Sword Among Us

Chapter 713 - Normal Martial Arts

Chapter 713: Normal Martial Arts

Even though the duo advanced and retreated during the time they fought against each other, they also clearly understood that neither side had used their full strength!

There was a big reason why Happy did not use his full strength. After all, not only could he not use the Murong Clan’s martial arts, he could also not use Eighteen Dragon Subduing Palms or Ten True Dragon Styles. Besides, he also could not use a lot of his equipment. He could only activate his qi realm up to Life and Death Realm, so his strength could be said to be put under a great restriction.

Even so, with Nine Yang Divine Skill’s help, he did not have any problems with handling the mysterious man in black.

Instead, he was a little curious as to why the man in black could retain his strength when he faced Bright Sword Technique and Flying Dragon Sword Technique. What he showed already made him stronger than anyone else aside from One Emperor.

He was even stronger than Silver Wolf, because even Silver Wolf could not restrain his strength before Happy.

Even though Silver Wolf had a lot of experience in grappling and fighting, Happy was not inferior to him in terms of his experience in martial arts, and he also had a clear understanding of the various techniques’ weaknesses as well as what was the best way to counter them.

‘That’s right! The way to break and counter techniques!’

When Happy thought of that, he finally understood why the mysterious man in black kept on giving him a strange feeling.

The execution of his techniques was full, and he was very skilful when he fought against Happy. His understanding of timing and techniques also looked like it came to him naturally. It was as if every skill and technique was already in his mind.

‘Just who is he?’

After a brief period of silence, Happy’s gaze moved past the mysterious man in black’s shoulder to look at the increasing number of people beyond the port.

‘This won’t do. If this continues, I’ll be in more trouble once I set sail, and variables might appear in the quest to sink the boat. I have to end the fight quickly and leave this place.’

Unbeknownst to him, the mysterious man in black did not know how to deal with the treasure chests since the start, which was why he told the people from Class One Hall and Towering Palace that they could take all of them if they won against him. In truth, his main goal was to use the influence of Eunuch Yang’s Warehouse as well as the glory of winning against the elites of two top-class sects to quickly rise to fame and become well-known.

Hence, the more people gathered at the port to watch, the less worried he became. In fact, he became even happier.

He hoped that even more people would pay attention to it.

The more people there were, the greater his influence would become, and the faster he would turn famous.

Right then, there was no one who did not hope that there would be examples of normal elites suppressing the top elites and becoming famous. Regardless of whether it was for the hope of the emergence of the fifth top-class sect or to give the other players more hope, everyone longed to see someone like this appearing.

The mysterious man in black was quite interested in the second man in black’s identity.

Hence, if he could uncover it at the last moment or figure out who he was, he was basically guaranteed to become famous in one day!

“There’s an increasing number of people here. Let’s end the battle quickly. I still have something to do,” Happy said with a cold tone.

There were a lot of elite heavy-armored cavaliers struggling in the river. He did not want to attack them, and neither did he want to risk his identity being exposed, which would make him fail the quest. When he thought of the consequences of that, he scowled, and his expression became grave.

When the mysterious man in black heard it, he instantly laughed. “If that’s the case, it’s your turn to attack.”

Happy expected him to say this, and he recalled some of the methods he had used in his previous life. When he opened his eyes, he tapped against the ground lightly without bothering to hide his strategy.

When the mysterious man in black saw the man in black raise his foot and tap against the ground, his eyes went wide!

“This is—”

When he cried out in surprise, he seemed to experience a great psychological shock. He stomped against the ground and quickly used the same method in an attempt to negate the hidden force that came from the ground before him.

He was shocked because he had derived this move from the martial art techniques in reality. It could be considered as his secret, so no one else in the game had ever used it!

He did not expect that this person would be able to steal it after seeing it once.

‘That’s not right!

‘He didn’t steal it. Those movements show great familiarity. Could it be that this person is also a real-life martial artist?’

While the mysterious man in black thought about it, he became a little distracted, and he reacted a little too slowly!

What shocked him even more was that even though he had already negated the first layer of the hidden force, there was another layer of power that charged at him secretly.

The mysterious man in black only thought that the person stole his technique and was caught off guard, which resulted in him being struck. A hint of shock appeared in his eyes. He shuddered and staggered back, but he did not show any signs of it on his face.

His eyes lit up while Happy seized the chance to charge forward.

The mysterious man in black might have suffered a setback and was slightly slower in his reaction, but he remained calm. He activated his body fortification and used Heaven’s Leg Breaker to form flickering leg shadows to pretend to move ahead in order to hide his intention of retreating.

When Happy saw this, he sighed with a lot of emotions in his heart.

‘I knew it, he’s someone really strong!’

When a normal person suffered a setback, their first reaction was to widen the distance between them and their attacker, but this person knew clearly that once he retreated, he would fall into a passive position, which was why he decided to use speed and force to gamble.

The offense and speed of Heaven’s Leg Breaker were incredibly astonishing. The power that exploded forth was something that was very difficult for anyone to block unless they activated Arhat Body.

But unfortunately for him, Happy was an exception.

The speed of Heaven’s Leg Breaker might be fierce and dazzling to other people, but Happy relied on the spiritual senses given to him by Nine Yang Divine Skill and the senses of Moksha Realm to fight against Inaction Realm martial artists and even against Myth Realm martial artists for a brief period of time. He had done it more than once, and such speed was only normal to him.

When he heard the shrill sounds of air being torn and saw the Heaven’s Leg Breaker coming at him, he calmly turned around and brandished his Autumn Water Sword in the small space at the port. He thrust a few times at a seemingly slow pace.

Shick! SHICK!

Several ripping sounds rose. The duo shuddered at the same time and retreated hastily from the dazzling battlefield.

There were two footprints on Happy’s sleeves, but his expression remained calm. His qi was steady, and he drew his longsword back with a calm expression. He appeared to want to stop fighting.

As for the mysterious man in black, a few clear sword gashes could already be seen on his black shirt and pants. Two of those gashes were even red.


The people from Class One Hall and Towering Palace did not know what they should think.

One mysterious man in black had continuously thrown the elite heavy-armored cavaliers into the river right in front of their faces. Later on, he won against Monk with Thick Eyebrows, Evil Wolf, Blood Robes, Vast Heaven, and Grim Heaven one after another. They were all players who were ranked at the top of Dragon Rank, and the shock dealt by that could not be imagined!

But that was not all!

The man in black who appeared later seemed to be even stronger. During the two times the men fought, he managed to gain the upper hand.

And what was more, he only used a rather commonly seen sword technique!

Dream Clouds kept quiet, and Blood Robes said nothing either.

Musical Note also remained silent even after a long time had passed.

Thousands of players had gathered outside the port, and they were incredibly shocked by the dazzling fight. Their emotions surged, rising and falling without stopping.

Just then, when the duo fought, their fight seemed to be even more shocking and amazing than the fights of the top-class fighters who executed ultimate techniques.

The emotions of many people rose and fell!

Even Happy did not expect that the spontaneous fight would completely turn the views of many players toward the idea that ultimate techniques would always win against normal high-tier martial artists, and it happened way before the time in Happy’s previous life.

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