Tempest of the Battlefield

Chapter 554: Eager To Fight

Chapter 554: Eager To Fight

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Sensing that the time was ripe, Aamir ordered to detonate all the explosives that they had buried around the perimeter of the city. The explosion shook the ground like an earthquake, as the explosion tore open a few openings in the Zergs' marching column. But, the rest of the Zergs quickly filled in the gaps.

They marched like migrating ants on a prairie, destroying everything along their way. They felt no fear, and their only goal was to move forward and destroy.

Although the primitive Zergs had evolved in some respect, their habits largely remained the same on the battlefield.

The Zergs had started the war without any drum beats or inspiring speeches before the battle. Under the command of dark ones, the primitive Zergs marched forward, trampling on top of their own kind's dead bodies without any feelings. Soon, the Zergs breached the city wall and finally brought the battle into the city.

With that, Aamir and the other leaders joined the battle as well. They were all capable high-level warriors, and therefore, were able to dish out decent damage to the Zergs. By then, there was no need for Aamir to be the commander, since the battle had gotten so heated that tactical maneuvering was nearly impossible.

This was a real battle, and a battle that would be remembered for years to come.

Meanwhile, the missing warriors were not having it any easier. Even the legendary warrior Yin Tianzong felt tremendous pressure while fighting the terrible opponent he had never seen before.

What was worse, they had been trapped inside this bizarre world for over a year now.

The landscape in this world stretched out for no ends, with a group of warriors fighting for their lives in it. Among them were mastery casters, field medics, and METAL warriors.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Blizzard and Thunder Fire had sent out their last man to the battle. The five level twenty warriors from Blizzard had become the kingpin of the defense on the ground, while the three level twenty warriors from Blizzard were busy keeping the flying Zergs at bay.

Pamir's Eagle also had decent performance during the battle; it was evident that they had been hiding their real power all this while.

Each faction fiercely guarded the area they were responsible for, and was able to hold their ground despite the never-ending waves of attacks. The mastery casters rained fire on the Zergs, their fire damage being much more effective than bombs. The fire was able to melt through the shells of the Zerg and render them defenseless, while the bomb was only able to slow them down temporarily.

"Captain, it's not looking too great out there. At most, we will be able to last for another 24 hours."

Before the battle, Aamir had carefully installed the defensive lines at key checkpoints. He had prepared three layers by using three choke points; once one layer was breached, the defenders would be able to retreat into the next layer.

Hearing the news of the attack, Sanders also gathered his forces in the Jade city, ready to reinforce Maersa district as he had promised. However, Aamir wondered if he would make it in time.

Truth be told, Aamir preferred not to think about the possibility of reinforcements, just in case it would give him false hope. At times such as this, one had better rely only on oneself.

"We have been fighting side by side for so many years. Do you still remember how we wanted so bad to take over Maersa City when we first started the Blizzard band? Now, our wish has come true. Haha!"

"Captain, I never regretted following you for all these years!" Hans saluted to his captain with a broad smile on his face. "We never feared death! Plus, I think we still have a chance!"

"Oh? Do tell!" Aamir was pleasantly surprised by Hans's claim. Perhaps victory was closer than he had thought.

"Haven't you noticed that not only the number of Zergs are well within our estimation, but so far, we also haven't seen a single legendary level dark one yet. If this is the same for the rest of the battle, we might have a chance after all. Plus, I believe that Wang Tong and his cohort will return in time. "

"I want to agree with you... As a matter of fact, I do! However, the reality is that Wang Tong is still missing, and we can't count on an empty promise from Hamir."

"That is very wise of you to think that. Our fate is in our own hands. Take a break Captain; I will cover for you for now. You will need some good rest before the hardest part of the battle arrives."

Although midnight on the mars was not pitch black like on earth, human body clocks still dictated the limit of their endurance. Therefore, Aamir would be needed during that time to blow a second wind into the soldiers.

The warriors fought in shifts, but the Zergs were like a never-ending nightmare. However, as long as there were no legendary dark ones, with proper defense and preparation, it was not impossible to hold off a Zerg attack for a long time. However, as the war dragged on, the soldiers started to exhaust themselves, and their morale started to fall.

