Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1308 - In Spite Of Oneself

Chapter 1308: In Spite Of Oneself

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Luo Fei activated his weakening ability towards the dark shadow, but he had a bad feeling. It didn’t seem to work. He wanted to flee, but it was too late.


That figure landed and Luo Fei flew out, spurting blood. His organs were rattled. The opponent was so cruel.

The other people came over leisurely as well. “Qingshan, have you been getting lazy recently? Your punch only drew this much blood? Hehe, I guess you have no place in this competition.”

“Amis, don’t provoke me. Little garbage, where did you come from?” Zhang Qingshan asked.

“I know this guy. He is Luo Fei, the Scout from the famous Dynasty battle team. Huge celebrity. He is Lear’s dog.” Amis smiled. The others laughed when they realized it as well.

Amis hailed from Lya Sphinx.

“Garbage. How did you sneak in? Oh, right, is Lear also a candidate of the Son of Saint then? Fatty, Lear must be here if you’re here. Tell him to get out here and pay his respects to us and we’ll spare your life!” Auburn laughed. He had a huge body and was from the Icelanda Federation.

The candidates of the Son of Saint should keep a low profile, but they were all young and were irked when they saw someone better than them. Only a few of them who fulfilled the criteria could enter the SIG. Lear was especially arrogant and proud. Everyone hated him.

Luo Fei wiped his mouth. “I’m just passing by and heard you chatting… We are all from the same place.”

Auburn and the rest laughed. “You, same as us? Auburn, we’ll leave this fatty to you.”

A flash passed Luo Fei’s eyes. He knew that he couldn’t avoid it this time. These guys had a superior understanding of their physical techniques. They were extremely resistant to Ability X. It has to be said that it was advantageous for them to go on a fist-only fight.

Luo Fei knew that resistance would only worsen the situation, so he played dead.

However, Auburn didn’t plan on letting him go, but he also felt that it was meaningless to deal with someone who didn’t resist. He therefore gave him a powerful kick.


Luo Fei hit the wall and spat out blood again. His Ares Art nearly disintegrated on impact. Luo Fei wasn’t stupid. He understood the difference between them already.

“Eh, this guy can withstand the blows.”

“Forget it, Auburn. Don’t kill someone.”

“Hehe, I was just getting started. Don’t you know why this event is so huge? Kill one more and get one less opponent,” Auburn said.

“That’s why they said that men with muscles have simple brains.” A cold voice came.

Auburn’s face changed abruptly. “Who’s that!?”

Lear walked out slowly without as much as a glance at Luo Fei. “Lear, Earth.”

The five of them looked at Lear with playful smiles. They knew from the aura that Lear didn’t have an understanding of the inner universe. In fact, it wasn’t that Lear wasn’t cultivating enough, but they themselves had gone down the wrong route. They had used too much time and energy on Ability X, while the children of the Saints focused on ancient martial arts. Once their seal was lifted, their power would improve by leaps and bounds. Many of them were still under the seal and could not display their full prowess. Which youngster didn’t want to be like Wang Zheng, gaining power and obtaining the beautiful princess?

Lear was just a punching bag at this point in time.

“Lear, you have to pay for your words!” Auburn’s voice loomed. He wanted to stand out from the crowd as well. Many people were preparing to kill the famous but useless Lear so that they could be noticed by the Elders.

Lear smiled. “The Saint spent so much effort to bring all the candidates of the Son of Saint here. Why do you think they did it?”

“Of course it’s to choose the next successor, why else?!” Zhang Qingshan’s lips curled up into a proud smile.

Lear smiled with disdain. “Do you think they need to spend so much effort, revealing the Oracle Star and even letting the Saint appear in front of the Milky Way Alliance just to choose a successor?”

The five of them couldn’t reply. It was indeed abnormal. They were under strict orders to hide their powers, but their journey here was a bit ridiculous. There was no need to hide their trail at times.

“What do you think the Elders are trying to do then? We’ll let this fatty go if you can give us a good reason. If not, you’ll end up like him!” Auburn stormed.

Lear’s face betrayed no emotion. His trip to the Oracle Star had been nothing but blows. “The Saint Sect has been searching for a mysterious heritage that is the origin of power of the Saint. Everyone’s existence, including this Oracle Star, is for that, and it must have appeared on a young person. They have been searching and observing for all these years. Their actions today made one thing very clear. The Oracle has appeared. That person or perhaps that thing is on us, or perhaps it can only be shown after some form of sacrifice. This is the ultimate purpose of the Saint Sect. They don’t care if they expose themselves to the Milky Way Alliance, because they will once again rule the Milky Way if they get this power!”

Lear stunned everyone with his words. They fell into deep thought because they were all children of the Saint and knew about the inheritance. They were also aware of the glory all those years ago. It was said that that power could prevent the body from dying and could also allow one to step through time and space. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to God?

Glory, status, women, money. They could get anything and do anything they wanted…

A mad craze appeared in their eyes.

Lear dragged Luo Fei away quietly. Auburn and the rest didn’t bother to chase after the two losers. Their minds were now filled with the Oracle. The Oracle Star existed because of this. They also wanted to enter the Saint World. Lear might have been speculating, but it felt very possible!

Inheriting the Oracle and becoming the owner of the Saint was something that would excite anyone. The Aslan Princess would had to grovel under their feet then. That was the highlight of life.

That was what long term suppression brought — desire and madness.

Lear scolded Luo Fei back in his room. Luo Fei would have become useless if his martial technique was revealed.

Luo Fei opened his eyes after quite some time, panting. This place didn’t have an ounce of humanity. Elite Academy X was heaven in comparison.

“Boss, this place is too strange, I think we should leave,” Luo Fei said with a bitter laugh.

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