Sword Among Us

Chapter 322 - Rumors, Schemes, the Town Goes into Motion

Chapter 322: Rumors, Schemes, the Town Goes into Motion

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The four great sects never managed to settle on a plan that made all four sides happy. However, each sect had a space in Shennongjia, especially Chivalry Sect. They occupied the second level of a crystal mine, and it was not important to them whether they needed to work with the other three great sects to keep it.

However, on the second day, something unexpected happened!

Someone had decided to spread the rumor that Happy was so ambitious that he wanted to take over all the resources in Shennongjia.

Everyone learned about Thunderous Battle and the people from Beautiful Robes Faction going everywhere to understand the area and causing a massive inflation to berthierite because of buying it in bulk. Blood River Sect was unable to enter the second level en masse to take revenge due to that, and they lost their resource point.

Then, there was talk about the people from Beautiful Robes Faction still remaining in Baokang County Town so that they could investigate the situation in more regions and maps.

Within a short period of time, a huge change happened in Baokang County Town!

The larger sects instantly found themselves unable to sit still anymore…

‘This won’t do!’

“We have to work together and chase those people out of Baokang!”

All sorts of calls rang through Baokang. Even some of the middle-sized and small sects joined in. Together, they gained a grand presence that cried out that they would work together with the other sects through thick and thin to attack the outside forces.

Cai Cai, Monk with Thick Eyebrows, and the young man chewing on the green foxtail stood near the window with solemn expressions. They looked at the surging crowd on the streets from above, and their eyes sparkled for a bit.

Even they did not expect that such a great commotion would be stirred up after they had sent out that small piece of news!

They had underestimated the influence of the local sects.

After all, they had settled there for half a year already. All the factions of power in Baokang County Town had contact with each other, and with just one messenger pigeon, all of Baokang County Town armed itself. A wave of people crying out to fight against outsiders rose up!

“Thank goodness we didn’t attack recklessly.”

Cai Cai’s eyes shone with fear.

The young man chewing on the green foxtail nodded slowly.

“That’s right, Jade Fox Palace, Righteous Sect, Blood River Sect, and a few other smaller sects have joined together, and although their manpower is smaller than twenty thousand men, who would have thought that they would be able to affect a town with more than one hundred thousand people? We underestimated them slightly.”

Based on the information they obtained just then, the berthierites in the market had all disappeared, or at least, the local sects would no longer sell them to outsiders no matter how high the price.

Monk with Thick Eyebrows might not have said anything, but the solemnity on his face began to show signs that it was not about to fade away anytime soon.

After they spread the news, Baokang entered a state of preparation for war. Not only had the people from Beautiful Robes Sect decided to hide in the city and refused to go out, many of the outside forces, including the three top sects, were also present. They became very cautious when faced with the crazy tide and did not dare to aggravate the local giant.

A few seconds later, Monk with Thick Eyebrows broke the silence in the small room.

“Jade Fox Palace, Righteous Sect, and Blood River Sect’s elites have taken action. They’re headed to the crystal mine…”

“The three sects have quite a number of extraordinary players, especially Jade Fox Palace’s master, Absolute Nonsense. He’s an elite on the Dragon Rank, and he has four high-tier martial arts in Grandmaster Realm. His Mystical Realm high-tier martial art has even reached Grandmaster Realm. It’ll be more than enough if he personally led the elites from the three sects to handle Thunderous Battle and his group.”

“I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” said the young man chewing on a green foxtail. His words and the faint frown between his eyebrows instantly attracted Cai Cai and the monk’s attention.

“I don’t know the details either,” the young man said with a shrug, “but Thunderous Battle and his group has already been investigating the area for a few days, and they should understand the situation of the alliance between the local sects. My instincts tell me that they have to have something to rely on!”

Monk with Thick Eyebrows turned pale.

“Find out Happy’s location!”

The young man sneered and shook his head. “Don’t even think about it, at least not now. He’s still under the protection of the Killer Star Effect. We won’t be able to find him.”

