Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 4: Wargod’s Covenant

Chapter 4: Wargod’s Covenant

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Wang Zheng's entire body went numb. Even his mood was affected by that sight. Very soon, he understood what it meant to have "ten thousands arrows piercing through his heart."

Endless howling continued to echo around the room.

Wang Zheng soon began to understand that there was no such thing as a genius. It was a lie! How could he have been so stupid to be tricked by those sweet words?

He wanted to leave, but as Bonehead said, unless he finished the training, he could go anywhere.

Wang Zheng once thought of protesting by ceasing his activities. However, he changed his mind when Bonehead said that he had prepared 108 ways to motivate lazy soldiers. As a result, Wang Zheng decided not to carry on with that idea.

After getting used to that pile of cylinders, Wang Zheng realized he had already spent just half a month's worth of time on it. He felt extremely surprised at his results and it could only be said that mankind's potential was truly immeasurable.

He really wanted to know what these theatrics had to do with being a super soldier. Could it be that the Rand Empire created a legion of super soldiers by making them jump here and there?

It has to be said that at least in future, dancing won't be difficult for Wang Zheng.

Mankind's potential could be said to be unlimited. Very soon, Wang Zheng understood that the fear of heights, the fear of tight spaces, and the fear of sharp objects could all be overcome. In half a month's time, Student Wang began to provoke Bonehead once again. It was his only source of entertainment.

"Are there any new things to do? Whether it's slugs, ticks, or your old mother, big brother here is not afraid!"

Wang Zheng said enthusiastically as he bounded across the pile of cylinders. He had not forgotten to give Bonehead a middle finger as well.

However, what awaited Wang Zheng was not some infinitely scary object. Instead, it was a beautiful lady. She had pristine skin that felt so tender that it seemed like it would break with a touch. She also had these huge, watery, and warm eyes…


Student Wang let out an anguished scream. This brother was still in his developing years!

Doesn't Bonehead have a bottom line?!?!?!

Bonehead looked very happy at the side. His two hands were flashing with electricity. Failure would be met with punishment!

After another half a month, Student Wang began to realize that everything was not what it seemed, especially Bonehead.

When he thought that the pile of cylinders training had ended, the arrangement had suddenly changed. He started with the Big Dipper Stakes arrangement, then the Three Stars Stakes, the Infinite Stars Stakes, the Heavenly Dipper Stakes, and lastly, the Bagua Stakes. What he originally thought was extremely easy ended up taking him almost five months to master.

Bonehead then made him train his focus. He would use poisonous snakes, knives, dead bodies, maggot nests, and some unheard of methods to attempt to distract Wang Zheng. So long as they could cause him discomfort, they would appear.

Wang Zheng's only source of entertainment would be that after training, he could hide in a corner and draw circles. Every circle was a Bonehead.

In the end, after he had been trapped for a year in this infernal hell, Wang Zheng's Primordial Regression Technique had improved to a significantly higher level. He had already become quite familiar with it. There was a pinky-sized cloud of gas that would circulate around the inside of his body. It used to appear very faintly when he practiced his Eight Stage Breathing technique, but it had gone through a qualitative improvement.

"Congratulations. The next up will be the third stage of training. This is also the last part of the first phase of your training," Skeleton said.

This was the first time that Wang Zheng felt that Bonehead seemed a little adorable. He immediately hugged Bonehead. "Wow, that's so nice of you. I'm finally going to be released from this! God has told me that I will be awakened from this nightmare! Hallelujah!"

Skeleton did not move. "Basic Skill – Leaning Landslide. I will demonstrate it once for you."

A rock pillar appeared in the space in front of them. Bonehead lowered his shoulder and rammed into it viciously with his willowy body.


Wang Zheng couldn't help applaud him. "That was a good tackle! Keep on going!"

In his heart, he couldn't help but hope that Bonehead would smash himself to pieces and turn into bone and potato soup!

"This is the Leaning Landslide. Now you're going to practice it."

"Is that it?" Wang Zheng had already been used to talking to himself. Bonehead often refused to answer of his questions.

If this was not considered the most dull form of training, then it would definitely be close. Wang Zheng began to miss the stake training. At the very least there would be some variation. All Wang Zheng did now was tackle the pillar endlessly every day. He even wondered if he had suffered some form of concussion.

He had to tackle with all his strength and only then would the pillar light up. Otherwise, what awaited Wang Zheng wasn't pleasant…

Each day was split into three parts. The first part involved him practicing his Primordial Regression Technique. The second part involved him tackling a pillar as though his life depended on it. The third part required him to open his eyes and observe carefully. What he was told to stare at was a leaf. Apparently, there was supposed to be a picture hidden on it. The day he manages to see it will be the day he passes this stage of his training.

