Taming Master

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: (4). Monster Researcher -2

Ly growled at the fox, however, Ian raised his hand to stop it.

“Go after my arrow shoots it, Ly. Do not attack first.”

As Ian’s pet, the Wolf understood his order and stopped.

After Ian saw this, he quickly released the arrow.


As soon as the arrow hit the fox’s forehead, Ly lunged at its fastest speed.

‘Ly’s weaker than the Red Fox, but he just lunged at it! Is it because of its character?’

Ly’s character was ‘brave’. Either because of that or because Ian’s stats were high, Ly was not afraid

of the fox that had twice its levels.

Ly forcefully bit the fox’s neck, however, he was quickly thrown away. That was because the level gap

between the two was too high.

‘Its level is a problem and the Wolf is not a monster that normally has high health… just by getting

bitten a few times could kill it’

Ian repeatedly fired arrows.

Although Ly wasn’t a good fighter because of its level, it was able to distract the fox making Ian’s hunt

much easier.

– You have killed a [Red Fox]. You gained 265 EP.

– You have killed a [Red Fox]. Your pet Ly gained 265 EP.

‘So, we each get half the amount of EP.’

Ian nodded and resumed his labor.

‘I should reach Lv.15 here.’

Before starting to hunt, he used the Basic Training skill that he hadn’t used yet. Then, blue light flowed

out of Ly’s body and a system message came up.

– You used the [Basic Training] skill (Cooldown time: 35 minutes).

– Ly’s understanding of the orders received by the Summoner increases and learns quicker for 10

minutes. Training the monster also raises the pet’s potential.

– Ly’s current potential: 65

Ian stared at Ly and wondered what order he should give to it. Then he said…

“Ly, sit!”


“Stand up!”


He did what he had done with Poro, a dog he had during his childhood.

Ly had an arrogant look on his face, as if saying ‘Did you think that I couldn’t even do these things?’.

Ian then shook his head.

‘I don’t know anything about this. Should I buy and read an animal training guide?’

Ian thought about this for a while and made up his mind, “I should just focus on hunting.”

Actually, the Basic Training was just a simple skill. All he had to do was activate it and start hunting,

Ian was over-thinking.

He then realized what he should do and started to hunt.

At first, he couldn’t coordinate well with Ly and its life was put in danger many times.

– You used [First Aid]. Ly’s health has recovered by 45.

However, as he got used to it, little by little, Ian started to hunt foxes very quickly.

‘While Ly doesn’t have a lot of health, its speed is very good. It won’t receive damage easily.’

Of course, that was mostly because Ian killed every fox with just a few arrows, however, he was still

quite satisfied with Ly’s performance.

About three hours later, Ian and Ly had both reached Lv.15.

‘Raising levels takes longer than I thought. Probably because I have to share my EP with Ly’

However, Ian wasn’t upset by it, after all raising Ly was far more entertaining than he had thought.

To his great surprise, Ly grew up pretty fast. He could feel it getting stronger with each level-up. Even

by normal standards, their level-ups were not being slow…

“Ly, shall we go to hunt a bear?”

Growl-. Growl-.

Ly growled deeply while watching Ian wrapping the bandage around its leg using the First Aid skill.

While hunting, its Loyalty had increased as well, currently, it was at about 80%.

Once Ian finished treating Ly, they moved somewhere else. Their new destination was the Mountains

of Nuran, the habitat of the Asiatic Black Bear.

After eating dinner with his parents, Yuhyeon followed his daily routine of opening the door of the

capsule to play Kailan.

However, he then remembered something and turned around, he switched on his computer and sat at

his desk.

‘Shall I search for more information about the Summoner? It has been two days since the update, so

it’s time for some information to come out…’

Although Jinsung, who was the most prized player of Lotus Guild reset his character, since it was

already done, Yuhyeon was going to do his best to support him as the guild master.

‘Well, he has always given me more than what I invested on him, so he will achieve something this

time as well.’

For this and other reasons, Yuhyeon got curious about Jinsung’s new class, the Summoner. He then

logged in to the official community of Kailan.

“Let’s see…”

Yuhyeon quickly went to the Summoner class page.

“Huh? What’s wrong with these titles?”

Yuhyeon was confused: the page was in a mess.

– Summoner class sucks!

– Ha, worst class ever. Guys, don’t be Summoners.

Yuhyeon looked for the article that had the most clicks.

– Title: I finally reached Lv.12. Here’s my comment on hunting.

‘Let’s see…’

Yuhyeon clicked the article and a long review about the Summoner came up.

I am a user who reached the beginner level 10 and waited to become a Summoner. As soon as the

server opened, I got the class quest and became a Summoner.

In order to do this, I even reset my Lv. 25 Sorcerer to become a Summoner.

Firstly, to tell you my conclusion, the Summoner is a class that is fun to play. Raising the monsters

that I have captured is quite fun.

The first monster I captured was the Black Wolf, a Rare Rank monster in Kairon Basin.

It was a hard fight, however, some of my guild’s members were there to help me out. I fed it all the

meat I had and eventually managed to capture it.

I then proceeded to summon it and fight with it. It certainly felt stronger compared to the other classes

of the same level. After using a skill on my Black Wolf, it was able to fight as good as an ordinary


However, the biggest disadvantage of the Summoner is the fact that it is very difficult to gain EP.

When I was hunting in a party, I had to share the portion of EP I gained with my pet.

On the other hand, if you were to do solo play, the hunting would be very slow…

I had to hunt for more than 10 hours for two days straight just to go up by 2 levels.

Summoner… I don’t know what kind of changes there will be when my level gets really high, however,

for those of you who are thinking of choosing this class must be aware that the level-up at the early

stages is your worst nightmare.

I will continue to use the Summoner. After all, I will not be able to become a high ranker with any

classes at this point. That being said, collecting monsters is a fun experience.

The post had received more than a thousand hits, therefore, there were many comments.

– SummonMania: I just became a Summoner… don’t we have too many bad reviews?

– Dragonslayer: SummonMania, it’s not too late. Quickly reset your character. I just visited the Dark

Sorcerer page. They said that although the Skulls are a little weak, they don’t take any EP from you

and you can summon more than one of them. So, leveling up is very quick.

– KimchiWarrior: But is it impossible to capture many monsters and take them with you like an army?

Party hunting seems very inefficient, so what about solo play with many pets?

– ka1908: KimchiWarrior, you know nothing about the Summoner. There’s a stat called Leadership.

When it’s low, you can only summon a few monsters.

– pts1120: That’s right. I tried capturing only wild dogs because they require very little Leadership. I

captured five of them and taken them with me, but it was no good. After one or two bites from a Wolf,

they were dead. Then, when I finally managed to kill one, the EP was divided into six parts, so I was

left with a tiny amount of EP…

Yuhyeon’s face darkened as he read the articles one by one.

“Well, there are many complaints because it’s still in the early stages… but isn’t this too bad? Jinsung

has reset his character…”

However, Yuhyeon soon got rid of his worries.

Until now, all classes in Kailan were equally good. LBsoft, the company that made Kailan, was a great

company, hence, there was no way that they added such a useless class.

Furthermore, it had been only two days since the new classes came out, it was too early to judge.

‘But it must be true that leveling up at the beginning is hard. So, it will take him some time to reach Lv.

20 and rejoin the guild.’

Yuhyeon then turned off his computer and entered the capsule.

However, contrary to his conclusions, Jinsung was already very close to Lv. 20.

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