Talisman Emperor


I'm sure it's popular opinion that Talisman Emperor was picked up because it dealt with talismans. That was exactly why I started this translation. As the story evolved, talismans became more than just drawings on a piece of paper but an integral part of the entire system within the novel. While I enjoyed such an evolution, it was quite frustrating to see the lack of paper talismans being tossed about in battle. I'm sure many are of the same mind about this. However, I came to terms with it and realized that perhaps keeping talismans in paper form wouldn't work as the novel progressed. Because there's only so much one can try to build upon before the concept of paper talismans being constantly upgraded gets stale and difficult to believe.

Now that we have that behind us, I think I should address why some parts seem badly thought out or even being dragged. The situation in China is about the same as how it is here on WW. Readers want their 2 or more chapters every single day, without fail. While that is somewhat manageable when it's just translating existing text, it's an entirely different situation for an author because the author has to come up with content that will keep his readers invested while churning out the word count that's expected of him.


The author, Xiao Jinyu, has written two other books after Talisman Emperor. One is completed, and the other was just started in March this year.

The good news is that I've received word from Ren that he's working on bringing the author's next book to WuxiaWorld, and it should arrive in a few weeks if everything goes smoothly.

I know some of you would be wondering if I'll be doing that book, but that's all I know for now.

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