Talisman Emperor

Chapter 2142 – One Man Against The World

The desolate sound of the horn shook the heavens and resounded throughout the battlefield.

The horrifying scenes of corpses piling up into mountains and blood forming into oceans appeared once more.

The ground and sky throughout every single area of the battlefield was covered in battle and conflict. Blazing techniques interweaved together and formed a horrifying yet gorgeous and dazzling scene.

Chen Xi was all by himself and had the scarlet red and brilliant Dao Calamity Sword in his hand as he stepped foot onto the battlefield again.

He raised his head to gaze at the sky, and his dark eyes seemed to reflect the secrets of the universe while suffused with a piercingly cold and indifferent glow.

The enormous consciousnesses that were paying attention to him had vanished, so Chen Xi had no further worries and strode forward.

Step! Step!

Chen Xi seemed to be taking regular and even steps, but every single step he took was even swifter than teleportation. Even time and space bowed before Chen Xi’s footsteps.


In next to no time, a group of Dao Defiants appeared within his field of vision. However, they hadn’t even been able to see Chen Xi’s appearance clearly when their figures suddenly exploded into pieces. It was like a string of firecrackers had been lit while their blood was the sparks that erupted from within them.

In the blink of an eye, the ground was covered in corpses and blood.

Chen Xi didn’t even pay them a glance before he continued forward.

However, along with the miserable deaths of his enemies, strands of evil and sin were devoured and refined within the Dao Calamity Sword before they were condensed into the form of a pure and glistening Pearl of Laws.

After he refined and absorbed that unfamiliar energy that was filled with strands of the aura of Destiny, Chen Xi knew that he’d transformed into a completely different state.

In his sea of consciousness, he was constantly able to observe the River of Destiny that laid across both the past and future, traversed the boundaries of space and time, and seemed to flow eternally.

He was even clearly aware that the River of Destiny was born at the place where the quintessence of the Three Dimensions’ Chaos had been formed!

The River of Destiny was right within his reach!

However, Chen Xi was still a Ninth Star Region Lord.

He wasn’t unwilling to break through and advance. It was because the energy he needed to breakthrough was far from sufficient. It was too far away from being sufficient.

This energy he needed was something he could only obtain through battle and killing his enemies!

At the same time, Chen Xi understood that the nine River Diagram fragments he possessed had completely fused together and merged into his body. It had become a part of him that couldn’t be separated anymore.

Such a change provided Chen Xi an unprecedented experience. It caused his vision to be unrestricted by his realm of cultivation, and it was at the same height as the entire Heaven Dao and world!

This sort of strange state made it seem like he possessed the strength to rival the heavens and the Grand Dao.

However, it just so happened that he was still a Ninth Star Region Lord, and he wasn’t a Daolord who was said to be capable of reaching the heavens, in control of their own Destiny, otherworld, and on par with the Grand Dao.

But Chen Xi was very sure that when he accumulated sufficient energy and stepped foot into the Daolord Realm, then all the Daolords in this world wouldn’t be a threat to him anymore!

Chen Xi moved forward by himself through the boundless battlefield. Everywhere he passed, expanse after expanse of the Dao Defiant army would be annihilated.

From the beginning until the end, they had no room to struggle, and it was even to the extent that Chen Xi hadn’t really swung his sword.

He was just walking through the battlefield while his aura effused out and enveloped the surroundings. His enemies hadn’t even been able to approach when they were immediately slaughtered on the spot.

It didn’t take long for such an astounding scene to be noticed by the experts of the Dao Defiants’ side.

“It’s Chen Xi!”

“He’s over there!”

“Notify the other. Tell them to converge over here!”

Numerous terrifying consciousnesses swept through the battlefield as they conversed with each other. In practically a short moment, the peak Divine Children who were originally scattered throughout various areas of the battlefield seemed like a group of sharks that had sensed blood, and they rushed towards Chen Xi’s location while filled with killing intent.

Because they’d received orders to kill Chen Xi no matter the cost!

Such movement was so grand that it even drew the attention of the experts from the Divine Dao Protector Clans. This made many of them feel fortunate in their hearts because the pressure they experienced would undoubtedly reduce greatly if Chen Xi were there to draw away the top-rate enemies they had to face.

At the same time, some had started to laugh coldly and take pleasure in Chen Xi’s misfortune. They wished for nothing more than to see Chen Xi perish at the hands of those peak Divine Children.

The subtle change in the situation of the battlefield had naturally not escaped Chen Xi. However, his expression remained calm and indifferent as he just continued forward, and he hadn’t hesitated or tried to avoid it at all.

Countless mountains of corpses and rivers of blood had been formed on the path he’d travelled through.

Three Pearls of Laws had been condensed within the Dao Calamity Sword again, and then they condensed into a translucent and pure lotus flower. After that, the lotus flower transformed into an unfamiliar energy that carried strands of the aura of Destiny as it surged into Chen Xi’s body before Chen Xi absorbed all of it.

Once that was done, the Dao Calamity Sword started to condense Pearls of Laws again….

It faintly formed a cycle where Chen Xi killed his enemies to absorb and refine the energy of sin and evil within them, and then surging energy which carried the aura of Destiny would be ceaselessly absorbed by Chen Xi’s body.