Marcos was a veteran warrior, so he had lived through worse times than this. However, he had to admit that this was the most passive situation he had ever been in.

When midnight arrived, all faction leaders went to the front line and administered the defense while encouraging their soldiers. However, the soldiers new found courage and enthusiasm were quickly quelled by another massive wave of attack.

"Have you seen that dark one? He is the one leading the attacks. We can't just sit inside our turtle shell and let them come at us. We need to do something!" Marcos piped up.

"I will do away with him," Pamir said without a second of thought.

"Bring more soldiers with you and don't waste your time once you are done your job. "

"Don't worry about me, old man!"

"Hold on! This is a critical mission, so I will go with you." Aamir blurted out.

"You are the commander! Everyone needs you here. I will go with Pamir. " Marcos said with a smile.

Pamir shot Marcos a surprised look, and then all three of them burst out laughing. They had never thought that such a day would come when they would genuinely care for each other's lives.

"What a shame that Guan Dongyang is not here. We had been fighting each other for so many years, and I want him to see that we can actually get along."

"Old man, don't worry! I have a good feeling about him."

"Hehe, I thought you both wanted each other dead. Haha!"

"Bothers of Thunder Fire, follow me if you want to be remembered as heroes. Let's kill that SOB!" Marcos' voice boomed amidst the din of war.

In an instant, all soldiers of Thunder Fire came out of their cover and joined him.

"The Eagles, ready your weapon... CHARGE!"

A small group of warriors quickly formed a firing squad and charged into the Zergs' rank. Behind them, Hans ordered the mastery casters to tear an opening in the Zerg frontline using their deadly fires.

The small group quickly made their way deep into the Zerg formation, piercing the mass of the Zergs like a sharp dagger into a slab of squishy meat. If they could remove the thorn in their side, the defenders in the city might be able to last until dawn.

"Pamir, I need your help!" Marcos shouted; the latter stormed to him and lifted him over his shoulder, then threw him further into the Zerg formation.

The captain of the Thunder Fire was finally about to unleash his full power as he cranked up his GN force. He raised his blade and attacked the dark one in a powerful slash.

Meanwhile, Yin Tianzong felt the most overwhelming pressure of his life. The enemy in front of him had overcome him using an inhumane speed. Who was this devilish warrior who possessed such skills and ability that were unseen by the world?

Yin Tianzong noticed that his enemy's tactics were perfect, and the executions were flawless. Such power did not belong to the world where Yin Tianzong was from.

By then, Yin Tianzong had reached level twenty-two; however, his power seemed pathetic in front of this great warrior.

'Yin Tianzong, are you afraid? What was the purpose of the Templars?'

In Yin Tianzong's mind, the court's teachings were the only truth he ever believed in, and the only reason why he was still alive.

Suddenly, the old Templar had a moment of epiphany: the source of all human power came from the heart!

The Blade Aura that covered Yin Tianzong's blade started to dance more vigorously. Holding the blade in his hand, he felt he had become one with it. No longer could he tell the difference between himself and the blade, his power, and his emotions.


As Yin Tianzong's blade was filled with power that could devour a world, his enemy finally smiled approvingly. A level twenty-three warrior was finally born the moment Yin Tianzong attacked with the blade.

Seeing the powerful attack, the incredible enemy who had been fighting barehanded finally revealed his weapon.


A mountain in the distance was sliced into two, and the enemy finally disappeared. Yin Tianzong cracked a smile, unsheathed his blade, and then bowed. "Thank you, young master."

"KILL, KILL, KILL!" Marcos shouted at the top of his lungs as he plunged his blade into the dark one with abandon. The latter didn't dodge the attack; instead, he closed in onto his attacker.


The dark one was sliced into two while Marcos was also dealt a blow in his chest. Losing his balance, Marcos fell to the ground that was covered with vicious Zergs.

Suddenly, an iron chain hooked onto the old solider and reeled him back to safety. It was Pamir who had saved his life.

"Pull back!" Marcos shouted. But, it was already too late: they were trapped.

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