Sword Among Us

Chapter 1112 - Eleventh Slash

Chapter 1112: Eleventh Slash

“I can’t be bothered with your affairs.”

When Happy faced One Emperor’s upset gaze, even though he was forcing him to pretend to appear calm, he moved his gaze to the corner of the hall. “Anyway, Wandering Know-it-all is the one who told me those things. You can do whatever you want. If the vice sect master of Lovely Land can hook up with the tower master of Wind Assault Tower and marry her, I’ll also feel incredibly prideful about it, you know?”

“Enough with the nonsense! Take this!”

One Emperor knew that if he continued talking about this, he would not be able to gain an upper hand, which was why he decided to just brandish his longsword. The monstrous sword will became stronger, and One Emperor’s cold and stern sword will finally reduced the slight embarrassment on his face. He became calm once more.

When he sensed the terrifying sword and pressure that came from One Emperor, Happy’s Tendon Changing Classic circulated on its own. The golden sword halo that spread out of Golden Scale Divine Sword became clearer and stronger.

“Ooh, are you angry because of how embarrassed you are by this? Oh well, once I witness your eleventh slash, we can talk about something.” He easily avoided the sword will and pressure coming from One Emperor.

One Emperor also knew that it was impossible for a sword will of this level to affect Happy, considering the fact that even Evil Emperor’s mental pressure had not been able to affect Happy in the slightest. When he saw that Happy was already in battle mode, he said nothing else, moved forward, and executed multiple sword forces with his sword.


His sword released a long whine, and the sword force tore through the air.

One Emperor’s powerful sword will instantly became much more powerful, and an unprecedented tense presence rose from One Emperor before it went charging violently at Happy to press down on him.


The speed of the sword forces were too quick, and with the increasingly terrifying and violent gust of wind, it gave off the feeling that it was a bolt of lightning that could tear through a violent sea.

The power contained in the sword will was almost at those who were One with the World. If a normal person faced this sword will, before the attack even landed on them, they might have already had their mind break because they could not withstand the pressure.

However, to someone with three Willpower points, Happy could easily break free of the pressure from One Emperor’s sword will and see its true essence through its fake momentum.

The longsword in One Emperor’s hands instantly weaved a square-shaped sword net in the air, and it advanced continuously. It was like a grinding machine that worked silently and expanded nonstop in front of Happy, and it gave off the feeling that it could tear a person apart into pieces the moment they were enveloped in it.

This move alone was already enough to make Happy feel quite a strong sense of danger. He frowned, tapped against the ground, and shot backward like the wind.


A strange light shone in One Emperor’s eyes. He urged his qi to circulate in him, and the endless net made of sword forces instantly expanded much larger than before, and its speed when it moved forward also became faster. It chased after Happy’s retreating body like a shadow.

Happy had retreated less than one hundred feet when the sword net expanded to a size of 32 feet. The fierce sword will was accompanied by an aggressive force that filled up the entire place, and it viciously went after Happy from every angle.

At that moment, Happy was already forced to attack.


He had been accumulating power for his attack for a long time. At that moment, he thrust his sword forward silently, and its presence was like that of a ghost.


The air shuddered faintly.

Then, a powerful and astonishing force exploded in the air. A violent impact swept out fiercely in every direction from the spot in the air where Happy had attacked.

However, the impact that swept outward did not send the two people flying. One Emperor and Happy were airborne, and both of them practically vanished at the same time.

One Emperor seemed to have vanished in the air because his longsword had dragged him away from sight.

As for Happy, he activated Petite Dragon straightaway, because at the moment One Emperor’s sword net was destroyed by Full Winds in Long Swords, and even more wispy sword will descended from the sky, and it gave off a threatening feeling that was much stronger than the sword net.

If he were struck by this attack, even his true origin aura might suffer a lot of damage, and Happy noticed that this slash was still a part of the eleventh slash. One Emperor had performed the entire sequence smoothly and performed this last attack as well in one breath, which was why this attack was also part of the eleventh slash.

This was the true eleventh slash!

Right now, he had also used Full Winds in Long Skies, but he did not manage to take down One Emperor’s eleventh slash. Happy found himself a little unable to accept this result, but he did not immediately activate his true origin aura. Instead, when the sense of danger rose, he activated Petite Dragon and escaped from the feeling of being targeted. He intended to use his own movements to avoid this slash and get himself a chance to win.

“You’re underestimating my eleventh slash too much!”

One Emperor had clearly sensed Happy’s intentions. His voice rose in the air, and there was a slightly smug but angry tone in his voice. “Petite Dragon alone isn’t enough for you to avoid this attack.”

There was no need for One Emperor to remind him of this fact. When Happy activated Petite Dragon, he already understood that this move was useless against attacks that locked down on targets.

The feeling of being targeted was still around, and it instantly became much stronger than before.


A piercing sword whine shot at the figure who was removed from the effects of Petite Dragon, and it charged at him like a lightning bolt.

When he saw that Happy was about to be pierced through by his attack, One Emperor could not help but frown a little.

Did he overestimate Happy?

Evil Emperor might have been too arrogant and conceited, which led to him dying in Happy’s hands, and Happy himself had even analyzed the reason behind his defeat. He did not expect that Happy would make the same mistake.

Right when this thought flashed in One Emperor’s heart, he suddenly noticed that powerful fluctuations had appeared at the surface of Happy’s body, and it even caused space to distort.

Happy’s body was pierced through.

The empty feeling caused One Emperor to quickly realize what had happened.

He missed! His attack missed!

He had been confident that his eleventh slash would hit his target, but he missed?!

Before he had time to think about this in detail, a powerful gust of wind that did not lose to the power of his attack suddenly tore through the air and came at him from the side.

