Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 23: The Real Deal

Chapter 23: The Real Deal

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"That Masasi has pretty good looks; he can compete with you." Wang Zheng laughed.

Xie Yuxin did not know whether to laugh or to cry. "That Masasi can actually enter Aslan's best military school without having to take the entrance examination; it's strange that he would be willing to come here. I was the first to get the news and even I wondered if I had misheard."

"Is that pretty boy that strong?" Wang Zheng asked curiously.

Xie Yuxin looked at Wang Zheng. "Others can't tell that you're so skilled either."

"Damn, where do you think all my daily training has gone? It's all muscles under here!" Wang Zheng joked.

The whole school found out about this disturbance very quickly. Those two special students from abroad were not easy to deal with, especially that Carl; he even beat up the seniors.

This showing demonstrated Carl's heavy-handedness. People from Mars had always respected the strong, but as for the weak … their days would be miserable.

Gu Te was definitely the first to hear about the incident. The school management's views were definitely not going to be consistent with his.

"Principal, this Carl despises Ares College and has beaten his seniors. He should be punished before all hell breaks loose!"

"I think so too. This type of student will not know his limits if we don't punish him!"

"Give him a punishment no matter what!"

The teachers were passionate. On the other hand, Xiao Fei was playing a space block game. It could train one's spatial awareness.

"I say you people are too free, making a big fuss over nothing!" Xiao Fei said as she played. The whole conference room quieted down in a moment.

"Oh, Professor Xiao Fei, what are your thoughts?" Gu Te asked while smiling.

"Ares College is very lousy now, so he is not wrong. A group of people fighting against one. To think they have the cheek to complain after losing. We might just as well expel these kind of students, how shameful. No wonder Earth's military rankings are getting lower and lower."

Xiao Fei unceremonious words threw everyone into disarray, including the principal. But the principal was still smiling.

"Professor Xiao Fei, you are also a member of Ares College, so you can't put it this way. As a student of the college, he should …" the director of Teaching, Zhong Liang, said slowly.

Xiao Fei waved her hand and immediately interrupted. "I say, Director Zhong, can you stop dreaming? Do you think he cares? In order for a school to be respected by the students, the school must have its respectable points. Don't bring up the past; he was not even born yet!"

Zhong Liang was beyond mad after being insulted by a teacher who was much younger. Unfortunately, she was the college's trump card.

"Oh, calm down, both of you. I feel that Professor Xiao Fei makes sense. We can't immerse ourselves in the past anymore; there's no point in deceiving ourselves. I visited more than ten military schools this time and saw that everyone's undergoing revamps. We have already fallen behind, and we need to catch up. Starting from this round of military training, we will use the actual military strengthening program. Students of Ares College need to be the pillars of the military in the future. Higher demands should be expected of them!"

Gu Te borrowed Xiao Fei's words to settle the situation directly. They had to be stricter. He did not think that Earth's students were naturally inferior—what they lacked was a certain spirit. This spirit needed to be evoked by the school!

Carl's actions were not right, but big problems required draconian measures. Ares College really needed a person like Carl to stimulate the students' passion.

"Ah, you guys carry on. I almost forgot that I have things to do. Drink your tea and continue chatting."

Xiao Fei quickly left, leaving a group of teachers just staring at each other. The school's inner circle had its progressive and conservative factions. Everyone knew that innovation always required the use of tradition and incentives, and Gu Te was well aware that this would not be easy.

But if this was not done, Ares College's reputation would be gone. Apart from mankind originating from Earth, what else did their planet have?

He would use Masasi's and Carl's high standards to awaken the students. He believed that since Earth was the origin of mankind, it definitely was irreplaceable.

This was the faith he had held onto all along!

Student Wang arrived at Xiao Fei's "temple." It was known as a temple because the Physics Department laboratory was indeed the school's most beautiful and expensive place.

… The laboratory doors were closed. Student Wang Zheng waited helplessly for half an hour before Xiao Fei arrived. Late, but still at her own pace.

Upon seeing Wang Zheng, Xiao Fei's mood became better. She eyed Wang Zheng from head to toe, causing Wang Zheng to feel a little creeped out. "Professor, how can I help?"

"Come, let me first familiarize you with the surroundings. You will be my assistant in the future, so you will need to know your own workplace,"

Xiao Fei said extremely proudly. It has to be said that at many times, Xiao Fei's mind was still like that of a child… she was not that old anyway.

Although Wang Zheng was mentally prepared, he was still awestruck by the spectacular laboratory.

"This is a particle trap. Whatever you want, you can have it. For that matter, there is only one in the whole world!" Xiao Fei said extremely proudly. "With me, things will always be exciting!"

Wang Zheng wiped his sweat. This … why did it feel like the Professor was trying to entice a little kid?

"Professor, I am only a freshman. These things are too advanced for me; I don't understand at all."

