Taming Master

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: <(2). Character Reset -3>

“What? You want me to be the vice guild master?”

Piolan’s two eyes widened at hearing Herss.

“Yes, I need you to be the vice guild master starting from today.”

The previous vice guild master of Lotus Guild was Ian. Herss was the master because he was the

founder of the guild. On the other hand, Ian was the vice-master because he was the strongest and

had the highest level. No one had objections. Now, Piolan was suddenly asked to become the vice-

master. He was obviously surprised.

“Ian cannot be the vice-master anymore.”

In Kailan, your level had to be at least 20 to join a guild. The moment Ian reset his character, he would

be automatically excluded from the guild.

Herss looked bitter while Piolan was even more surprised.

“Why is Ian… leaving the guild so suddenly?”

Herss shook his head.

“No, that’s not it…”

He sighed and continued to explain “He drank the Potion of Reincarnation.”


Sometimes, when you get too surprised, people would suffer from a panic disorder. That was what

happened to Piolan at that moment.

A while later, he gathered his senses and asked, “Why on earth did he do that?”

“That’s exactly what I want to ask him now. Why would he make such a stupid decision?”


Piolan was dumbfounded and Herss could completely relate to his.

“Well, it’s a long story. But it was his choice.”

“I-I suppose so.”

“So please don’t ask me why he reset his character. Please be the vice-master.”

Piolan was a wizard at Lv. 89. He had the second highest level in the guild after Ian, before he reset

his character. Hence, Herss was asking him to become the vicemaster.

“Ha… ha… I’m a little, no, very confused.”

“Me too.”

There was an awkward silence. Finally, Piolan accepted Herss’s offer.

“Well, then give me the job for now. Am I supposed to give it back to Ian when he reaches Lv. 20 and

join us again?”

Herss shook his head again.

“No. Even if he comes back, we cannot let a Lv. 20 be our vice-master.”

“It would be…. not good, right?”

“Yes. So you should be the vice-master for a while… no, maybe forever… haha.”

Soon a system message emerged in front of Piolan.

– You have been promoted to the ‘vice guild master’ of the ‘Lotus Guild’.

“Anyway, since I am the vice-master now, I will do my best.”

“Thank you.”

“Ian… he is coming back, right?”

Herss nodded.

“Of course. He will reach Lv.20 in no time.”

“Well, with his skills, he would soon be able to do his part in our guild.”

“…I hope so.”

Then Herss was reminded of something and added, “Ah, and Piolan?”


“The fact that Ian has reset his character… let’s keep it a secret for now.”

“But everyone can find that out by looking at the guild’s information.”

“Of course, the members of our guild would soon find out. I meant externally. Some guilds might wage

war against us if they found out that Ian’s gone.”

Herss wasn’t being too careful. Ian’s presence was a big part of Lotus Guild’s strength.

Piolan smiled wryly and nodded.

“I understand.”

When Herss and Piolan were sighing, again and again, Ian, who had ‘succeeded’ on resetting his

character, was moving his body.

“I feel weak in many ways.”

As soon as he drank the Potion of Reincarnation, he felt his body getting physically heavy.

“It’s probably because all my stats are gone.”

Going down from Lv.93 to Lv.1, the difference was obviously big.

“Let’s check my stats!”

Ian opened his statistics window and felt somewhat excited.

‘I used the most expensive potion… please give me a lot of bonus stats!’


Lv. 1: 0 / 15(0%)

Race: Human

Class: None(beginner)

Title: None

Reputation: 0(If reputation drops below 0, it becomes evil reputation.)

Strength: 25(+0)

Speed: 49(+0)

Intelligence: 20(+0)

Stamina: 23(+0)

Health: 230(+0)

Magic: 150(+0)

Ian’s jaw dropped.

“What the?”

Ian was greatly surprised.

Usually, when creating a character, the total stat of a Lv.1 user was 10. In other words, Ian had

received 77 reincarnation bonus points.

“Let’s see… 15 in Strength, 39 in Speed, 10 in Intelligence, 13 in Stamina… 77 in total?”

