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Chapter 876 - Fortunately

Chapter 876: Fortunately

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After the new season of <Where Is Dad?> was broadcasted, the pair of father and son from the Lu family became the national father and son. Everyone all over the country wanted to form a group to steal the boy.

Lu Jingzhi personally had many fans. This time, after participating in the variety show with Shouyi, Lu Jingzhi set a good example for all the husbands and fathers all over the country.

He was not only handsome, but he also knew how to raise his children.

He had abilities, a good family background, and his character and personality was top-grade. Most importantly, he loved his wife very much and this made Jiang Yuning the most envied woman in the country in one swoop.

Because of their identities, Lu Jingzhi and Shouyi only participated in the recording for one period.

However, this issue caused a sensation in the variety show industry.

This was especially so when the family of three got together at the end of the season. The audience in front of the television realized what deep love and happiness meant.

The netizens felt even better.

“Please lock up this family of four for me!”

“Sob, sob. Can the emperor and empress come out as husband and wife on a variety show? I swear I can easily watch a hundred episodes.”

“This time, the fans were all very happy and crazy. How can there be such a happy family in the world?”

Jiang Yuning was satisfied. Anyway, her wish was already fulfilled.

Even if the netizens could not see them in real life, they could watch various clips of the father and son over and over again.

Jiang Yuning! You are really fortunate!

One month after the variety program was broadcasted, the popularity finally went down.

Jiang Yuning brought her family to Ku Jie’s house for lunch on the eve of the day when she was going abroad to film her movie.

Not long after Shouyi was born, Jiang Yuning already felt that her elder brother was acting a little strange. However, his confidentiality work was very strict, and even the young paparazzo was the last to find out the news.

When she really found out about this sister-in-law, it was two years ago.

She really did not expect that her brother who had always been cynical, and as the big brother of the entertainment world, he would actually have a very down-to-earth girlfriend.

He was worth over 100 million and owned countless industries, but he was being controlled by a young girl.

They lived in small a small apartment and the both of them were busy with their own respective businesses. They lived the most ordinary lives, and enjoy the simplest kind of happiness.

At this time, Jiang Yuning brought Shouyi and Shengyi with her as she sat in their small apartment.

Ku Jie was cooking in the kitchen, and Ren Xinghe was checking Shengyi’s teeth.

“It looks good, no big problem.”

Jiang Yuning held Shengyi and looked at Ren Xinghe as she said, “I heard the young paparazzo saying that a few days ago, the media captured my brother and a female celebrity…”

“Jiang Yuning, are you here to pick on something?” At this time, Ku Jie brought the dishes to the table and stared at Jiang Yuning as he said, “Are you here to cause trouble?”

“Who asked you to fall in love without telling me?” Jiang Yuning planned to remember this for a lifetime.

“It’s because of me.” Ren Xinghe took the responsibility, “I didn’t think about it…”

“I will not hold it against you but I will hold it against him.” Jiang Yuning said as she wanted to cause trouble for Ku Jie.

“You can hold grudges, but you cannot try to sow discord between my wife and me.” Ku Jie turned off the fire, hugged Ren Xinghe’s shoulder and raised his eyebrows at Jiang Yuning.

“Then why were you photographed?” Ren Xinghe tilted her head and asked Ku Jie.

“Xinghe, I am innocent. A lot of people were there at the time, this…this person…” Ku Jie pointed at Jiang Yuning, “She was also there.”

“Jiang Yuning, did you come over here to eat or start a fight?”

Jiang Yuning and Ren Xinghe exchanged glances with one another before they laughed.

Sometimes it was fun to tease this man.

When she was free, Jiang Yuning would pester Ren Xinghe to tell her about their love history.

Ren Xinghe felt a little embarrassed, and at the same time, she could not help but wondered why Empress Jiang liked to gossip. However, this did not stop them from becoming good friends.

The couple showed off their love in their small apartments. In the middle of the night, Jiang Yuning and Lu Jingzhi took their children back home.

“Second brother, I really thought that my brother was going to die alone.”

“I thought at the beginning that I would regret my life.” After getting in the car, Lu Jingzhi fastened the seat belt for Jiang Yuning and looked at Jiang Yuning seriously and said, “Fortunately.”


They insisted on loving.

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