Talisman Emperor

Chapter 2140 – Consciousnesses

When the sound of footsteps resounded, it didn’t matter if it was Suiren Kuanglan’s group who were still in shock or Tang Xiao’xiao and the others who were surprised. All of them had shot their gazes over in unison, and then they saw Chen Xi striding over towards them.

He was still in green clothes with a handsome and firm appearance, eyes that were deep like abysses, and an otherworldly bearing. However, unlike before, he had a strange and obscure aura as well.

That aura was faint and seemingly ethereal, but it made the hearts of every single person here feel cold, and their hearts trembled with fear.

It was like a void was lying dormant within Chen Xi, and it could devour the universe upon release!

It was exactly that obscure and strange aura that allowed Chen Xi to suddenly see unfamiliar and distant in their eyes.

What’s going on?

Besides feeling horrified, they couldn’t help but feel slightly dazed.

They clearly remembered that Chen Xi was in a weak state after that world shocking battle with the 4 peak Divine Children, and they were able to confirm it with utmost accuracy from the aura he emanated at that time.

However, while just a short period had passed, Chen Xi hadn’t just recovered to his peak state, he’d even become even more terrifying than before!

How… how did he accomplish this?

All of this seemed inconceivable to them. Even a figure like Suiren Kuanglan was surprised and bewildered at this moment. He was able to discern that Chen Xi hadn’t advanced into the Daolord Realm, but the imposing aura Chen Xi emanated caused him to feel extremely shocked.

At the instant they laid eyes upon Chen Xi, all of them realized that it was indeed Chen Xi who reduced Beiming Canghai to such a miserable state.

In the blink of an eye, a top-rate figure from one of the five great clans had been crippled just like that!

Exactly how formidable is Chen Xi now?

The expressions of many experts here couldn’t help but change when they realized this, and they felt extremely uneasy in their hearts. If the situation didn’t disallow it, then they would truly wish for nothing more than to vanish from Chen Xi’s sight!

Chen Xi stood before the door of the palace amidst the deathly silent atmosphere here, and his gaze was calm and indifferent as it swept through everyone here.

After that, he said, “Many of you have considered me a needle in your eyes since the day that I participated in the Battle of Dao Protectors. I don’t blame all of you for doing that. After all, you’re just following orders. Moreover, I even tried to change your attitudes towards me in the past. Like a few days ago, I rescued over 10 Fellow Daoists from the battlefield.”

When he spoke up to this point, the expressions of some cultivators in the crowd became slightly uncomfortable. They were those people who Chen Xi had rescued a few days ago.

“However, I noticed that all of my actions were in vain. Not only do all of you feel no gratitude, you’ve even turned around and tried to kill me. Isn’t that going a bit too far?” Chen Xi’s voice was calm and indifferent. “I, Chen Xi, have never taken all of you to be my enemies, but all of you’ve offended me over and over again, and you even intend to kill me. So, tell me. How should we deal with this matter?”

The expressions of many in the surroundings changed indeterminately.

Suiren Kuanglan spoke with an icy cold expression. “Chen Xi, you’ve mistaken something. You’re a Savior, a heretic! We are descendants of the Divine Dao Protector Clans and we protect the Heaven Dao. How could we allow a heretic like you to live in the face of such a righteous cause?”

Chen Xi gazed at Suiren Kuanglan and said, “Oh, that makes senses. Since you think that you can disregard everything before a righteous cause, then I, this heretic you speak of, am standing right here before you. Do you dare to attack and kill me?”

Suiren Kuanglan was instantly speechless when he heard this, and his expression was gloomy and livid. Beiming Canghai was still alive on the ground, and he was still letting out shrill, miserable, and sorrowful cries. How could Suiren Kuanglan dare to rashly take a risk when such an example was right before his eyes.

“You don’t dare?” Chen Xi’s voice was calm and without any ridicule. But it became a form of trampling and humiliation of Suiren Kuanglan when the others in the surroundings heard him.

Even Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng couldn’t help but feel a trace of pity in their hearts. Because Suiren Kuanglan had been extremely arrogant in the past, yet he actually didn’t dare to face Chen Xi right now!

“Hmph! Do you really think I wouldn’t dare to?” Suiren Kuanglan suddenly took a deep breath while it seemed like a volcano had erupted in his eyes, and it surged with seething killing intent.

“You don’t.” Chen Xi spoke calmly. He just stood there with his hands behind his back while looking indifferently at Suiren Kuanglan, and it was like he was looking down upon an ant that was shouting at him.

“You….” The veins on Suiren Kuanglan’s forehead bulged while his chest rose and fell incessantly. Obviously, he was furious to the extreme, and he was on the verge of erupting with rage.

However, Chen Xi had withdrawn his gaze and pointed at the distant battlefield. “I’ll give you a chance if you don’t want to be reduced to the same state that Beiming Canghai is in. Go to the battlefield and kill the Dao Defiants there. I’ll let bygones be bygones when you are able to kill 4 peak Divine Children.”

Suiren Kuanglan was first stunned by this condition that Chen Xi had raised, and then his face fell while his eyes almost split apart from rage. He gritted his teeth and said, “You call that an opportunity?”

Four peak Divine Children?He’s clearly asking me to go get myself killed!

Chen Xi said coldly, “You refuse?”

In an instant, an extremely dangerous strand of coldness surged into Suiren Kuanglan’s heart. It was like a sword was placed against his throat, and it caused the hairs on his body to stand on end. He didn’t doubt that he would definitely suffer a horrifying attack from Chen Xi if he dared to refuse!

