Tempest of the Battlefield

Chapter 678 Because I Am Wang Tong (END)

Harmon and Dimalis were completely in awe of Patroclus' great power. He had once again proved that he was the only one who would lead the immortals to glory and create new bastions of immortals across the universe.

The immortals truly believed that the main reason for them to stay within the solar system was to enlighten the humans, so that when they were ready to embark on the endless space faring journey, they could take the humans along with them.

The Lance of the Deva King's attacks were so overwhelmingly fast that Wang Tong could only evade but not have any opportunity to fight back. However, even with his nearly flawless movements, he could not be sure that he could evade each and every blow.

The attack of the lance was highly unpredictable, and it even broke the laws of physics from time to time. All the hacks and slashes were connected into an unstoppable train of attacks. However powerful Wang Tong was, he was forced to back down under so much pressure. The bigger question was: how long could he keep evading the attacks without getting hit?

Zachery smacked his lips as he felt Wang Tong's difficulty. He was also surprised by the power he had seen so far. Even with his knowledge as a super Einherjar, he failed to estimate both warriors' power correctly. Meanwhile, he also lamented over their recklessness for using the Super Einherjar level powers without reaching the appropriate level of soul energy.

At the same time, he felt that despite the two young men's inferior soul energy compared to his, they both possessed huge advantages that he lacked. Wang Tong had the guidance of the soul essence while Patroclus had the gift of immortality. In addition, Mr. Wannabe conceded that both young fighters had gained more insight into the meaning of the universe than he did.

Patroclus had taken the initiative and released his full power, so Mr. Wannabe knew that it was Wang Tong's turn once the former's power had reached the peak.

Even someone as knowledgeable as Zachery was curious as to what truth Patroclus had discovered about the reality they lived in.

All human audience's hearts were caught in their throats when they saw that Wang Tong was forced to evade attacks due to the power of Patroclus' strikes.

Patroclus' attacks were still gaining frequency and vigor. His techniques were so perfect that they were practically flawless. But despite the advantage, Patroclus didn't rush to the final strike; he took his time to prepare and gathered strength as he waited patiently for the best opportunity to deliver the killing blow.

Finally, the opportunity had arrived; Patroclus poured out his GN force as the lance started to gleam. At the end of the lights was where he would bury Wang Tong's soul.


Samantha scarcely had the courage to bear witness to the tragedy, so she shut her eyes close. Most girls followed her and covered their eyes. However, those who were brave enough to watch the tragedy unfold were rendered speechless by what they saw.

It wasn't Wang Tong who got hit by the lance, it was Patroclus, and the attack had landed squarely at Patroclus's chest where the parasitic Zerg was.

At the last moment, Wang Tong had pulled off the unthinkable and released the Space warping attack. It was evident then that Wang Tong had been preparing for the final attack while he seemed to be busy defending himself. The attack bent the law of physics by blending the two powers—soul essence and soul energy together.

Blood and life drained away from Patroclus's face. Although he had an invincible body, the Parasitic Zerg remained his only weak spot; it was his Achilles' heel.

A strike delivered at the Zerg would almost certainly cause instant death to any immortal. After much preparation, Wang Tong had gathered enough strength to blow a hole through Patroclus's chest.

Patroclus' pale lips managed a smile, and then he said, "So that's it, the space warping attack…What a brilliant illusion!" Patroclus was the first person to have realized that the attack did not warp space as everyone had believed. The energy of the attack was previously unleashed and stored somewhere until the last minute.

Wang Tong had been channeling his energy into the attack long before he unleashed it. What made this attack seemingly undependable was Wang Tong's ability to trigger it at will and land the blow anywhere he desired.

Wang Tong cracked a smile. Even if Patroclus had seen through his trick, it was already too late for him. The human audiences cheered Wang Tong's name in elation; the victory was almost at their fingertips.

Despite the grave injury, Patroclus reached into his chest, and under everyone's eyes, he pulled the Zerg out of his hole. The Zerg was still alive and struggled to get back to its tattered lair.

"I had realized that the only way for me to get rid of it was with your help. Thank you very much!" Patroclus said and closed his fist to squeeze the Zerg into a pile of green mush. A silver glow started to emit from his body as the hole on his chest started to close; he was healing himself without the parasite Zerg.

Although the Zerg had helped Patroclus a great deal during the early days of his transformation, as his power grew, the Zerg became more of a hindrance than a help. Ever since then, he had been seeking to detach it from his body. Their symbiosis relationship meant that it was impossible for him to do it himself. So deep were their bonds that even the power of Einherjars, such as Li Zhedao, was unable to separate them. Therefore, Patroclus remained stuck with the parasite until Wang Tong delivered the killing blow.

