Takarakuji de 40-oku Atattandakedo Isekai ni Ijuu Suru

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Travelling to Isteria It was an early morning on the day they will begin travel to Isteria.

In the middle of the room, that was illuminated by a portable oil lantern, Kazura was reexamining the content of his sack-bag[1], which he thought will be useful in the travel.The sack-bag was borrowed from Valetta yesterday. It was a bag that was made by tightly knitting plant fiber.The content of that sack-bag was food, like Lipo-D[2], but it also contained bandages, antiseptic solution, first aid kit and so forth. Those, together with the portable oil lantern in this room, were purchased at an outdoor shop yesterday.The sky outside the window was still dim. The sun still concealed behind the mountains.Usually, Kazura would still be sleeping at this time, but Valetta woke him up today to inform that they will soon depart, thus, Kazura did a final check on his luggage.He had changed his clothes and put on Valin’s clothes that he had borrowed 2 days before. With just a passing glance, Kazura looked similar to the other villagers. After Kazura finished with his luggage check, while carrying the sack-bag, he exited the room. ✦✧✦✧ 「Have I kept you waiting? Sorry for being late.」 Kazura arrived at the living room and saw Valetta already prepared and waiting while reading a book in front of the fire in the hearth.On top of Valetta’s usual garments, she was wearing a leather mantle. She really looked like a traveler. 「No need to apologize since the other villagers haven’t arrived yet. It’s all right.」 Valetta put the book that she was reading inside her bag, stood up and presented the nearby mantle to Kazura. 「Although this is my Father’s, I hope that Kazura-san could wear it. Even though it’s already summer, the night is still cold.」 「Oh! It’s the first time I wear something like mantle. It is something nifty.」 Kazura received the mantle and immediately Valetta taught him how to wear it.The cloth mantle had fur lining affixed to it, so it was quite warm.If someone slept outdoors, he could use it as blanket and wouldn’t be bothered by the cold wind. 「This is quite warm...Hm? Valetta-san, what are you wearing on your waist?」 Kazura shifted his attention to Valetta, between the gaps of her mantle he could see a flat board shaped object fastened horizontally on her waist. 「Ah, you mean this? This is a Dagger[3].」 Valetta move her mantle away, then with a familiar movement she drawn the bronze dagger from its scabbard, and lastly, she displayed it in front of her.The blade length was about 40 cm, while the width was about 6 cm. The sight of the sharp blade reflecting the dim light from the hearth was quite impressive.Since Valetta was a girl with a slender body shape, Kazura felt a sense of incongruity when looking at her.Look at how happy is she. 「.......Eerr, does Valetta-san know how to wield a sword?」 「Yes, since Father taught me, I can use swords and spears. But, I am not really proficient with either of them..... I keep being scolded by Father whenever we practice.」 Valetta made a bitter smile. With a smooth action, she turned the dagger in her right hand and put it back in its scabbard.Kazura was troubled in what kind of comment he should make, while Valetta wore her mantle and pick up her luggage from the floor. 「Then, since everyone will soon gather, should we outside?」 She then walked toward the residence’s entrance. ✦✧✦✧ 「Ano. I think I should be the one who carry that...」 (Val) 「No, you shouldn’t. Let me carry this myself. Because it’s my selfish wish to tag along to the town.」(Kaz) Valetta’s kept objecting while being troubled about Kazura who showed her a wry smile. He was carrying a wooden rack with tied up firewood.[4] In this fashion, both of them exited the residence.The firewood that Kazura was carrying was to be sold in the city. Valetta had previously gathered it and stacked them on the dirt floor. Of course, he felt awkward when he thought that this girl was going to carry the heavy firewood while he would only be carrying the luggage. So, he decided to be the one to carry the firewood.The firewood that he carried, although already desiccated, was still quite heavy. It might even be high quality firewood.[5] When both of them exited the residence, there were three villagers chatting with each other.They were also wearing mantles. Near the feet of the two villagers was the same wooden rack which had the same amount of firewood as the one that Kazura carried.The other one seemed to be responsible for the luggage, since there is a large sack-bag that can carry 4 people worth of luggage near him.When those three people saw Kazura and Valetta exit the residence, they quickly greet them. 「Good Morning, Kazura-sama and Valetta-san.」(Random Villagers) 「Good Morning. Did Lodurr-san group not arrived yet?」(Val)

「Not yet, but I think they will be coming soon.」(Random Villagers) 「I understand. Then, I will bring the weapons, please wait for a while.」(Val) Valetta put down the sack-bag to the ground, and once more went inside the residence. 「Good gracious. I am really thankful that Kazura-sama decided to participate in our travel to the town. Using this opportunity, Lodurr-san can also take along his wife and his daughter Myra-chan[6] in this travel. [7]」 (Random Villagers) 「No-no. I think that I am the one who will be a burden so I should be the one who say thank you..... rather, Myra-chan is Lodurr-san daughter?」 「Ah, so you didn’t know? Well, Myra-chan only resembles Lodurr-san in their teeth(in other words they don’t resemble each other). Since she resemble her mother Tana-san[8] so much, it isn’t strange if you didn’t know.」(Random Villagers) Kazura and the other villagers were chatting about Lodurr’s family, a little time after that the person himself, Lodurr, came with his wife Tana and his daughter Myra accompanying him.Lodurr, like the others, was also wearing a mantle while carrying a wooden rack with firewood, while his wife, Tana, carried their luggage in a sack-bag. 「Good Morning, Kazura-sama. I apologize for my late arrival. Come on Myra, you also need to give your greeting.」(Loduur) 「Good Moning. I am sorry for coming late.」(Myra) Prompted by Lodurr, Myra was quickly bowing her head and gave her greetings to Kazura.Myra was a little girl that had mid-back length chestnut hair. From the previous villagers’ story, her age is about 6 years old.At the time when they made aqueduct and when they scattered fertilizers on the fields, the village’s girls did their best in helping distributing water and food.Like the other adults, Myra was also wearing a mantle of her size. Looking at her, Kazura thought that she is very cute.[9] 「Good morning. I also just come out from the house, so it’s fine..... I see, she really resembles her mother.」(Kaz) Kazura was earnestly comparing Myra with Tana while murmuring.The long straight chestnut hair, the big eyes, prominent nasal bridge[10], and the other parts, were firmly inherited from her mother.Maybe because they had the same hairstyle, the resemblance was uncanny. 「That’s true. It’s fortunate that Myra-chan didn’t resemble her father but her beautiful mother instead.」(Random Villagers) 「Un!」(Myra) Myra that quickly agreeing with the villagers’ remark, made the others laughed. 「Still on that story, huh?....... Also, Myra quickly agreeing with them. Now I am becoming sad, so you all stop laughing.」(Lodurr)