If it was before the nine River Diagram fragments had merged into his body, then merely a strand of such energy was something Chen Xi’s body would be unable to bear, and he would fall into a dangerous state where conflict and unrest surged throughout his body.

However, it was different now. His body was like a void that was actually impossible to be filled no matter how much energy he absorbed!

It was even to the extent that Chen Xi had a strong feeling that just this energy was far insufficient if he wanted to step foot into the Daolord Realm.

If it were any other Ninth Star Region Lord, that person would have attained perfection in his cultivation and attained the Daolord Realm a very long time ago.

But it was very obvious that it didn’t work like that for Chen Xi who’d merged with the complete River Diagram.


A bright golden scissors that flowed with a myriad of strands of blood red light tore through the air. It was like the mouth of a crocodile that could devour the heavens, and its sharp blades tore through the sky and split space apart!

It was a peak Divine Child who looked young and proud. His forehead was covered with a monstrously arrogant expression, and he’d attacked ferociously with his strongest attack upon noticing Chen Xi.


Chen Xi’s figure was cut apart, but it transformed into a rain of light and vanished. Obviously, that wasn’t Chen Xi’s real body, and it was just an afterimage which he left behind!

This caused that peak Divine Child’s heart to constrict, and he swiftly flashed explosively to the side while waving the enormous golden scissors around him.


However, he’d just launched that attack when a long and wide hand grabbed his neck from behind, and then it clenched down lightly and broke his neck while the soul within his body was obliterated.

After that, his corpse crashed to the ground.

On the other hand, his enormous golden scissors fell into the grasp of that long and wide hand. The owner of that hand was naturally Chen Xi.

He glanced at it before he tossed the scissors over to the Dao Calamity Sword to be devoured and refined.

Once he finished doing that, Chen Xi continued forward as if it wasn’t a peak Divine Child that he’d killed just now, it seemed like he’d just slapped a fly to death.

One could only wonder what Suiren Kuanglan, Shi Chuge, and the others would think if they witnessed that scene.

After all, that was a peak Divine Child!

But he’d been killed in such a casual manner!

As he went deeper into the battlefield, he gradually encountered lesser and lesser armies of Dao Defiants all along the way, and it was like they’d received some sort of order and didn’t dare obstruct Chen Xi’s path anymore.

After that, more and more peak Divine Children started to appear.

It wasn’t long before two peak Divine Children had appeared back to back, and they charged straight towards Chen Xi. However, only a moment passed before they perished on the spot, and their faces even carried a wisp of astonishment and disbelief as they died.

Their treasures became ‘food’ for the Dao Calamity Sword instead, and it condensed two dazzling Pearl of Laws for Chen Xi.


Chen Xi hadn’t continued forward for long when a world shaking roar resounded. Accompanying the roar was a monstrous ocean of blood that blasted space apart and emanated astonishing divine might.

This attack hadn’t even descended upon Chen Xi when a wave of fluctuation appeared in the distant space, and then the figures of numerous peak Divine Children appeared.

For a time, he’d actually been completely surrounded.


This area became a forbidden area. Divine radiance erupted, the glow of treasures shot into the sky, and no one dared to approach an area of 500,000km around it.

At this moment, both the Dao Defiants and Dao Protectors were clearly aware that the focus of the battle was on Chen Xi alone.

But regardless of which side it was, both of them wished for nothing more than to see Chen Xi killed immediately.

In the opinion of the Dao Protectors, Chen Xi was a Savior, a heretic. He was someone they had to kill, and they could absolutely not tolerate his existence.

In the opinion of the Dao Defiants, Chen Xi was the key to awaken their first ancestor. So, they intended to capture or kill him no matter the cost.

In other words, the current situation was once where the battle seemed to be between the Dao Defiants and Dao Protectors, but the true core of the entire battle had moved over to Chen Xi.

Besides Tang Xiao’xiao, Xia Ruoyuan, Jin Yunsheng, and a few others, no one else was willing to just watch as Chen Xi continued staying alive!

At this moment, Chen Xi was completely surrounded by an entire 6 peak Divine Children. In the eyes of most, it was really impossible for Chen Xi to escape calamity.

The Dao Defiants were excited.

The Dao Protectors were laughing coldly.

Such a scene seemed to be extremely strange and absurd, and it was something only the cultivators present here could understand.

It was like Chen Xi had become the common enemy of both sides right now! It was like he was going against the entire world!

10 minutes later, that world shocking and intense battle came to an end.

All the spectators in the surroundings were shocked to see that only a single tall figure remained standing there when the dust and dirt dispersed.

Just a single person stood amidst the empty heavens and the earth which were dyed with blood. Corpses laid beneath his feet, the ground around him had split apart, and the sword in his palm still flowed with a dense blood red glow that simply seemed as if blood would drip out of it at any moment.

This scene was so dazzling and horrifying. It was like a torrent of disbelief that shook every single one of their hearts.

In that battle, 6 peak Divine Children had been killed, and only Chen Xi alone remained completely unharmed!

How could this not be shocking?

After all, had any Ninth Star Region Lord in the world attained such dazzling accomplishments in battle?

If this occurred in the Ancient God Domain, it could even be remembered and praised through history, and it was capable of being a dazzling and resplendent page in the history of war!

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