye.

Furthermore, a lot of merchandise that had been produced as custom-made Zhu Xiaoye accessories began to trend. More importantly, online games with similar names had found Linlang and requested to develop a game with the same title.

The filming of Zhu Xiaoye was very successful, but of course, this outcome was similar to Yan Huan’s prediction. Not only had Zhu Xiaoye brought her monetary income, but had also aided in making some rookie beauties famous. These were the beauties that would be the new blood of the entertainment industry, forging the future of the entertainment industry as their era. This was how the world worked, you could never be young forever and neither could you be famous forever.

Yan Huan was not afraid of being replaced but rather, her current pursuits were different from the ones in the past.

She believed that she had found a higher peak in her career.

As the popularity of Linlang began making waves, it was without a doubt that Yan Huan as a producer had also been hyped up as well. There was no one in this world that could be like her where she got famous in whichever role she played and made profits in whichever film she filmed, even the first production from her established company had gained a huge achievement too. If there was to be a real winner at life, Yan Huan would undoubtedly be the true winner.

The entire series of Zhu Xiaoye had a total of more than 60 episodes and after two months of airing, it came to an end. During these two months, it had almost occupied the position of the most viewed series in every website and as expected, all the actors and actresses, including the rookies had received various offers of advertisements and endorsements.

Unexpectedly, Yan Huan had also received an offer to become the spokesperson of a well-known international brand. Normally, this brand only hired those highly recognizable, sweet looking Western beauties with blonde hair and blue eyes.

This was the first time that the brand had made an exception. Even Yan Huan was surprised and wondered why the brand wanted to make her the spokesperson.

It was only after Luo Lin had met with the person in charge that they found out that the brand was planning to focus more on the Asian market. They had been preparing for this for the past few years and needed to pick a suitable spokesperson for their brand. In the end, all of them had collectively chosen Yan Huan due to her unwavering high popularity in the past years as well as for her public image that made her a perfect fit as their brand’s spokesperson.

She was basically the first Asian woman to represent this brand and the first Asian face to grace this well-known international brand.

Su Muran was so mad that she felt as if her lungs were about to explode.

“Didn’t you say that they were finding an Asian spokesperson and that you were certain that they would pick me?” Even fools knew that for a female celebrity, multiple offers from minor brands were nothing compared to being able to receive an offer to be the spokesperson of such an international brand.

The opportunity to appear at an international platform and the chance to increase popularity was not something attainable from filming in average local advertisements or normal brand endorsements. In fact, needless to say, filming in 50 local brand endorsements could never compare to a single international brand, that much was obvious.

Su Muran’s manager struggled to find the words, “They originally agreed to choose you but there was someone with a higher position that preferred Yan Huan. So, after some discussion and comparison, they ended up choosing Yan Huan.”

What her manager did not mention was the voting they had undertaken. Where there was a total of 12 votes, Yan Huan had gotten ten votes while Su Muran had gotten only one with another vote forfeited. She was afraid to tell Su Muran this.

Or else, with Su Muran’s personality, she would really combust.

She had always liked to compare herself to Yan Huan and Yan Huan had been her rival since the beginning. Her manager really wanted to tell her that the enemy’s forces were too strong while theirs were too weak.

Miss, you are totally not on the same level as Yan Huan. Other than having a strong family background, what else do you have that is better than her? You are not as beautiful as her, your acting skills are not as good as hers and you are not as popular as her either. Even the first film from the company she invested in has gotten such high views. So, tell me, what else do you have to compare yourself to her?

If she was the person in charge of the international brand, she would choose Yan Huan over Su Muran as well.

It was fated that the one called Yan Huan was meant to step on Su Muran in this lifetime. Although no one dared to admit it and no one wanted to agree with it, but this was the reality of the situation.

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