Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 2: I Really Slipped!

Chapter 2: I Really Slipped!

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Wang Zheng went up to Yue Jing and asked, "Might you be Student Yue Jing?"

Yue Jing's eyes swept across Wang Zheng. It was three o'clock in the afternoon when Wang Zheng attempted this raid. This fellow was wearing cheap-looking clothes and she did not recognize him. He was clearly a nobody in the school; no different from trash.

Her cheeks raised slightly as she plainly replied, "Yes, I am."

"Good day. I have a message for you. I …" Wang Zheng proceeded to take out Yan Xiaosu's love letter, but before he managed to finish his sentence, he was interrupted by Ye Zisu's impatient grunt.

"I am not interested in you. You can keep your rubbish."

Yue Jing replied refreshingly. She immediately poured a bucket of cold water on Wang Zheng's ambition. At the side, Ye Zisu was smiling wryly while shaking her head at him.

"Zisu, this is the 29th one this month. I have gotten five more confessions than to you!"

Yue Jing said proudly. She treated each person who confessed to her differently. If the person could be of use to her, she would console the individual; however, the person in front of her was no different from a toad. Cutting him off quickly would be best.

Ye Zisu smiled sweetly. "If you think someone with a genetic score of 28 can be considered a 'person,' then I have nothing more to say."

Yue Jing stared blankly. "You mean to say that he is the one who broke the school record? That Wang Zheng?"

Ye Zisu at the side couldn't help but burst out in laughter while Yue Jing's face turned a steely green. For a person like her, who had pride in her reputation, being confessed to by such a person was humiliating!

The two girls did not try to restrain their voices, so every sentence was heard by Wang Zheng.

Wang Zheng then ran to the front of the two girls. Yue Jing impatiently asked, "What else do you want?!"

"Student Yue, you are mistaken. This love letter is from my friend Yan Xiaosu. He likes you." Due to the fact that both of them were students, even though the two girls had said some unpleasant things, Wang Zheng was not angry.

"Yan Xiaosu?" Ye Zisu, who was at the side, burst out into further laughter. "Xiao Jing, you're the luckiest one. This Yan Xiaosu's family runs a company that produces sanitary pads. Little Fortunate Star Sanitary Pads."

Yue Jing's expression turned furious. She immediately tore up Yan Xiaosu's love letter and threw it at Wang Zheng's face. "Scram!"

After shouting angrily, she turned and strode off. Ye Zisu was extremely happy. Although they were friends, they were also rivals, and she had never seen Yue Jing suffer such a setback.

The laughing Ye Zisu then realized that the Wang Zheng at the side was merely silently watching; he was not angry nor displeased.

"Ah. Aren't you angry?" Ye Zisu asked curiously.

Wang Zheng gave her a wry smile. "When a dog bites a human, the human does not bite the dog back. Being able to see her true colors is a blessing for my friend."

Student Wang then leisurely walked away. This was a good thing in its own way. Such a girl did not fit Yan Xiaosu; she would only be a source of torment.

Ye Zisu stared blankly for a moment and then looked at Wang Zheng's back in surprise. This person could be pretty cool too!

This small issue was just a bump on the road for Wang Zheng. He had already spent a night thinking about these things. He felt like he could not give up on his dream. He had to try to enter the army; even joining the logistics corps was an option. He once heard that the best soldiers would be sent to military school to develop further, meaning that he still had a chance to be a mech pilot.

He felt that he could still be a heroic soldier.

From a young age, Wang Zheng's parents were never around and thus he was very independent. In the last 16 years, he had never doubted himself. Unfortunately, the genetic test had finally caused some self-doubt.

Wang Zheng, will you believe in yourself, or will you believe in the genetic test?

Not long after, Wang Zheng climbed to the top of a large rock beside the lake and watched the crystalline waves on the surface. His thoughts and emotions were scattered. A score of 28 was a score of 28. So what if it was like that? In the history of mankind, many people who did not possess talent found success. Einstein was called dumb when he was young, and Alan Tucker almost failed to make it into university!

"I, Wang Zheng, will definitely become a glorious mech pilot. Ares college, prepare to meet your master! Onward!"

Ah ~ A youth has to be passionate.

F**k that genetic test!

Wang Zheng's voice was extremely resonating. In his fervor, he jumped forward passionately, imagining himself entering Ares College's gates.

In the middle of the air, Student Wang finally noticed an extremely large problem. F**k!. He couldn't swim!


Not far away, a shout was heard. "Someone's trying to drown himself. Quickly, help him!"

After staying awake for an entire night and half a day, Yan Xiaosu finally exited the net café. His luck was extremely good. It was the school holidays for little children, so his games were extremely relaxed. Out of ten games, he had won eight. It felt amazing.

He was a VIP at this net café. After enjoying himself and having lunch sent to him, he opened his Skylink and started scrolling through the currently hottest news in school. As they were approaching graduation, the atmosphere around the school was quite heavy because the genetic test had demoralized numerous people.

At this moment, a large, red headline flashed across his Skylink. Only the most recent and hottest news would have such a commotion. Yesterday it was regarding Ye Zisu's genetic score of 92. It had caused numerous people to feel extremely moved. She was beautiful, intelligent, and the scion of a rich family; she was truly a goddess.

A hot-blooded youth had confessed to Ye Zisu and failed before attempting to drown in the lake!!!

There were almost a thousand comments made about the event. Perhaps this guy had received too much of a shock. The news spread like wildfire, and the moment it was released, it ignited everyone's passion!

Student Xiaosu was extremely happy. Psh, those who dared to compete with him had to suffer the consequences.

Good things have to be shared amongst brothers!

