Taming Master

Chapter 22

Chapter 22: (6). First Evolution -2

Caw- caw-!

Crows cried ominously.

The moment Ian entered Somur Canyon, a disturbing chill filled his body.

“Kailan is sometimes too realistic.”

Ian grumbled, however, he knew well that those details were the reason why people loved Kailan so


‘Was the quest about killing 10 Goblin Scouts?’

Ian had been planning on killing ten Scouts and going back to the village, however, he changed his


‘Now that Ly has evolved, I cannot do that.’

Just thinking about killing 10 and returning made him feel sick.

“Ly, let’s go have some fun.”

Ian muttered as he stroked Ly’s head.

Ian was now as excited as a driver who had been driving a compact car with a 1,500cc engine and,

after years of saving money, he bought a ‘supercar’ with a 4,000cc engine.

Ian got off from Ly’s back and activated the enhancing skills.

– You used ‘Blessing of the Wind’. Speed has increased by 37%. Ly’s speed has increased by 37%.

– You used ‘Wild Warrior’s Blessing’. Attack Force has increased by 33%. Your pet Ly’s Attack Force

has increased by 66%.

As the proficiency rose, the enhancing skills’ increase of margin stats also went up a little.

Additionally, Wild Warrior’s Blessing had double the effect on a pet, therefore, Ly’s Attack Force went

up by 155 and became 390.

‘And there must be some invisible stat increase thanks to the Mother Nature items.’

Ian then lifted his staff awkwardly and gave Ly a command.

“Ly, you see those three Goblins over there? Attack them first, I’ll be right behind you.”

Growl-. Growl.

Ly showed him that it had understood by quietly growling and immediately lunged at the Goblins.

Ian watched him for a while.

‘Ly’s stats have been enhanced, so they’re as good as those Goblins’. Plus, he has gotten two unique

abilities… so, his battle AI must be beyond compare to ordinary field monsters…’

According to Ian’s careful analyzation, Ly could handle those three Goblin Scouts alone.

However, Ian still activated the Aiming Weak Spot skill and received a system message.

– Aiming Weak Spot skill is activated. Target’s weak spot is highlighted. Accuracy rate increases by

14.5%. Fatal blow probability goes up by 22%. 91% of additional damage when attacking the weak


Ian watched Ly and the Goblins, ready to help Ly, if necessary. He tried to ignore the fact that joining

the battle with a staff would not be of much help to Ly.


Howling, Ly lunged at the Goblin Scouts with great speed.

“Krrrk, wolf, red wolf!”

“Krrk- Wolf is attacking!”

The Goblins spotted the blood-red wolf coming and raised their clubs.

However, when they spotted Ly, it was already sinking its teeth into one of the Goblin’s neck.

– Your pet Ly inflicted fatal damage to the Goblin Scout!

– The Goblin Scout’s Health has decreased by 1,075 (89%).

– The Goblin Scout is on Bleeding mode. It will receive 215 damages per second for 10 seconds.

Before Ian could get surprised at these series of messages, more message came up.

– The Goblins Scout died because of Bleeding.

– You killed a Goblin Scout. You gained 1,210 EP.

The Goblin Scout had had 11% Health left, therefore, it died 1 second later because of the damage

caused by Bleeding.

Bleeding’s effect was to give additional damage of 20% of the original damage per second, so of

course, it died instantly.

‘What, what the-? How can one blow kill a Lv. 40 monster?’


This time, the Goblin’s club hit Ly’s back. If it had been one on one, Ly would not have let a Goblin hit

it as Goblins were slow, however, there were too many of them, hence, even Ly could not avoid all the


– Your pet Ly received 294 damages from a Goblin Scout.

Ly’s Attack Force was incredible, however, its Defense Force was weak and he didn’t have a defense-

related enhancing skill, therefore, it received great damage. Three or four blows as strong as the one

it had just gotten would kill it.

However, Ly had another unique ability.

– Your pet Ly inflicted 495 damages to a Goblin Scout!

– It recovered 75 Health, 15% of the damage.

“That’s it!”

Ian couldn’t help but say that.

With the repeated attack, Ly recovered most of its Health it lost in no time.

– It recovered 73 Health, 15% of the damage.

– It recovered 76 Health, 15% of the damage.

In the blink of an eye, two out of the three Goblin Scouts turned grey and fell.

Ian couldn’t close his mouth, he just blankly watched the battle.

After that, Ly hit again the last Goblin.


– It recovered 523 Health, 50% of the damage.

Ly gave a fatal blow and recovered its maximum Health!

More than double the damage was given by the fatal blow and Ly’s recovery rate went up to 50%, so

it recovered 70% of its maximum Health in a single blow.

Ly carried out the command and came back to Ian. It wagged its tail as if asking for a compliment.

“…Ly, you!”

Ian was deeply touched.

“Thanks for power leveling me!”

After that, Ian hunted at the speed of light.

Goblin Scouts moved in groups of 4~5, therefore, Ly literally flew through his preys.

Ian just stood there like a sack of barley, the only task he has was to re-activate enhancing skills when

their duration times ended.

He didn’t even have to use the First Aid skill because of Ly’s ‘Dracula’ skill.

His only complaint was that he was too bored. Although just looking at Ly felt great.

‘Everything’s great, but I can’t raise the First Aid skill’s proficiency!’

Ian was an obsessed man who could only be satisfied when everything looked perfect.

In the end, Ian decided to be a ‘sandbag’ to raise First Aid’s proficiency.

“Ly, from now on, I will go first and distract them, you come a little later.”

For a second, he thought Ly’s expression said, ‘I don’t understand why you’re doing that’, however, he

tried to ignore it and lunged at the Goblins.

Luckily Ly followed Ian’s commands well. Ian’s ‘perfect’ hunting went pretty well.

Ian continued to hunt like crazy until he got a message from Kawin.

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