Taming Master

Chapter 29

Chapter 29: (8). Ian’s Plan -1

“Ian, block that side!”

“Harin, I need some healing here!”

Lukin, his two friends, Ian and Harin were working on the Shaman quest, a hidden quest of the

Goblins’ Campsite quest.

The five of them were quite strong, so they were proceeding without any problem.

Ian and Harin kept listening to Lukin as they wanted to give the impression that they knew nothing

about the quest.

‘We are about to reach the end. Shall we get ready?’

Lukin thought everything was going well with his plan. Therefore, he felt pleased with himself.

The Goblin Shaman, the hidden boss, would soon show up. He was going to pretend to fight together

while stabbing Ian and Harin from the back.

Thinking about the expensive artifact he was about to get, he couldn’t keep his face straight.

Ian was smiling as well.

‘The boss will soon be here. I must warn Harin.’

He glanced at her and sent a message.

– Ian: Harin, the boss will show up soon.

– Harin: Then what should we do?

While Ian was fighting naturally, he sent another message so that Lukin’s group wouldn’t notice

anything amiss.

– Ian: Do you see that cell over there?

– Harin: Yes.

– Ian: If anyone steps on its entrance, the boss will appear after 5 seconds. Additionally, the entrance

is blocked with iron bars.

Harin fought as she listened to Ian. He then continued to speak.

– Ian: We should stay on the back of the group and get away quickly when I signal you.

– Harin: Wouldn’t they find it suspicious?

– Ian: I will make Ly go first so that they won’t.

Harin was a little surprised to hear this.

– Harin: What? Then what about Ly?

– Ian: I will dismiss him as soon as the boss appears. Don’t worry.

Ian had formed a very detailed plan.

Betray without care!

‘Backstabbing backstabbers is far more thrilling than getting a Hero rank item.’

Lukin and his friends were not aware of what Ian was thinking. They were simply working hard on the


“Well, it looks like we’re finished here!”

Ian played along with Lukin.

“It seems so. Is it time for the boss monster to appear?”

“Yes, Ian. You see there? The Shaman and two Frenzy Warriors will show up in there.”

“Oh, I see!”

Ian acted perfectly as if he had never heard of this before.

Ian was immersed in his own script. He felt like he was acting like a real actor.

“Well, let’s move!”

Ian nodded and commanded Ly.

“Ly, let’s go! Go first.”


Ly moved first and Lukin, Falcon, and Milan got rid of their doubts at this. They followed Ly, excited.

Ian concentrated and carefully counted the moment Ly stepped on the entrance of the cell.

‘5…4…3… now!’

– Ian: Harin, it’s time!

Harin and Ian quickly jumped back. Huge iron bars came down which then sealed the entrance.

With a red light, three hidden monsters began to be summoned in the cell.

“What, what? Why aren’t you coming in?”

Lukin was surprised at the unexpected situation. He looked back at Ian and shouted. He seemed to

think the two had gone out by mistake as Ly was still in there with them.

‘I can proceed with my plan right away, but…’

He was sure of their scheme, however, he had no evidence. He wanted to prove that they had tried to

PK him so that killing them would truly feel good.

Ian decided to play a different part this time. His tone then changed.

“Huhu… actually, I heard your conversation.”

Lukin’s face hardened at this.


“I know that you were planning on PKing us and getting the summoning magic artifact.”

As he spoke, Ian studied their faces.

They didn’t react at all, so Ian added, “We came with you to get EP, but we have no reason to get

along with your scheme to the end. Haha, we will leave now, so good luck.”

Lukin got sure that that he had been busted, therefore, he also changed his attitude. He then smiled




“If you had heard us, you should have run away immediately.”

Ian asked back as if he didn’t know why.

“And why is that?”

“You made a mistake. You know nothing about this quest. The passage to the outside won’t open

unless the Shaman is dead or all members in the party are killed. Only then the passage would open

in the spot the Shaman has been killed.”

Of course, Ian knew all of that.


“So? You really are stupid. We can hunt you when the door opens after we kill the Shaman. Kkk.”

Falcon also nodded and laughed.

“Huhu… you fools. With me and Milan, at levels higher than 50, we can hunt the Shaman even

without your help.” Milan added, “Just wait. We will kill you both after the Shaman!”

However, Ian’s reaction wasn’t what they expected.

Ian’s lips curled up at this.

“Haha, thank you for your confession.”


Ian withdrew from the party. When Harin saw his actions, she did the same.

Ian then pointed at Milan and shouted, “Ly, bite!”