Cai Cai and Monk with Thick Eyebrows sucked in a sharp breath at the same time. Their gazes as they stared at the surging crowd beneath them became complicated…




The sound of hooves thundered on a relatively smooth path leading to a crystal mine from Shennongjia.

Among the dust that filled the air was a man from the north with tanned skin. He was tall, built, and had an extraordinary presence. His expression was stern, and he sat on a white horse that had no flaws. There was a fierce scowl between his dashing eyebrows.

Hidden beneath his solemn expression was a tense but mighty presence belonging to those who stood above others. With a loud whoosh, his wide, purplish-red cape fluttered arrogantly in the air. There was a group of martial artists, who also had high-grade horses and extraordinary presences, riding behind him.

The group charged along the path with the might of a tidal wave!

There were quite a number of players on the road. When they saw the riders, they quickly made way!

“It’s Jade Fox Palace’s master!”

“Why is he here?”

“He should be thinking about taking revenge for Blood River Sect. Whew… Absolute Nonsense is personally leading the raid? The crystal mine is about to become filled with activity again!”

When the passers-by saw Jade Fox Palace elites—more than one hundred of them—quickly charging down the road while leaving behind a trail of dust behind them, the players’s eyes sparkled, and they discussed the matter excitedly.

Shennongjia was a place that had never been lacking in fights and blood. Every person in present had witnessed many major battles. Hence, when they saw that Jade Fox Palace’s master had decided to personally lead the raid, they were rather excited.


“They’re here!”

There were two groups of people who had been waiting for a long time at the entrance of the crystal mine.

Aside from Blood River Sect’s master, Blood Rivers in Nine Heavens, with whom everyone was familiar, and the large group of elites from Blood River Sect, there were also a group of Wudang Sect disciples from Righteous Sect.

Each group had sent at least two hundred people, and they were only waiting for the people from Jade Fox Palace to swiftly reach the meeting point. The area was already so congested though that not even a drop of water could get through. The sight was very magnificent!

“Palace Master Absolute, I hope you are well!”

“Brother Nine Heavens, Brother Zhao!”

As expected of a man from the north, Absolute Nonsense did not need to use any body movement skill to get down from the horse. Even without it, his actions were agile and swift. It was a sight pleasing to the eyes.

When he landed on the ground, he wrapped his fist in his palm and walked over. “Sorry, I’m late.”

“It’s nothing.”

Blood Rivers in Nine Heavens smiled and walked in front of Absolute Nonsense. “Brother Absolute, since you’re willing to personally appear to take revenge for me and my brothers in Blood River Sect, we’re very grateful to you. That’s why we’ve been waiting here since a long time ago.

“Of course, we’re also grateful to our brothers from Righteous Sect!”

Blood Rivers in Nine Heavens could be considered a person who was very clever in dealing with people. He did not overlook the people from Righteous Sect, who stood by his side.

The person who led the group from Righteous Sect was not the sect master himself. It was said that the sect master had gone somewhere else to carry out a quest. He did not have time to come back, so he had his vice sect master, Zhao Wuji, mobilize his forces.

Absolute Nonsense cast a glance at the entrance of the mine and said, “Since we’re all here, we should go in,”

“Brother Absolute, you’re indeed a straightforward person! Brother Zhao, what do you think?”

Blood Rivers in Nine Heavens was very impatient. He wanted to get the second level of the mines back into his hands as soon as possible. Once he received Righteous Sect’s agreement, he was filled with happiness. He turned his head around without hesitation and waved his hand.

“Let’s go!”

The sect members of Blood River Sect roared loudly in answer.

The group split up!

Around a dozen men and women with steady footsteps and breaths walked out from the groups of the three sects.

They all knew each other.

As the most famous elites in the area, they were more or less acquainted with each other. They nodded at one another once they looked over and were pleased with what they saw.

The two sect masters and vice sect master walked in front and entered the mines!

The remaining people from the three sects did not enter. They took the initiative to stand guard of the mines to prevent the people from Beautiful Robes Faction laying an ambush on them!

In just a few minutes, the monotonous sound of a horse charging forward rapidly could be heard from the distance. A person and a horse swiftly appeared before the three groups’ elites.

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