Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 1315 - The Space Fortress

Chapter 1315: The Space Fortress

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Only the Great Elder, the Second Elder, the Sixth Elder, and the Thirteenth Elder were physically on the Oracle Star. The rest had attended through video conference. Some of them wanted to be there personally but couldn’t. They had their own positions to deal with now that the Milky Way Alliance was encircling them in a frenzy. Their job was to put the Milky Way Alliance into a civil strife.

The Second Elder stood in front of the Baptism Spring and watched the foundation spurt out and fall back, creating ripples in the pool.

This was a cycle, a perfect cycle. The Second Elder was only second to the Great Elder in terms of status, qualifications, and strength.

“He’s making a move.”

The aged voice was full of vigor but could not hide the long amount of time that he had lived.

He had the resources to balance the Great Elder as the Second Elder. However, his time was nearly up. This was why he supported the radical plan of the Great Elder.

However, support didn’t mean unity.

That would be the best opportunity to leave the human body behind. The elders knew that the Oracle would descend on a young person. It would be a new leader, but none of them were willing to be eliminated and rot away. That was why they had chosen to seize the opportunity.

It was necessary!

However, how many people could gain from it?

Could all thirteen elders obtain immortality?

He didn’t believe that.

If anyone were to stagnate or walk the wrong way, that would be equivalent to waiting for death. All of his actions would only be benefiting others.

A voice came from the shadows. “Master, the Great Elder summoned Lear, the underdog on the grounds of the transformation plan.

Lear, Earth, the Locks family. He knew this name.

A small pawn of the Saint which had always had the personal attention of the Saint.

There were many of such hidden pawns. However, the Saint wasn’t all mighty. He could uncover clues if he really wanted to. He didn’t need to confront the Saint now, but he would do whatever it took if there was an opportunity. At least until now, it seemed like everyone had a chance.

Some matters were not even discussed with their own cronies, but that didn’t matter. There would be traces as long as there was action. You could get the truth as long as you were willing to spend time.

According to what the Second Elder knew.

Lear, Xie Yuxin, Meng Tian, and Wang Zheng were always of interest to the Great Elder.

There could be others, but the traces of these four were the least obvious. Given the Great Elder’s foxy nature, it had to be of great importance to the Oracle.

Only the Great Elder knew about the links after all. He was also the sole person who knew about the prophecy. He might have shown it during the meeting, but was that really all there was to it?

The situation was different now. The Oracle was definitely linked to these people. The Great Elder had to have his reasons for not choosing a candidate for the Son of Saint. He had even summoned the Lear, who had failed in succession. How could this not be linked?

“It’s time to get Tan Yuyang in touch with Xie Yuxin.”

Success wasn’t achieved by sitting or waiting, but by fighting for it!

They had, unfortunately, failed at capturing Wang Zheng. Therefore, the best choice now, other than Lear, would be Xie Yuxin. Meng Tian was a woman, so there wasn’t a big chance. Moreover, her interests were now tied with Xie Yuxin. She would come by herself as long as they were to capture Xie Yuxin.

“Has the younger princess of Aslan arrived?”

“Yes, she’s under the surveillance of the Great Elder. We’re unable to get near.”

“Hehe, could that old fart like to listen to songs?” The Second Elder gave a needle piercing-like chuckle. Everyone had secrets. The Oracle was like a bonfire, attracting countless moths.

Xie Yuxin could feel the situational changes within the candidates of the Son of Saint. The teams were weird – each of them was trying to capture the attention of the Saint but realized that their competition was going for the same thing.

An unverified piece of news was circulating. The younger princess of Aslan had been “invited” to the Oracle Star as well. Newcomers naturally brought more news, which traveled really fast on this isolated planet. Most of them were excited about the news.

They didn’t want to remain hidden. They had to prove themselves, and the chance was coming.

No matter whether it was true or not, he had to decide on his stance on the Oracle Star. Time was running out.

It might seem chaotic, but the five main Sons of Saint were still intact. The strong forces made the other Son of Saint feel a sense of despair. The strong dragon could not pressure the local snake, but what if the local snake was a mythical dragon fiercer than the strong dragon?

The best course of action to gain opportunities was to approach the five Sons of Saint. The problem was that the Saint seemed to be preparing a huge move, so it wasn’t time to act rashly.

Meng Tian, Yuan Jing, Mengha, Huo Dong, and Kang Siqi were on high alert. They had also collected a lot of shocking information. Was the Saint trying to create a war through their moves?

The Oracle Star might be mysteriously strong, but could they defeat the Milky Way Alliance?

Or perhaps, they really had the ability to defeat the Milky Way Alliance?

That was outside of their ability.

“Huo Dong, Kang Siqi, is there really no way to crack the lock on the Saint’s internet?” Xie Yuxin asked.

They glanced at each other. “We don’t have enough equipment to do it. Moreover, we’ve never seen anything like their internet rules before, it’s truly amazing. Given time, we will be able to do it. We are only able to understand the internal structure currently.”

Kang Siqi nodded. “If my suspicions are right, the Oracle Star is a place similar to Roland Garros. This planet is actually a decoy. It is a huge artificial planet, or a semi-artificial planet. Everything from the earth to the atmosphere is actually a complete 3D structure. This technology is at least 50 years ahead of the Milky Way Alliance. Of course, this is just talking about technologies available on the market. Perhaps the Atlanteans and Aslan have similar technologies, but I think it’s more advanced here.”

Kang Siqi and Huo Dong were truly amazed. As non-combatants, they were addicted to the feeling this new technology brought to them. This was a successful application of theory, so the impact was huge.

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