Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 20: Godly Pentakill!

Chapter 20: Godly Pentakill!

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"Pity, he's been found out. There goes the only chance," Ma Xiao said sympathetically. The teammates around him also shook their heads.

It was almost impossible now for the opponent to not take his presence seriously. Now that the opponents were paying full attention, the chances of victory were almost zero.

"Justin, in a situation like this, how many do you think could you kill?" Ma Xiao asked. Justin was also watching while he was on his Skylink.

"Using Brittleskin? Two at most. No chance of killing more. But if I were using my own superior mech, there would be a forty percent chance of victory."

"C'mon, you're treating them as if they're idiots. They just need to stick together and play shamelessly. Still, there's no chance because time is running out!"

Ma Xiao laughed. Victory came either by fully eliminating the enemy team, or by destroying the enemy's fort.

And now the red team's fort was in a precarious state. Time was most precious.

Having uncovered Skeleton's identity, the opponents were not going to scatter and allow him the opportunity to sneak attack.

Surely enough, the Wargod No. 1 could not hide anymore; he had to move.

But movement meant death.

Under everyone's eyes, the Wargod No. 1 actually revealed his position immediately, rushing towards the four huddled mecha.

GOD, what was this???

At this moment, every staff member in the CT office stood up. Solon clenched his fist; he no longer had any paths of return!

The stats for this battle kept rising in a straight line. Most frighteningly, through word of mouth, more and more people gushed in. They were all here to witness Skeleton playing Brittleskin exceptionally well.

But the circumstances definitely left everyone feeling despair.

Four against one. The fort in danger. A desperate sprint. It was the final showdown!

Although the Wargod No. 1 was hiding very close to the four mecha, it was still 50 meters away, but this was a fatal 50 meters. Two Demon Wolf Type V's, one Bata Type V, and one Beast Type III against a suddenly rushing opponent. Their laser guns took aim at the same time.

Hong hong long long …

Light radiated in all directions.

The Wargod No. 1 rushed towards his opponents like a whirlwind. Everyone's mouths were agape … what was this speed???

Wang Zheng pushed the throttle to the maximum and accelerated from inside the cockpit. Under the pilot's control, the Wargod No. 1 let out a thunderous sound. With this high-speed advance, lasers brushed past the mech narrowly.

The lasers shot by the four mecha were either blocked by trees or dodged. Within an instant, the Wargod No. 1 pulled within the range of 20 meters.

The second bombardment of lasers was executed in close proximity.

Solon and company felt suffocated. This time there was no cover anymore.

At this moment, the straight-moving Wargod No. 1 pulled off an Arched Slide Step, a left arc … Lord!

Right arc!

The double arcs closed the distance between them immediately!

In an instant, he was within close quarters combat range. The four, seemingly also wanting to please the crowd, were not startled at all. The Beast Type III immediately advanced, using his body as a meat shield. Even if Wargod No. 1 had godly prowess, he probably didn't have much energy left after such a movement. The Bata Type III followed up while both Demon Wolf mecha flanked. Inescapable!

At this moment, the A.I. was eating through the fort's last line of defense. Given the current situation, it would only hold up for at most 20 seconds. Was 20 seconds enough to reverse the outcome dictated by the heavens?

Ma Xiao shrugged helplessly. It was a pity that Skeleton would die so terribly after demonstrating a technique like consecutive Arced Slide Steps. At their level, losing itself was not scary—it was more important to find out how one lost.

Hong …

The Beast Type III … was sent flying?

The Wargod No. 1 sprang out from the gap in an instant, his titanium knife breaking through. The Bata Type II that followed completely had no idea what had happened to the Beast mech. The opponent suddenly appeared in front of his eyes right after.

The alloy blade cut into the cockpit. Sparks were flying everywhere, but in this period of at least one second, there was not enough time to pull out the titanium knife anymore.

Both Demon Wolf Type V mecha were already assaulting.


The Bata exploded, but the Bata player still revealed a bright smile. Someone had to be sacrificed anyway.

However, what surprised everyone was that the Wargod No. 1 suddenly pulled back and the mech swayed strongly. It was as if the two Demon Wolf mecha had made a mistake and missed. Their two titanium blades criss crossed and fell on each other instead of on their target.

At this moment, there was absolutely no time to activate energy shields. Both Demon Wolf Type V players watched as their own teammate stabbed towards themselves. They wanted to activate their energy shields, but their fingers pressed the buttons a tenth of a second too late. So close yet so far!

Hong …


The system hyped!


The system announced!

At this time, the battle fort only had a bit of defense left. The Wargod No. 1 instantly drew his own titanium knife, landing on the Beast Type III with a backflip. Norton Star's two suns were shining brightly at this time, causing the titanium knife to dazzle blindingly as it stabbed towards the Beast Type III's head!

Hong …

PENTA KILL! (Five kills)

Team kill!

Red Team WIN!

Global notification. Congratulations, Skeleton. Pentakill. Reward of one hundred points and one Warrior's Medal. Keep it up!

The system sounded incomparably fierce and solemn, and there was utter silence everywhere.

