Taming Master

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: <(1). Grand Update -3>

-You have obtained 9,845 Gold from the Hero Rank monster Twin Headed Ogre.

-You have obtained [Ogre’s Warrior Pauldron]

-You have obtained [Ogre’s Warrior Shoes]

-You have obtained [Crystal of Muran]

While checking the items he gained, Ian could not even close his mouth: “Two parts of the Ogre’s

Warrior set! Did I just use all of this month’s fortune?”

The pieces of the Ogre’s Warrior set were rare items that were dropped about once when you caught

the Ogre King ten times.

If he were to sell the shoes and the pauldron…


Ian could not help but burst into a laughter: he had just earned at least 5,000,000 Won in about 30

minutes. He could only keep laughing.

“But, what is the Crystal of Muran?”

Ian was very knowledgeable when it comes to items, however, he had never heard about it.

He decided to use an Appraisal Scroll right away.

[Crystal of Muran]

A crystal with brilliant and colorful lights.

Take it to a class-changer NPC where you will get a special quest to get a class. This item can only be

used by a beginner who hasn’t decided which class to get.

– This item cannot be traded

Ian checked the information about the item and froze.

And a moment later…

“What the-!”

Some harsh words came out of his mouth.

“Why have I received this now? Uaaak!”

Ian screamed to the air.

An item through which he could certainly get a hidden class was dropped.

There was almost no information about hidden jobs in the community. That just shows their rarity.

It was a great item… however, it was not very useful to the current Ian.

Ian’s level was already quite high, enough for him to be on the list of top Korean players. Considering

that only a beginner at level 10 or below would get a class, it would be strange if he didn’t curse.

‘I can’t even trade this item, otherwise, I would be able to sell this at any price…’

Ian started to feel dizzy.

‘Ah… God, why are you giving me so many hardships?’

As mentioned before, you would not be able to create sub characters in Kailan. The only way for Ian

to use the Crystal of Muran was to reset his character.

“Ha, I should take a break now.” Ian then took out a Return Scroll from his bag.

‘I should sell the Ogre’s Warrior set first and think about the crystal later’

Ian’s body was wrapped by a white light and dissolved.

“Now, is everyone here?”

A night user with a white full plate mail looked around to check.

He was Han Yuhyeon, Ian’s best friend and the guild master of Lotus Guild. His Kailan ID was Herss.

“Yes, we’re all here.”

“Then shall we go?”

“Herss.” A cute female player with a blue robe called Yuhyeon.

“Yes, Piolan.”

“Is Ian not coming today? I think he has logged in by now.”

At this question, all the party members looked at Herss.

“Ah, he is doing solo play today. He is probably at the Clik Mountain now.”

“Clik Mountain? Isn’t that place full of Ogres?”


“What kind of Archer plays solo against the Ogres? I know that Ian is great, but…”

Herss could only shake his head, “He can take care of himself, so… let him do that.”

“I meant that it would have been better for us to go with him. Having Ian in the party would let us hunt

twice as fast than usual…” A warrior who had been listening nodded and added.

Right. Ian is definitely the best attacker when it comes to single hits.”

The party of Lotus Guild had been formed for entering a dungeon. Its average level was 80. With Ian’s

level who was at 93 and considering that his attacks are greater than any other Lv.93s, he would be a

great addition to the party, so everyone was sad that he wasn’t here.

“Ah, I won’t be able to benefit from him today. Well, there’s nothing we can do about it.” Yuhyeon, no,

Herss smiled bitterly and spoke.

“But today we are entering the Naga Temple. So, it won’t be that hard even without Ian. If you are all

ready, shall we go in?”

The average level of monsters in the Naga Temple was in the 80s and the monsters didn’t move in

packs. So, it would be a suitable hunting ground for the members of the Lotus Guild.

“I am ready!”

“Me too!”

The moment Herss put his hand on the stone tablet, at the entrance of the dungeon, he got a

message from a familiar ID.

– Ian: Hey, are you in a dungeon? Call me when you’re done. I’ve got something to show you.

‘What is it? I am curious now…’

Herss was incredibly curious about what Ian wanted to show him, however, he had a dungeon to

explore. So, he stepped through the entrance.

Ian put the two pieces of the Ogre’s Warrior set for auction and they were sold in less than 20


He had 4,000,000 Gold in his inventory, however, Ian’s face was still serious.

‘Ah, this situation… the greatest dilemma in Park Jinsung’s life in Kailan.’

Ian was even more serious than when he applied for university.