When he thought about how Beiming Canghai who was his equal in strength had been reduced to a cripple, Suiren Kuanglan couldn’t be bothered about saving face. He flicked his sleeve angrily, and then his figure transformed into a wisp of light that whistled towards the distant battlefield.

Suiren Kuanglan was very clearly aware that only by escaping Chen Xi’s sights would he have a chance to regain face in the future. But if he were to be crippled, then everything would be over.

As for killing 4 peak divine children to gain Chen Xi’s forgiveness?

That was impossible!

Suiren Kuanglan refused to be casually ordered around by another!

When they saw Suiren Kuanglan leave in extreme dejection, humiliation, and rage while accepting Chen Xi’s conditions instead of attacking, the other experts in the surroundings felt perturbed and horrified.

Even a peerless figure like Suiren Kuanglan had yielded to Chen Xi, so how could they have the courage to face him?

“The conditions I spoke of are the same for all of you as well.” Chen Xi glanced at them, and he spoke as if he’d seen through the terror in their hearts. “Remember, this is the last opportunity I’m giving all of you.”

His tone wasn’t threatening in the slightest, but it caused all of their hearts to tremble while they felt surging killing intent assault them.

Many experts immediately left hastily with their tails between their legs, and it wasn’t long before the crowd outside Chen Xi’s palace had vanished completely.

Only Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, and Jin Yunsheng remained there. Of course, Beiming Canghai who was howling miserably on the ground was still there as well.

The irony was that not a single one of those fellows who’d fought by Beiming Canghai’s side had helped him before they left.

“Kill me, kill me….” Beiming Canghai raised his head while his gaze actually carried a wisp of a pleading expression.

“have you forgotten that our battle was only one where victory and defeat is decided but not death? I’ve done as you wished, and I won’t help you further.” Chen Xi spoke calmly.

Beiming Canghai’s entire body trembled as he stared fixedly at Chen Xi with a resentful, hateful, yet slightly dazed, pained, unwilling, and complicated expression.

Suddenly, he struggled up to his feet and roared madly with laughter. “Chen Xi, don’t forget that you’re a Savior. Even if you’re able to survive the Battle of Dao Protectors, the 13 Dao Servants, the various Divine Dao Protector Clans, and the Sovereign Sect won’t let you go! Hahaha!!! At that time, you’ll be unable to avoid death in the end!”

His voice shook the clouds, yet it hadn’t even finished resounding when Beiming Canghai bled from all 7 apertures and crashed to the ground without even a trace of vitality left within his entire body. He’d actually taken his own life!

“At least this fellow had some backbone.” Chen Xi flicked his sleeve and released an expanse of divine flames which incinerated Beiming Canghai’s corpse. In the end, only a crystalline and translucent azure blue pearl remained on the ground, and it was enshrouded by dense and surging Chaotic Divine Energy.

It was the Oceanblue Pearl, a precious ancestral treasure of the high level Beiming Clan. According to rumor, it was born from within the quintessence of Chaos, and it possessed the mysterious and miraculous effect of providing an endless supply of divine energy to its owner.

Chen Xi picked it up, sized it up for a moment, and then put it away.

“Since you crippled Beiming Canghai, then why didn’t you seize the opportunity to kill Suiren Kuanglan?” Meanwhile, Tang Xiao’xiao walked over to Chen Xi and asked this question with a puzzled expression.

Xia Ruoyuan and Jin Yunsheng shot their gazes over as well. Obviously, both of them were puzzled about the same time.

Chen Xi raised his head and looked into the sky for a long time before he finally withdrew his gaze. He said, “A few consciousnesses that made me feel very uncomfortable were paying attention to everything occurring here. I’m still unable to go against them with the strength I possess right now. However, I’ll naturally get even with them when I leave the Spring of Sin!”

Chen Xi’s voice was piercingly cold as he finished speaking.

Their hearts shook when they heard this. There were a few consciousnesses paying attention to everything that was occurring here? Was it the 13 Dao Servants who are standing on guard outside the Spring of Sin?

When they thought about how Chen Xi was actually able to clearly notice all of this while they were completely ignorant of it since the beginning, all of them couldn’t help but feel extremely shocked. Exactly how formidable is Chen Xi’s combat strength right now?

But no matter what the circumstances were, they finally understood why Chen Xi had let Suiren Kuanglan and the others go. It turned out that the Dao Servants were paying attention to the events here.

They couldn’t imagine that if Chen Xi attacked brazenly, then it would probably really cause a monstrous calamity to descend upon him.

“Thank you for your help.” Chen Xi gazed at Tang Xiao’xiao and Xia Ruoyuan as he spoke seriously.

He was very clearly aware that their choice to stand on his side had gone against the wills of their respective clans, and they’d sacrificed a great deal by doing that.

“So, you must stay alive and take us away from here. Otherwise, we’ll be treated as traitors, and that would be extremely troublesome.” Tang Xiao’xiao spoke with a clear and melodious voice, and she was very straightforward.

Chen Xi nodded. “Of course.”

Actually, Chen Xi would have done that even if she didn’t say anything because he’d never hesitated to pay any price for his friends.

Even though he hadn’t gotten to know them well, he’d regarded them as friends since the moment they stepped forward and took his side.

As for Jun Yunsheng, he was naturally no exception.

At the same time, tremendous waves were surging outside the Spring of Sin….

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