In CT's work hall, all of the staff members were stunned. What kind of operation was this?

This was the rhythm of a god!

Solon's hand trembled like a pendulum. His cigarette had already burnt his finger, but he was not aware of it. All of the staff members looked towards Solon with expressions of worship. This director on the verge of transfer had actually made a judgment of godly accuracy.

Solon waved his hand, calmly indicating for everyone to continue working. Legend has it that everyone heard the chairman burst into tears behind his office's locked door.

The spectator zone was already boiling at this time. Even in the final ten seconds, people were still coming in. Of course, some had come to watch the myth of Skeleton extinguish, but they instead saw the godlike operation.

In CT, only a mech that was at least 80% destroyed counted as a kill. A triple kill was already incredible. A Pentakill was a miracle.

Pentakill under extreme conditions!

Godly operation!

Godly knowledge!

Godly rhythm!

After the previous slaughter of Justin, Skeleton had performed yet another miracle.

Wang Zheng removed his touch sensors and quietly reminisced the battle. His decision was rather accurate. He expected the opponent to be relaxed; not that the enemies would be completed flawed, but rather relaxed due to the absolute confidence they would have. With that kind of mentality, the opponents' shooting would only be about seventy to eighty percent serious. Their formation was also completely within his expectations. Foresight in battle was of utmost importance.

Seeing that his own operations were passable against noobs, Wang Zheng was not at all complacent. He knew that he was still in CT's lowest levels, yet this sort of battle definitely taught him many lessons.

Nimble footwork was also extremely important. In random situations, one had to depend entirely on instincts. If he had insisted on holding on to the titanium knife, the outcome could have been disastrous.

Fortunately, there were no weapons under Bonehead's training. Every part of the body was a weapon, and the opponents' weapons were, even more so, weapons, so why not use them?

There was a warmth in his chest, it was quite a comfortable feeling. This indicated that the Rubik's Cube also approved of his realization. He did not battle merely in large amounts—quality and proper reflection was more important.

Student Wang was a good kid who loved learning.

Wang Zheng finished off his drink before leaving. He could not waste the boss' act of sincerity.

The CT forums in Asia were already exploding. Although the battle had ended, the mood of the players online was still fervent. Some battles were worth reminiscing.

Their blood was still burning.

When the replay of the battle was released, the forums erupted into discussions that were led by the experienced players. They were trying to compete with the official sources to release a quicker analysis.

There truly existed crouching tigers and hidden dragons amongst the newbies!

Most of the match was almost completely neglected by everyone. The last half a minute was the essence of the essence.

The legendary penta kill, and it was a penta kill by a Wargod No. 1.

Regardless of what level, what equipment, and what situation, anyone who did a penta kill would be one to watch, even more so when it occurred during such a counterattack.

"This kid is too sick!" Justin was also reviewing the replay and was already at the stage of awe. "He purposely waited until the fort was about to fall before he acted!"

Ma Xiao was also watching. It was not necessary for them to analyse, but the more they watched, the more shocked they became. They were definitely overlooking many details in their current state.

"Hiding in wait like a poisonous snake, such endurance!"

"Oh, no matter who it was, they would think that victory was within their grasp. This fellow's close quarters combat skill is absolutely first class. Oh, I really can't wait for him to enter our world already."

Justin and Ma Xiao looked at each other before turning off the video. This person was bound to enter their world, and then there could be a bloody revolution.



The video analysis was released.

The dodge at the start had already become a classic, but the four opponents still had an eighty percent chance at victory. However, when Beast Type III lose his defensive position, it was fatal. In the team fight, this had no use whatsoever. The rush was too aggressive; they were thinking that the opponent would not dodge, and they wanted to overthrow the opponent immediately. But they did not expect that the Wargod No. 1 would fly so stably

The task seemed simple. Although the Wargod No. 1 was faced with a big assault, from start to end, he did not lose his centeredness.

The Bata Type V was a completely tragedy. Its only purpose was to keep Skeleton's knife stuck, and there was no room for the two Demon Wolf mecha to complain. In an instant, the Wargod No. 1 made continuous displacements, and while it appeared to not move, it completely shook the centeredness of the two Demon Wolf mecha. Their attacks were crooked, and the Wargod No. 1's subsequent operation was divine.


When the Wargod No. 1 brought the light and killed the Beast, he had already become a god!

This was the consensus of all the players viewing.

This was a flawless battle!

Skeleton godly penta kill!

Master of battle techniques, master of control. A new generation of a Wargod was rising!

Perhaps the novice zone had really been dull for too long. When a blockbuster like this happened, a strong chain reaction started.

A review usually maintained high levels of attention for about ten minutes, after which it would decline rapidly with time. But not this review. The increasing speed had already frightened staff.

This was not your ordinary battle; it should not even occur by chance! Most frighteningly, every viewing would uncover new discoveries, more things that had previously been overlooked.

The opponents were considered pretty good. The battle techniques and potential of the newbie squad trained by Team Black Tortoise was certainly outstanding. No one would believe that a team of such caliber was penta killed.

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