Ian was shocked. To his knowledge, the user who had the most bonus stats by resetting his character

with a Potion of Reincarnation till now had gotten about 40 bonus points. Many called that a miracle.

What should we call it when he got 77 bonus points?

“I knew it… I am path is destined to succeed!”

Ian felt energy surging from inside.

77 stats were not at all little. In Kailan, a user was given five to six stats in total with every level-up.

And the stat was distributed automatically. It was known that the distribution was most affected by

how the user hunted to raise his level.

Assuming that 5.5 points were given at each level-up, Ian was a Lv.1 user whose abilities compared

to a Lv. 15 player.

Considering that the higher your level is, the more difficult it becomes to raise your level, those 77

stats were a blessing.

“But, to reset again…”

There were many other ways to get stats, hence, resetting a character was quite inefficient except for

special cases like Ian.

‘Maybe I should have tried to make some more money before resetting… I didn’t know that I would

get these many stats…”

Ian was starting to play with the stats of a Lv.15, so, it was a piece of cake for him to reach Lv.10. In

addition, Ian had great battle skills, so he might be able to train at hunting grounds with Lv.20

monsters as a Lv.1 user.

“One or two hours? No, maybe in an hour… it should be enough to reach Lv.10.”

He couldn’t raise his level higher than 10 unless he had decided on a class. Now he had nothing to do

for 2~3 days before the update.

“Let’s reach Lv.10 first and then consider our options.”

Ian started to walk.

He first went to the auction house. Ian was planning to get the best items he could so that he could

start hunting.

Items in Kailan had various limits before allowing you to use them. Some had level limits, however,

most of them had stat limits.

Bows, the weapon used by Archers, mostly had limits like ‘Able to use with X Speed or higher’.

Swords and axes, which were commonly used by Warriors, had limits like ‘Able to use with X Strength

or higher’.

‘The best weapon I can use now would be a bow.’

About half of Ian’s bonus stats were on speed, probably affected by his previous stats before the

reset. Additionally, Ian was most familiar with long-distance hunting using a bow.

Ian started to look for a bow on auction.

‘I want a bow that has a stat limit. That would be the best option’

Items that made use of stat limit were more efficient for low-level users.

This is because Ian’s level was 1, but his speed stat was at 49.

His stat was similar to those of a Lv.15 Archer, so, if he could find an item with good stat limit, he

would be able to use a weapon used by even Lv.30 archers.

Ian wanted to get the best weapon he could use and soon he found a nice item.

[Archer’s Lizard Light Bow]

Category: long bow

Rank: Hero

Use limit: Speed 45 or higher, Strength 20 or higher

Attack power: 53~175

Durability: 105/105

Option: speed +25 / strength +20 / fatal blow probability +6%

A bow of good quality used by a Lizard Archer.

It was clearly made by a skilled Lizard blacksmith.

Its price was 70,000 Gold.

It was an item suitable for a player of level 10~20, so although it was a good weapon, its price was

actually quite low. However, 70,00 Gold was a big money for users of that level range.

However, that wasn’t much for Ian, hence, he bought it right away.

‘Its minimum damage is too low; however, I can make up for it with my accuracy rate.’

Bows had lower minimum damage than other weapons and had higher maximum damage. However,

the bow Ian just bought had an even bigger damage gap than ordinary bows.

However, it wasn’t much of a problem to Ian. Kailan’s system was that the more accurately you attack,

the higher was the probability of maximum damage.

And thanks to Ian’s accuracy rate, that damage gap was a better option for him.

Ian then bought a bow as good as the one had just bought so that he could use it after reaching Lv. 10

at the price of 150,000 Gold. He also bought some gears for defense and other accessories.

“First hunting ground will be…”

Ian thought about it for a moment and made his decision.

“I’m going to the Hill of Kalimpus.”

The Hill of Kalimpus was nicknamed ‘The fox cave’.

Since most of the monsters that lived there were foxes.

The foxes of the Hill of Kalimpus had an average level of 25. Ian had thoroughly analyzed which

hunting ground to choose. A hunting ground where hunting would be a little tough for his level.

Ian started to move. The Hill of Kalimpus wasn’t far from Trumbon where he was right in then.

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