Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

Chapter 109.1

Chapter 109.1

Episode 109: Military and Civilian

The next day, Zirconia had a meeting with two men at Narson’s residence room.

These men were Clairats’ military commander and diplomatic officer.

The military commander was a dark-haired man with a slender, yet toned physique, named Carnelian.

He looked to be about 40 years old and faced Zirconia with a very dignified attitude.

The diplomat with him was a young man of about 20 years old, whose forehead was dappled with beads of sweat, most probably due to the tension.

Two elderly men took a seat on either side of Zirconia.

One was McGregor, Deputy General of the 2nd Division Corps, and the other was Ixios Slan, Deputy General of the First Division Corps.

Ixios was Isaac’s father and McGregor’s brother.

Until a few days ago, he was a supervisor at a fort undergoing construction near the border, but now he was hurriedly called in and returned to Isteria.

His blonde hair with grey streaks were neatly slicked back, and the look on his face expressed that he was a man who might be hard to approach.

In fact, he had a very stoic personality and didn’t talk much.

“Military station, right?”

Repeating the words Carnelian said, Zirconia looked suspicious.

“From now on, I would like to have a certain number of troops stationed in Istere territory so that our forces can cooperate smoothly in case of emergency. At a later date, I plan to visit Gregorn’s territory to ask for occupancy rights. Of course, I will go to the royal capital if you agree to the initial proposal.”

Military occupancy is the right to allow the troops of one country to stay in another territory.

Arcadia was allied with Clairatz but did not allow troops to be stationed during a period of truce.

It is not an agreement that could be easily concluded, and if an armed conflict occurred for any reason while stationed, it would’ve turned into a serious situation.

“This is a special offer, but I will refuse it.”

Before Zirconia could answer, Ixios opened his mouth.

“Although it is said to be smooth cooperation, we are strengthening the defense of the borderline. We may request reinforcements when the time comes, but we are not in a situation where we have to get the help of Clairatz in advance.”

“No, I’m not saying that we should be stationed unilaterally. I would like the Isterian Army to be stationed in our country as well.”

“Why? It’s just expensive and not profitable.”

“There is a profit. If there is an expeditionary force first, it will be smooth when sending reinforcements. When it comes to combat in unfamiliar lands, it is often possible you can’t exert your original strength, but that will also be alleviated. How about for that reason? “

Carnelian turned to Zirconia, with a serious look.

Zirconia frowned slightly, but Ixios remained unchanged.

“I don’t deny it’s a great idea, but it’s not enough to spend a lot of money.”

Ixios replies, while Carnelian was silently staring at Zirconia.

It seems that he wanted to get a reply from Zirconia.

“…I’m sorry, but I can’t allow you to move in.”

“Well, I’m sorry; I guess it can’t be helped. I made an abrupt request and I would like to apologize for that.”

Carnelian didn’t seem to be disappointed while saying so, touching the table and bowing his head.

Ixios said nothing and stared at him.

“Now let’s move on to the main subject. Regarding the movement of Barber, there seems to be a sign that the corps will be reassigned in the country soon.”

As if nothing had happened, he shifted the agenda to a normal exchange of information.

After the visit, the three looked at each other as the Carnelians left.

“…I was able to find something.”

Zirconia turned to McGregor, who spoke.

Ixios was silently staring at the door with his arms folded.

“Do you have a clue about the content?”

“I don’t know for sure, but it seems to me that he was trying to find out what Zirconia knew about something.”

“Me? What do you mean?”

“It means that they have information that we do not know.”

In response to Ixios’ line, the two turned to him.

“It was also a deliberate way of saying that I knew that he was trying to find something to stir up. He thought that if Zirconia knew that information, she would react.”


McGregor exclaimed hastily at Ixios’ unaffected way of speaking.

“What, flattery doesn’t make people grow up.”

“No, not that… there’s a way to say it.”

“Zirconia is not the one who cares about such things.”

“McGregor, that’s okay, because it helps me more if you say it once and for all.”

Zirconia smiled bitterly at Ixios, who spoke in a disconsolate manner, and recommended McGregor.

Ixios has always had this attitude towards everyone.

As a result, it was difficult for him to get along with people who didn’t fit in and often made the person he was talking with to get angry.

This was in contrast to McGregor, who cared about the other person’s face.

“Ixios, do you have any expectations?”

“If possible, it had to do with the Barber relationship.”

“Barber relations…”

Zirconia put her hand underneath her chin and pondered.

“I hope the enemy is only in front.”

Zirconia looked at Ixios’ words in disbelief.

“What can we do from the beginning? Let’s prepare well.”

Ixios put his hand on the armrest of the chair and slowly stood up.

In the other room, Narson finished his meeting with the messenger and took a break with several civilians.

Next to Narson sat Havel’s father, Nord Luson, and his eldest son, Alond Luson.

The two were civilians in charge of dealings with Gregorn territory.

“Well, thanks to everyone, we’ve got a good conclusion. Especially Alond, you did a good job.”

When Narson said so, Alond bowed respectfully.

Other civilians nodded in agreement.

“Thank you very much. The fact that I have been visiting here and there regularly has paid off.”

“Hm. It was great that the messenger of Gregorn territory agreed with your opinion. Noel, you have a good son.”

“I am honored by your praise, my lord. I suppose it’s time for me to retire.”

“Father, civil servants have a rule of work all their life. Let’s throw away the sweet idea of retiring and having fun.”

“Don’t get carried away just because Narson praised you.”

The room was filled with laughter at Nord’s words.

Narson had a meeting with domestic messengers, and they all asked for free water turbine manufacturing technology.

It was an emergency ahead of the war with Barber, and everyone had to cooperate as much as possible.

But Alond put a stop to it.

If they were forced to provide new technology for free, it would adversely affect both parties’ future technology development.

The price should’ve been paid, and those involved in the development would be connected to the next one only if they get a reasonable profit.

He explained the reason why he did not pass on the development information of the turbine to other territories until now was that the production had just begun and the reconstruction of the territory was the highest priority.

The other messengers were also convinced by the fact that the messengers of the Gregorn territory fully understood those opinions and enthusiastically encouraged them to support them.

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