In less than a heartbeat, Patroclus' wound was healed completely; even the hole on his gym overall was magically patched. Without the Zerg, Patroclus could finally realize his full potential and achieve godhood. He had ascended beyond both humans and the Zergs. The other immortals found comfort in knowing that he would eventually free them from their parasite Zergs.

Despite the death of the Parasite Zerg, the fight between Wang Tong and Patroclus had to continue. There could only be one leader in the human world.

Patroclus raised his lance and pointed at Wang Tong "Rest in peace, Wang Tong!" Having seen through the latter's space warping trick, he would not be fooled once again.

Patroclus zeroed in onto Wang Tong with leisure and a great measure of levity. Meanwhile, the latter attacked again with the exact same move as his last one; however, Patroclus was able to evade the attack with ease. Wang Tong conceded that Patroclus had not only seen through his trick, but had also found a way to counterattack.

Wang Tong's attack had missed its target and the momentum carried him forward. At the corner of his eyes, he saw Patroclus' attack coming at him. The lance of Deva King had struck home and appeared to have pierced into Wang Tong's body.

The human audiences were shocked by the sudden turn of events. However, Wang Tong gave Patroclus a smirk as his body turned into a blurry shadow. In a blink, he flashed out of view and reappeared right next to Patroclus.

"You have seen through my ruse, I have to give you that. But, it doesn't mean that I can't bend space!" Suddenly, Wang Tong attacked and landed his lance squarely on Patroclus's belly. Silvery blood welled in the wound even while it healed at an incredible rate.

Zachery was speechless at the sight of Patroclus' power, and he wondered how powerful the latter would be when he eventually reached the level of super Einherjar!

Wang Tong locked his eyes with Patroclus, and the two exchanged a few moments of intense gaze. They both finally saw the full power of their opponent, and neither of them was disappointed.

Patroclus' lance was glowing brighter by the second while Wang Tong's lance flickered in and out of view as it bent the fabric of space around it.


The dark clouds over the moon finally disappeared as the sunshine poured on the faces of the human onlookers. Despite the blinding sunlight, they searched the sky for any sign of the warriors.

Who had won?

Finally, they spotted a glinting lance half concealed behind a puff of cloud, shining even brighter than the sun: it was Wang Tong and his lance of Einherjar.

Wang Tong had won, and the humans were finally free!

Cheers erupted from the darkest corner of the city and from the deep valley in the wilderness. Wang Tong had won; humans had won!

In the spaceship command center, Samantha was the first one who let out a loud cry of joy. When the news reached Mars, the entire planet boiled over in immense joy and pride.

As the humans on the earth and the moon celebrated, they noticed that all immortals were gone. Unknown to them, all remaining immortals had gathered inside the super cruiser: Ark, as Patroclus had ordered them to before he left for the battle.

Harmon and Dimalis stood still in front of Patroclus; they didn't seem to be troubled by their defeat at all. They were about to carry out their plan B.

As soon as the immortals disappeared from the human world, Wang Tong had started to restore order and prosperity. In order to manage the massive human world, he created a council to help him. The council was chair by five chief councilors: Wang Tong, Lie Jian, Li Shiming, Zhang Jin, and Samantha. Although Wang Tong was voted as one of the chief councilors, he took no joy in doing the paperwork. He would rather hang out with his beautiful wives on a warm beach than stay in his cold office pushing papers around.

Meanwhile on the beach, three gorgeous Mrs. Tongs were suntanning together.

"Heidi is coming to 'visit' Wang Tong in a few days. We need to work together and prevent the two from meeting each other in private." Li Ruoer said hotly.

"You bet! He has been taking too many vacations, and I wonder who he is hanging out with all this while. Do you think he is cheating on us?" Zhou Sisi asked.

"Whatever, Sisi! He cheated on us with you too." Li Ruoer jested with a smirk.

Zhou Sisi laughed off the joke as she wondered where Wang Tong was.

Just as she expected, Wang Tong wasn't alone; he was with someone else.

"Are you going to leave?"

"Yes, I have done all I need to. The immortals will need to press on."

"Why in such a hurry? Take your time and enjoy your life!"

"Haha, I wish I could enjoy my life as much as you do." Patroclus smiled broadly.

"Then take care! Remember, you are one of us!" Wang Tong said as he embraced Patroclus like an old friend. The latter cracked a smile and asked, "Why did you choose to let me go?"

Wang Tong smiled and then said, "Because I am Wang Tong!."

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