‘He’s too close!’

It was only at that moment that One Emperor noticed that Happy had appeared in the air to his left at some point of time.

He looked over subconsciously, and he was able to capture the vague shadow of a kick through the corner of his eyes coming straight at his face.


The two figures in the hall split apart right after they clashed against each other.

One of them shot backward like a cannonball and crashed against the floor in the hall from the air, and a large, human-shaped pit was formed on the floor.

“How could this be…?”

Even though One Emperor managed to activate his body fortification in time to negate some of the damage, allowing him to remain alive, many of his bones were still crushed. Right now, even moving proved to be a chore to him. He struggled to his feet with his hands supporting him, and he swayed while he did so. Then, he stared incredulously at Happy, who also looked dumbfounded.

“You actually managed to dodge it?”

“Hehe, it was pure luck.”

“Luck?” One Emperor smiled in anguish. “While the power in that slash cannot hope to compare to that one attack Evil Emperor uses to shatter space, when it comes to speed, it has long since surpassed those at the peak of Myth Realm. Logically speaking, aside from Evil Emperor, no one else in World of Martial Arts can dodge it.”

While he spoke, he fixed his eyes on Happy’s face, and he was not willing to miss even a single change on his face.

He had fought against multiple martial artists at the peak of Myth Realm with that one slash, and even they never managed to have an easy time against him. An elite like Empress Yin had even been forced to use her killing move to fight against this slash at the cost of being severely injured, because this attack was even more difficult to dodge than the attack Evil Emperor used to shatter space.

One Emperor felt incredibly frustrated.

Even though he did not expect that this move could defeat Happy, he thought that he could at least force Happy to use that incredibly insane true origin aura of his and reduce it by the slightest, and he would then be able to create a chance for his twelfth slash. By doing so, he would at least have a chance in winning.

But he had not even managed to force Happy to use his true origin aura with his eleventh slash, and the power of his twelfth slash could not even compare to the move Evil Emperor used to shatter space, which meant that it was even more impossible for One Emperor to defeat Happy with it, because that move will require him to pay quite a huge price, and the burden on his body was very great.

Unfortunately, he did not know that the move that shattered space was considered an ultimate AOE attack, and it was impossible for Dragon Swings Its Tail to produce an effect on it.

But his eleventh slash was an attack that targeted a specific person, and to Happy, whose spiritual senses was incredibly strong, as long as he could determine the timing and perform a perfect dodge, he could even reflect the damage on One Emperor.

And seizing the timing for an attack was absolutely not a problem to Happy, who had ample fighting experience. He had fought against Evil King, who was truly One with the World, and had also fought against Evil Emperor, who was at pseudo One with the World Realm. In fact, even One Emperor could not compare to Happy’s experiences right now.

He suffered a great loss because of this. Not only had his eleventh slash not produced the effect he expected, One Emperor was even badly injured because of Happy’s counterattack! He had temporarily lost his ability to continue fighting.

The fight had to stop for a moment.

Happy chuckled. “You’re unlucky. Dragon Swings Its Tail has an amazing effect of locking down on attacks, and you just crashed straight into its counterattack.”

One Emperor felt resigned, and he sighed. “Did you use this attack to turn the tables against Evil Emperor?”

“That’s right.” Happy nodded.

When they fought at Lovely Land’s headquarters, both sides had their strength largely reduced after they exchanged attacks against each other, but Happy’s condition had been worse, and he only had enough qi to use Dragon Swings Its Tail.

That one fight should be an experience Evil Emperor will find hard to forget for his entire life, because Happy had managed to turn the tides even though he was in a desperate situation.

“You’re pretty good too. I didn’t expect that the eleventh slash is composed of a fake and real attack, and the power in that fake attack is already strong enough that I can only cancel it with Full Winds in Long Skies, and the real attack also caught me off guard. No more than ten people in World of Martial Arts can withstand your attack.” Happy sighed from the bottom of his heart.

If it were not for Ten True Dragon Styles, he might only be able to use his true origin aura to face One Emperor’s increasingly ingenious and peerless Fatal Thirteen Swords.

“Your eleventh slash is already so powerful… I’m suddenly looking forward to your twelfth slash.” Happy suddenly had his fighting spirit burn in him. “Once you recover, please let me witness your twelfth slash!”

“I’m currently injured, and my confidence has been smashed to pieces. I’m not in a condition to use my twelfth slash right now. So we’ll talk after I rest for a few days.” One Emperor boldly rejected Happy’s request with a very logical argument.

Happy instantly found himself rendered speechless.

“…How many days do you need?”

This time, it was One Emperor’s turn to be speechless.

Happy was the sect master of Lovely Land, leader of one million people, and also the strongest player in the Chinese server, but right now, he was pestering One Emperor like a child.

“We’ll talk once you reach Inaction Realm.”

Right when One Emperor finished speaking, he saw Happy’s eyes light up. Then, he suddenly remembered something, and before Happy had the chance to say anything, One Emperor said, “By the way, we still haven’t thought about how we are supposed to deal with Dream Clouds. Wind Assault Tower is busy with controlling the cities to the south of Changjiang and rallying its forces right now, and Phantasmal Shadow said that she might not be able to help you for the time being.”

“I only need one or two days before my qi reaches 1,280 points, and I’ll enter Inaction Realm.”

“…Fine, as you wish.”

Happy knew that One Emperor was definitely thinking about understanding his thirteenth slash, which was the final killing move in Fatal Thirteen Swords, and he did not say anything to reveal One Emperor’s intentions. He thought about this in silence for a few seconds before his expression became stern.

“I intend to build an organization.”

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