As if he had been waiting for it, Ly bit Milan’s neck.

– Your pet Ly inflicted critical damage to Milan! Milan’s Health decreased by 1,077 (32% total).

– Milan is on ‘Bleeding’ mode. He will receive 215 damages per second for 10 seconds.

At the unexpected attack, he could not react on time. Therefore, he received a great amount of


Even though his level was over 50, since he was an Archer, his Defense Force and Health were quite

low. If Ly’s Attack Force had been slightly higher, he could have killed just by the damage from


“You, you dirty dog!”

The three raised their weapons. Therefore, Ian quickly dismissed Ly.


Ly turned into a white light and banished before Falcon’s axe could hit it, the three then glared at Ian.

“You bastard! You thought we cannot hunt the Shaman if you attack us?”

Ian was sitting down comfortably as if he was watching a game.

“Yes, I think you can’t.”

Harin relaxed as things appeared to be going well for them. Therefore, she sat next to Ian.

Lukin was about to curse again, however, the hidden monsters finished being summoned.

“Let’s see if you can be so relaxed a little later!”

Lukin thought they still had hope. Even if Milan had been injured, he could recover his Health using


Then Ian said something that made them truly despair.

“Blessing of the Wind! Wild Warrior’s Blessing!”

System messages followed up.

– [Blessing of the Wind] is activated. Speed of the [Evil Goblin Shaman] has been increased by 42%.

– Speed of [Evil Goblin Frenzy Warrior] has been increased by 42%.

– [Wild Warrior’s Blessing] is activated. Attack Force of the [Evil Goblin Shaman] goes up by 35%.

– Attack Force of the [Evil Goblin Frenzy Warrior] increased by 35%.

Ian used his enhancing skills on the hidden monsters!

Lukin was already pale, however, now his face turned completely white.

The monsters were not easy to handle. While Milan had been injured, the monsters had been


“You, you… maniac!”

Falcon and Milan despaired as well.


If a player at level 50 or higher were to die, they would lose at least one or two days’ worth of EP.

Additionally, they would lose all the gears they had. Therefore, it was a great loss for them.

Shaking with rage, Falcon lunged at the Shaman. It would be difficult, however, they couldn’t just wait

to get killed.

However, Harin then innocently said something that made them lose the will to fight.

“Ian, my job is to heal them, right?”

Of course, she didn’t mean Lukin and his friends.


Ian hummed as he headed toward the auction house. Next to him, Harin awkwardly rode Ly while

stroking its head.

‘Those fools really left some good items.’

At the end, Lukin and his friends gave up and died. They left behind some good items. In addition, the

Goblin Shaman and the Goblin Frenzy Warrior, who Ian and Harin hunted after that, each dropped a

piece of the Shaman Set and a piece of the Frenzy Warrior Set.

Ian and Harin divided them up fairly. Now, they were on their way to the auction house to sell them.

“Ian, thank you. I would have not been to do the quest on my own… I even earned a lot.”

Harin appeared to be all nice and pure, however, she was glad to see Lukin’s group suffer. She kept

laughing like a child on her birthday. Seeing this, sweat trickled down Ian’s back.

“It was a little creepy, with that angel-like face… but everything went well, so…’

“You did well too, Harin.” Ian smiled.

The quest had become a lot harder than he had expected, but in the end, he gained even more.

‘I didn’t expect to see the Goblin Shaman’s Necklace. I feel bad about not getting it…’

The Goblin Shaman’s Necklace was a high-class necklace, which Sorcerers and Priests could use till

Lv. 70. It was one of the most expensive items in the Lv. 40s. It was worth at least 700,000 Gold.

Ian wanted to sell it on auction to get money, however, he couldn’t ignore Harin staring at him with

twinkling eyes.

‘But I got most of the other items, so…’

They soon arrived at the Village.

They went to the auction house before they finished the quest.

“Harin, you have nothing to sell, right? Just wait for me for a while. I will sell these items quickly.”

Harin nodded, “Okay, take your time. I also have to buy some cooking ingredients.”


Ian then started to sell the items he had gotten on the quest one by one. He calculated their prices;

they were worth a lot of money.

‘Selling all and paying the auction fees… will give me 660,000 Gold.’

He gained enough money which satisfied him for the first time since he reset his character. Most of

the revenue was from selling Lukin’s and his friend’s items.

Ian felt good.

‘But what is this stone?’

In his hand was a stone with a yellowish tint. What was unusual was that a warm energy was flowing

from it.

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