Talisman Emperor

Epilogue 3 – A Son Of The Chen Clan (Part 1/8)

Dao Emperor Academy.

Presently, it was a top-rate power of the entire world. It was respected by all living beings in the Immortal Dimension, and it was even a ‘sacred grounds’ in the hearts of countless cultivators.

Early in the morning, in a lecture room nearby the Dao Development Reserve.

Zhao Yunsong was one of the students who’d just passed the test and entered Dao Emperor Academy. He came from an impoverished family, but his natural talent was rather extraordinary.

Before he succeeded in becoming a student of Dao Emperor Academy, no one had imagined that this poor fellow, Zhao Yunsong, would be able to accomplish it.

Even Zhao Yunsong’s own parents felt that it was difficult to believe.

After all, there were countless cultivators in the world that desired to enter Dao Emperor Academy. However, it was common knowledge that the quota of recruitment was always shared amongst those great sects and clans!

That was reality!

Since they were young, the disciples of those sects and clans enjoyed resources that were unimaginable to ordinary cultivators, and they even received the guidance of numerous seniors from their respective clans or sects. So, coupled with their own outstanding natural talent, all of them could be considered to be extremely shocking geniuses.

So, when compared to the disciples of these sects and clans, the poor cultivators of humble

origins were bound to leave in dejection and were unable to compete with them.

Because of this, practically 99% of all students who were recruited into Dao Emperor Academy were of noble birth or were disciples of ancient sects.

On the other hand, those like Zhao Yunsong who were of humble origins yet was able to leap up in the world to become a student of Dao Emperor Academy seemed to be extremely rare, and they could even be described as being as rare as phoenix feathers and Qilin horns.

At this moment, there was still quite some time before their lecture started, so there weren’t many students here in the lecture room. However, Zhao Yunsong was already ready here.

He really cherished this opportunity he had to cultivate in Dao Emperor Academy, and he hadn’t slacked off at all.

Most importantly, the instructor for today was Zhou Zhili! He was the Outer Court’s Dean who was renowned throughout the world from a very long time ago!

A very long time ago, Dean Zhou Zhili had even guided that legendary figure who now stood towering above the entire cosmos!

So, Zhao Yunsong was filled with anticipation towards this class.

Knock! Knock!

Suddenly, the table before him was struck twice, and then Zhao Yunsong raised his head. An extremely handsome young man who had a slightly evil aura was standing before the table while grinning at him.

Zhao Yunsong’s heart jerked while he clenched his fists imperceptibly. Because this face had even frequently jolted him awake in his dreams.

The handsome young man’s name was Wenren Lie, and he was from a top-rate ancient clan, the Wenren Clan. His status was lofty and noble, and his natural talent was matchlessly rare.

Wenren Lie was one of the renowned figures amongst the students that had been newly accepted into Dao Emperor Academy this year.

However, Wenren Lie was like a nightmare to Zhao Yunsong. For some unknown reason, Wenren Lie constantly treated Zhao Yunsong like a servant which he ordered about to run all sorts of errands on his bald, and it was all a bunch of trivial matters.

To put it bluntly, Zhao Yunsong was worse than a servant before Wenren Lie! At the very least, a servant would get paid, but Zhao Yunsong didn’t just obtain no benefits at all, he was frequently reprimanded and insulted by Wenren Lie.

For example, Wenren Lie was teasing one of the female students and even sneaked a touch on her butt, but he forced Zhao Yunsong to take the blame, causing Zhao Yunsong to have almost been expelled from the academy by one of the instructors who was in-charge of disciple and punishment.

Zhao Yunsong had tried to resist, but he noticed to his horror that regardless of whether it was the instructors or his fellow students in the academy, all of them actually stood by idly and none of them believed him!

This made Zhao Yunsong feel disappointed to the extreme. From that moment onward, he understood that even if Dao Emperor Academy’s rules were extremely strict and complete, it wasn’t very capable of protecting a student like him who was of humble origins and didn’t possess anyone to rely on.

It was even to the extent that Zhao Yunsong suspected that even if he had proof to prove that Wenren Lie’s actions deserved punishment, Wenren Lie wouldn’t be punished in the end.

After all, Wenren Lie didn’t just possess an extraordinary background, he was extremely smart.4 Since he entered the academy, he’d made numerous friends, formed relationships with the instructors of the academy, and even his cultivation was outstanding and was one of the top amongst his peers.