「Fufu, Myra, say your thanks to your father for your pretty teeth.」(Random Villagers) 「Un, Father, thanks for the pretty teeth!」(Myra) 「Hey.....」(Lodurr) While the other was laughing at that amusing conversation, Valetta came out from the house. She was carrying four spears with the spearhead wrapped in cloth, and one set of short bow and leather quiver.The spear’s length was about 140 cm, so they could be called short spears. 「Sorry for waiting, everyone. Good Morning, Lodurr-san.」 「God Morning. My daughter will also join our travel, please look after her as well.」 Lodurr said that and bowed his head to Valetta, and then he received two short spear and a short bow. He then handed them to Tana, who after receiving the short spears, was removing the cloth that covered the spearhead and confirmed the blade condition, before once again covering it with the cloth.The villagers that tasked with luggage carrying also received two short spears. The blade was also checked by Tana before returned to him. 「Then, shall we depart? Since, if we start walking now, we will arrived at Isteria tomorrow evening.」 「That’s true, then let us depart.」 With Valetta’s word, everyone picked up their luggage from the ground and started to carry it. Thus, they set off towards the village’s exit. ✦✧✦✧ Under the still somber sky, the party had left the village and was continuing to walk at a steady pace on the dry, dusted and unpaved dirt road to Isteria.The road width was 3 meter and at its side trees were planted at fixed interval. It was a scheme to make it harder to get lost while walking in this road.The walking speed was not that fast since there is Myra, so they only casually march while chatting.Since they were walking on Myra’s pace, every time she feel tired they would take a short break and on that time they would take a little sip of Lipo-D and quickly recover their strength.[11] 「Umm, Valetta-san, can I have a word with you?」 「Yes. What is it?」 Kazura was walking in the front together with Valetta and was chatting about Herb Tea, but suddenly ,he stopped talking and he chose to ask her about the thing that was bothering him. 「Not long ago, everyone was given a spear. Are there many danger in this journey?」

「It isn’t dangerous to that extent, but when travelling to Isteria, it’s prudent to be careful and ensure that there are enough weapon for several people. Although there is possibility of beasts coming out, there are no sightings of them in this area. But it’s impossible to resist highwaymen or bandits without any weapon.」 「So it’s for highwaymen or bandits, huh?...... What a dreadful story.」 Kazura who was raised in Japan, famous in the world for its good public order, never met with any highwayman. After seeing the spears that were used to attack humans, just imagining it send chills to his spine.Kazura thought that it might be better for him to buy a katana from Japan and carry it with him. Looking at Kazura’s troubled face, Valetta smiled. 「It’s all right. Since this area at times is patrolled by Nelson-sama’s private army, those kinds of people won’t appear here. And except me and Myra-chan, everyone in here has real combat experience. In the unlikely event that we are attacked by several people, we can still repell them.」 「Real combat... Do you mean the war 4 years ago?」 「Yes, everyone here survived those years, therefore, they could wield spears well and when the time come for them to use it they are very reliable. When autumn comes, Lodurr goes hunting in the mountain, so his archery skill is first class.」 After hearing Valetta’s words, Kazura sneaked a peek at the 5 people who walked behind him.Just by their appearance, you can’t tell that they are strong, however if their body was observed carefully, they were solidly built and sturdy. Sometimes they threw glances at the surrounding; surely they were really vigilant.Not only there were 5 people that had experience in live battle at war, ‘Nelson’s private army also patrolled this area, then there was no need to feel anxious in this journey. 「I see, we really are in the safe hands, right?」 Kazura honestly feeling relieved, so Valetta’s threw a smile at him. 「However, if somehow Beasts come out, then at that time, I wish for your cooperation Kazura-san.」 「Eh? Beasts, huh? ........ If it just a boar piglet then I can do something, maybe.」 Kazura interpreted Valetta’s word as a joke, so he replied with that words, but Valetta eyes glittered with respect. 「Wa! Are you really mean it? Then, if a Boar Piglet really come out, I will leave it in your care!」 「Yes, if it just something like a boar then with one hit from a stick I could still claim easy victory.」 Kazura replied to Valetta. 「(If the word Piglet also used in here, is that means that there are also Boar on this side?)[12]」(Kaz’s Inner thought) Although the explanation was incorrect, Kazura kept walking on the road to Isteria, while enjoying the scenery of the other world that began to brighten.

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