"Rest assured, I will teach you. With your talent, you will pick these things up very easily. Physics is mankind's greatest science; you will fall in love with it."

Xiao Fei's eyes shone brightly. This was a genius immersed in the world of physics. However, Student Wang already wanted to get out. But at the current stage, he still had to continue.

"Professor, my dormitory mate, Zhang Shan, is very talented. Can you let him be your assistant?" Wang Zheng asked. Given Zhang Shan's caliber, he should be able to.

"Ah, that kid. He's pretty decent, but you are slightly better."

Gazing at Xiao Fei's heated eyes, Wang Zheng felt a little dizzy. He would be fine if she was a little older, but she was not older than him by much.

He was dragged along by Xiao Fei for a while before he was finally let go. It was apparent that it was rare for Xiao Fei to find someone with common topics to discuss with.

In the world of science, loneliness was guaranteed. Teaching others was one thing, but to find a partner on the same intellectual level was purely by chance; it was not something that could be sought. Xiao Fei also never would have expected that a middle schooler would have such comprehension skills.

A unique train of thought and a rather decent broad perspective of physics, these were the qualities that showed potential for becoming a good physicist. It was no wonder Xiao Fei was so impassioned when trying to recruit Wang Zheng.

The second day of school passed by in a flurry, following which military training officially began.

Military training was split into two groups—one was for those in the military department and the other was for those of the non-military departments. The former was a lot harder, but students could have their pick.

Wang Zheng chose the former without hesitation. What was more surprising was that he was not the only one; Zhang Shan also chose the former.

The students were led to different suburban areas in the Beijing military area. Previous batches of students had drill instructors who were invited to the school to guide them. However, this time the situation was different. The students were moved to a new area for training and no one had seemed to notice. They treated it like an excursion with new friends.

Changing into outdoor combat attire, everyone's personal belongings were kept away until the end of the basic training. The dormitory was bare and simple. One house had a hundred people in it, and it felt like it was converted from a warehouse.

Many complained bitterly, and the whining was endless. Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan, however, calmly found their places and exchanged looks.

"Didn't expect that you would choose Mecha Department training."

"I've said it before, I want to be in the Mecha Department. You?"

"A brilliant mind needs to be matched with a perfect and strong body to be perfect. Besides, the Mecha Department's standards are not that remarkable," Zhang Shan said proudly.

His build and strength truly gave him the right to be so prideful.

The two did not say much. Work and rest times were very precise; they slept once it was time to sleep. Others still complained and chatted as if it was a tea party. Some connected their Skylinks and played games.

Zhang Shan thought that his willpower was strong, but the noise prevented him from sleeping. However, after glancing over, he realized that Wang Zheng had already entered sleep peacefully.

This was a minor thing to Student Wang. When one was tired, even sleeping while standing was enjoyable. Besides, this was only considered to be a little noisy.

And in another place, Chen Xiu and Yao Ailun were already complaining nonstop. As pure intellectuals, they were not used to such conditions.

"I have no idea what Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan are thinking. They are intellectuals, but they chose to mix with the brawny ones," Yao Ailun said.

"Brother Ailun, actually, Zhang Shan's limbs are very developed," Chen Xiu said.

In this place, the Physics Department and Math Department students were in completely different states, minding their own businesses. Even if they chatted, it was soft and everyone had their own spaces.

Regardless, the college's military training had begun.

A one in the morning, a piercing bell rang and the door was kicked open. Everyone gazed blankly at the soldier at the door.

"I am your training instructor, Luo Yun. I'll give you all five minutes to assemble at the drill grounds."

"F**k, are you kidding me? What time is it now?!"

"I still have not slept enough. Is this military training or abuse? I will sue you!"

Luo Yun smiled. "Anyone who does not meeting military training's requirements will face immediate expulsion. It has been stated all along on your admission notification before. You all only have four minutes and twenty seconds left."

After finishing, Luo Yun turned and left. The whole house seemed to have a little more clarity in their heads at this point.

Actually, when Luo Yun finished speaking, Wang Zheng had already finished getting ready. Zhang Shan's speed was also very fast; it was as if they had foreseen a scenario like this.

The two went out first.

"Seems like Gu Te is for real this time." Zhang Shan laughed.

At the drill grounds, they were not the earliest. Masasi, Carl, and Xie Yuxin had already arrived.

After Wang Zheng and Zhang Shan joined the ranks, students streamed in continuously. The Mecha Department and Command Department all had a certain amount of mental preparation for this. Despite what they said about things they would do, they still did not dare to act carelessly.

There were ten or so soldiers recording the latecomers' names.

It took about ten minutes for everyone to be present.

"All latecomers, turn around and run 10,000 meters!"

Immediately, there were unwilling people. Luo Yun said coldly, "All those who have any doubts, you may drop out immediately. No one is forced to stay. This is the military; everything done is in accordance with military regulations!"

A trace of a smile appeared at the corner of Carl's mouth. The show was just beginning.

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