Under such circumstances, how could anyone possibly believe anything that Zhao Yunsong said he’d experienced?

“Take this.” Wenren Lie grinned as he tossed a jade slip to Zhao Yunsong, and then he glanced at Zhao Yunsong with a mocking expression before he left swiftly and sat down at the other side of the room.

Zhao Yunsong help the jade slip in his hand while he couldn’t help but sigh and look towards the side.

A young woman of picturesque beauty sat behind a table over there. She had beautiful, smooth, and dense black hair that was coiled into a simple bun behind her head, and it revealed an extraordinarily gorgeous and exquisite face.

She seemed like a celestial maiden as she sat upright there. She was extraordinary, tranquil, otherworldly, and peerlessly beautiful.

She was one of the new students this year as well, and her name was Tang Bao’er. Her voice was melodious and rather pleasant to the ear. Unfortunately, she didn’t like to speak, and she hadn’t paid any attention to the other students since she joined the academy.

However, Tang Bao’er had become a renowned figure not long after she joined the academy, and many male students admired and were infatuated by her. Her reputation was so great that even many inner court students and instructors had noticed her.

Wenren Lie was one of them. He was extremely infatuated to her, and he’d already proclaimed that he would marry her, so anyone who dared to fight him for her would be his enemy!

Unfortunately, no one was aware of Tang Bao’er’s background until now, and everything related to her was like a mystery. Wenren Lie had tried to investigate her through various means and sources, but he hadn’t been able to gain any valuable information in the end.

This didn’t just fail to dampen Wenren Lie’s fervor, it made him grow even more infatuated and enamored. As far as he was concerned, the more mysterious she was, the greater his desire to conquer her was.

“Fool! What’s you still sitting there for? Go on quickly! This Young Master paid a huge price to get that invitation. I guarantee that you won’t be able to gain a foothold in the academy if you aren’t able to give it to Tang Bao’er!” Wenren Lie’s face was slightly gloomy when he saw Zhao Yunsong was still sitting on the spot without moving at all, and he spoke coldly via voice transmission.

Zhao Yunsong was a man as well, and how could any man not be attracted by such a peerless beauty like Tang Bao’er? How could any man not wish to give her a good impression?

However, Wenren Lie’s threats caused pain to arise in his heart. He didn’t dare hesitate any longer, and he stood up with the intention of passing the invitation to Tang Bao’er.

Right at this moment, the Outer Court’s Dean, Zhou Zhili, strode in with a dignified expression, and a handsome young man was walking by Zhou Zhili’s side.

In an instant, the room fell silent.

Zhao Yunsong heaved a sigh of relief when he saw this. He put away the invitation which he felt was difficult to deal with, and then he sat back down as if nothing had happened.

Wenren Lie glared fiercely at Zhao Yunsong. However, while he was disgruntled in his heart, he knew that he absolutely couldn’t act rashly during Zhou Zhili’s class.

Zhou Zhili walked into the class, stroked his beard and smiled as he said, “Students, allow me to introduce this new student who has just joined the academy today. He’s Chen Pu, and he’ll be cultivating in the academy with all of you from now on.”

At this moment, over 100 students were gathered within the room. All of them were new students who’d passed the test this year, so they shot their gazes over when they heard this.

After all, a new student had actually arrived a few months after the recruitment test was carried out, and he was even accompanied by Dean Zhou Zhili. That was quite a thought provoking scene.

The young man called Chen Pu grinned and said, “Sorry for delaying your class. I’m new here, so I’m not aware of any of the rules. Please do provide me with guidance and tolerate my mistakes.”

His voice was humble, warm, calm, and composed. It felt like a summer breeze that brushed past everyone.

Zhao Yunsong immediately had a good impression of the handsome young man. He’d seen many arrogant and proud disciples from great clans and sects, and he’d also met numerous haughty profligate disciples. So, Chen Pu’s humble and warm attitude was a pleasant change to Zhao Yunsong.

Wenren Lie grunted coldly instead. “Not earlier or later. He just had to come at this moment. How detestable.”

For some unknown reason, Wenren Lie had a horrible impression of the handsome young man at first glance. Perhaps it was exactly the young man’s arrival that just happened to have spoiled Wenren Lie’s plans?

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