He immediately dialed up Wang Zhengs Skylink. The moment the call went through, Student Xiaosu exploded in excitement. "Boss, have you seen the school news? Some idiot failed in his confession and tried to drown himself! What do you think? Can there be anyone stupider in this world than that guy? This champion can immediately go down in the history books of our school! Hahaha!"

Realising that Wang Zheng was slightly silent, Xiaosu continued to speak. "Hey, Boss! Can you hear me?"

On the other side, Wang Zheng was currently lying in the medical centre's bed. Holding his Skylink, he spoke each word clearly. "Dear Yan Xiaosu, your boss is the idiot that will go down in the history books of the school!"


Yan Xiaosu spat out the soup he was currently drinking. "Could it be…"

(Location Change)

"This woman doesn't suit you." Wang Zheng said. He sighed before explaining the entire situation.

"Boss, I just wanted to try confessing. This is too touching; you actually decided to drown yourself to show your sincerity!"

Yan Xiaosu said fervently. Wang Zheng was truly a brother. He was willing to kill himself after failing his duty.

"Go to hell! Your grandfather slipped!"

Wang Zheng retorted angrily. Yan Xiaosu, who was sitting opposite of him, immediately backed off quickly while laughing loudly.

He was truly someone that was extremely unlucky. At this point, the doctor walked over. "Okay now, you need to let him rest. A youth who cannot tolerate setbacks will never amount to much in the future!"

Student Wang's face turned red. This was truly embarrassing!

He could only smile bitterly and nod his head. Thankfully, tomorrow was the weekend. He would be able to let the situation simmer down over the next two days. Who was the bastard who published the news?!

Wang Zheng was now famous; not only was he the first person with a genetic score of 28, he had even tried to drown himself. After spending three years in obscurity, he went out with a bang just before graduation.

Although it only took 20 minutes for him to get back home from school, his house was extremely far.

He didn't go back to his house; no one was ever at home. Instead, Wang Zheng headed towards the bookshop across the street from his house.

The one who opened the bookshop was an old man. Everyone called him the Old Merchant. He had been here for almost ten years now. The books in the Old Merchant's store were usually all extremely profound, especially the ones with regards to the sciences. However in the current society with all the technological advances, reading books was only considered a form of cultural appreciation.Thus, the store was always deserted. Only Wang Zheng would converse with the old man, so the two of them became friends.

The Old Merchant had two hobbies: drinking and lecturing.

Unfortunately, his only student was Wang Zheng.

"Old Merchant, Old Merchant, I'm back. I'm starving." Wang Zheng said as he threw his bag to a corner and starting looking for food.

"Stinking brat, I will eventually become broke with your appetite!" an old man who was leisurely reading a book said. "Did you finish the book on sub-square algebraic theory?"

"I finished it a long time ago. There was nothing new about it. Honestly speaking, why do you not have a Skylink? It so convenient." After being tormented for a day, Wang Zheng was absolutely famished.

Whenever Wang Zheng finished the Old Merchant's assignments, he would be allowed to eat until he was stuffed. Such a strange arrangement had already been ongoing for the last eight years. In the beginning, the Old Merchant had started him off with foundational mathematical theories and gradually increased the difficulty all the way until now. Wang Zheng was on a completely different level compared to the rest of those in his school.

The Old Merchant did not say a word as he silently watched Wang Zheng eat. He then pointed at a seat opposite of him and said, "Come, let's chat for a bit. What do you think about the idea in sub-square theory which talks about how space-time cannot be touched?"

Wang Zheng wiped his mouth. "Comparing the sub-square theories, I feel that Old Man Tuck's parallel theories are more to my liking. Some form of cosmic energy that walls off the parallel spaces exists; however, according to the laws of momentum, there will be a point where an opportunity to connect them will naturally appear, but the chances of it happening are almost nonexistent."

Old Merchant nodded his head in satisfaction. "Brat, you were born to be a scientist. Forget about becoming a mech pilot; such a brainless aspiration that only develops one's body is a waste of your talent."

"Ah, how did you know my genetic score was 28?" Wang Zheng blurted out.

The Old Merchant stared blankly as he was stunned for a moment. "28… you… can you still be considered a human?"

Wang Zheng really wanted to give himself a slap. What was his stinking mouth doing?

He shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "My life was given to me by my parents; I can't change it. I have no interest in the sciences, and life is about movement! You old people just don't understand!"

The Old Merchant did not smile. "I hope that regardless of what you encounter, you will remember your optimistic spirit. To become someone, you need to be able to laugh in life."

"Old Merchant, don't tell me you've met these great people. Once I get my graduation certificate, I plan to enlist in the army, so I might not be able to see you anymore in the future." Wang Zheng replied.

The Old Merchant gave him a wry smile. "Brat, you are truly a treasure. However, being at this stage at this age isn't bad. Remember that mathematics is the foundation of thousands of things. It is also necessary in becoming a mech warrior. Physics is the observer of the universe; grasp this point and all else will follow. Be a warrior who has brains!"

The Old Merchant was a fanatical enthusiast of science. However, one did not know why he had come here to open a book store. Every time they touched upon this topic, he would speak of it arrogantly.

"Brat, you are about to come of age. This is a present from me."

The Old Merchant placed a simply wrapped box on the table.

"Wow, it can't be. The miserly Old Merchant is giving me a gift? The sun is going to rise in the west. You're not playing a trick on me, right?!"

Wang Zheng immediately looked out the window.

"You little brat, how could I be the same as your dad? I am an erudite individual; he is the biggest trickster!"

The Old Merchant smiled. The year the Old Merchant arrived, he befriended Wang Zheng's family. Afterwards, when Wang Zheng's parents left, they left him in the hands of the Old Merchant.

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