‘I wish that crystal thing hadn’t come out… if I had gotten just the pieces of the Ogre’s Warrior set, I

would be laughing and enjoying it now…’

Actually, he wouldn’t have agonized that much about the Crystal of Muran if it hadn’t been for the new


In fact, the two new classes that would come with the grand update was the real issue.

The hidden jobs that had been exposed so far were not new jobs. They were actually evolved forms

or different versions of already existing jobs.

‘Light Warrior’, the most well-known hidden class, would be a good example. In the system it was

shown as ‘Warrior (Light Warrior)’; this class was very similar to the Warrior class, however, it was a

lot more aggressive when attacking.

After the grand update, there would be new class changing NPCs for the new classes. So, if Ian gave

them the Crystal of Muran, he would be the first one to get to a hidden class from the new classes


The words ‘first one’ were very tempting to Ian. In fact, his biggest regret was not being able to start

playing Kailan on the opening day, hence, the word ‘first’ was even more appealing to him.

‘Uh… this is too good…’

To Ian, the Crystal of Muran was like a chicken rib. It did not have enough meat; however, it was just

too good to simply throw away.

Resetting a character, would not make you lose the items and the money you already had, only the

things related to the character’s ability, like levels, titles and stats would be reset.

To sum it all up, some of Ian’s biggest worries were that the level and the abilities that he worked day

and night for four months were going to be reset.

Next, he was considering the value of the title ‘first hidden job’ and its potentials.

He was trying to compare them.

‘Resetting the character… resetting…’

However, Ian’s game instinct kept telling him to not give up the hidden class.

‘Living an ordinary life doesn’t fit with Park Jinsung. I should just do it.’

Without noticing what he was doing, Ian started to justify himself. ‘Even if I keep working as a ranger,

will I ever make it to the top of the world rankings?’

Of course, Ian’s gaming abilities were truly outstanding. That is how he made it to the top 1000 in the

Korean ranking, even though he had started two months later.

However, Ian was starting to feel that he had reached his limits.

With some luck, he might be able to become one of the top 100 of the Korean ranking, however, he

would never be able to reach the top 100 of the world ranking.

‘Okay, whether I make it or not, I am doing it!’

Ian had thought to wait until Yuhyeon got out of the dungeon to show him the crystal and talk about it,

however, he had already made his decision.

The final thing that worried him was that he would no longer be able to earn Gold and selling items

the moment he reset his character…

‘Well, I have saved enough money by now… I should have no problem for a while.’

To Ian, the time he spent playing games was not something that could be counted with money.

Then, from ‘discussion’, he went to ‘notification’

“Hey, do know what you are talking about?”

That was what Yuhyeon first said after hearing Jinsung’s explanation.

“Why, what’s the problem?”

Unlike Yuhyeon, who was dumbfounded, Jinsung looked very calm.

“What’s the problem? Don’t you think it would be a waste? Your level is 93 now. You are a top-grade

player, one of top 1000 of the Korean ranking! And you are almost in the top 100 if you were to count

only the Archers… and you are going to just blow it all away?”

Yuhyeon was yelling for a good reason. He had known that Jinsung always acted as he wanted,

however, he hadn’t even imagined that it would reach this point.

“I know. Of course, I think it would be a shame to lose all that. But this is a chance to get the first

hidden class of the new classes released. You want me to throw this away?”

Yuhyeon spoke again, trying to make Jinsung come to his senses.

“You must know some information about these hidden jobs. You know there’s a Sniper in our guild,


Sniper was a hidden class of Archer.

Jinsung nodded.

“I know. I’ve hunted with him before.”

“Did you think that the sniper is better than ordinary Archers?”

Jinsung thought about it for a moment and spoke again.

“Well… I cannot say for sure because his level was too low compared to mine but comparing it to an

Archer, there were certain pros and cons. The unbelievably long shooting range was definitely an

advantage. The damage of a single blow of his was strong as well. However, it was hard for him to fire

quickly. The greatest disadvantage was that the efficiency was too low when hunting a pack of weak


Yuhyeon nodded.

“Yeah, right. What I’m trying to tell you is that the hidden job would not be incredibly strong or special.”

Jinsung nodded.

“I know.”

“You know? You know that and you are still going to get rid of a Lv. 93 Archer for that? The character

that can easily earn 1,000,000 won a day by hunting at a decent spot?”

Jinsung smiled at this and asked back.



“Why do you play Kailan?”

Yuhyeon was a little confused by this unexpected question, but he soon answered.

“Because it’s fun.”

Jinsung grinned.

“That’s my answer.”


Jinsung looked at dumbfounded Yuhyeon and added.

“It looks really fun…. Do I need another reason?”

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