Wang Zheng spent his days meditating, tackling the pillar, and staring at the leaf. He felt like his eyes were gradually getting larger and larger; he seemed to have developed double eyelids! Eventually, Wang Zheng managed to see the image on the leaf. It was just a drawing of Bonehead! F**k!

Another year slowly passed and Wang Zheng became more used to this life with each passing day. However, unexpectedly, the space had changed into what he first saw when he first arrived.

"Congratulations! You have already passed the first phase of training. You can now leave."


Wang Zheng was momentarily stunned. Truth be told, he had gotten used to this life after two years. He had to admit that his ability to adapt was absolutely tyrannical. Furthermore, he was not sure if he had gotten used to this abuse; he even felt a bit of affection towards Bonehead. Although he had been slightly cruel, this bastard was still pretty attentive when it came to his work.

However, now that an opportunity to leave rolled around, Wang Zheng was not going to let it slip by.

After laughing maniacally, Wang Zheng gave Bonehead a tight hug.

"Bonehead! Although you're extremely ugly, I still feel quite affectionate towards you. I think I will miss you."

"Once you have stored enough Battle Energy, we will engage in phase two of the training," Bonehead said quietly.

Wang Zheng was laughing inside. Your sister! Who in the world would want to come back? Continue having your fantastic dreams! Hahahahah!

"Training suggestion: in accordance to the secrecy act of the Super Soldier Program, if you do not gain enough Battle Energy in the next two years, the human destruction procedure will initiate."

Bonehead said seriously.

"What? Destruction procedure? What do you want to destroy? F**k. Do you have any human emotions?"

Wang Zheng couldn't help but mourn sadly.

"I will await the next time you arrive." This was the first time Bonehead had ever let out a stiff smile.

At this point, Wang Zheng felt space warp around him. His entire body had a feeling of abandonment.

GOD, Bonehead. You didn't even tell me what Battle Energy was!!!

"Bonehead! You can't play with me like this!" Wang Zheng shouted angrily as he stood up.

At this point, Wang Zheng had opened his eyes. He was already back home. His room smelled like a thousand farts had fermented inside it, so Wang Zheng immediately opened the windows. He had almost suffocated to death! F**k! What is this?!

Sunlight! Large fields! God! He was finally back!

After basking in the sunlight for a moment, he glanced at the clock on the wall… how could this be???

He remembered he had spent almost two years inside the Super Soldier Training Program. However, only two days of time had passed in reality. It was still the weekend. After opening his Skylink to double check, there was indeed nothing wrong. The only thing inside it was tens of messages from Xiaosu.

After slapping his face he wondered what had happened to the Rubik's Cube itself.

The Rubik's Cube had disappeared. There was only an empty box left behind. Wang Zheng couldn't help but suspect perhaps everything had just been a dream. An extremely long dream.

He jumped in joy. Bang…

Wang Zheng squatted down and held his head in pain while tears streamed down his cheeks. F**ck. He had almost killed himself by knocking against the ceiling!

However, there wasn't much time to think about all this. Wang Zheng immediately rushed towards the Old Merchant's bookstore. However, the house was empty, and on the table was a single letter.

"Brat, don't ask. I don't know anything. Keep a low profile and be careful so you don't get caught, because you will be used as a lab rat if you do. I wish you good luck. Also, I have taken away all of your spare change. Think of it as tuition fees for the past few years."

Spare change?

F**ck! Just kill me with a thousand knives! That was Wang Zheng's final reserve of money! Student Wang, who was about to become a proper adult in five months and ten days, only had 300 silver coins to his name!

Just how many days would he be able to eat for?

After ten minutes, Wang Zheng had tidied up his thoughts. He was still alive and the Rubik's Cube had become a tattoo on his body. His entire body also felt different as a result of the training. This was not a dream! And that Old Merchant wasn't an ordinary old man!

He was an old thief!

He actually had the gall to steal from a poor student. The heavens are unjust!

100 meters outside of that old house, the Old Merchant, who had changed his appearance, was staring quietly at the sad, howling Wang Zheng through a window. His face was full of happiness and excitement. "Brat, I know that you will be able to make it. I hope I will be able to live for a couple more years to see that happen."

Wang Zheng took away all of the food that was left behind in the bookstore; he didn't even leave behind the food that had expired. Granny's leg! Now that he had turned into a complete pauper, he had to save whatever money he could. He had already been trained from a young age with his dad. Furthermore, in this era, it was not so easy to trick people with his thousand year inheritance of the breathing technique. He didn't understand what his poor mother saw in that man.

And what about Battle Energy?

F**ck that. Who would fear death after those two years of hellish training?

Ah, spring; ah, sunshine, I, Wang Zheng, am finally back!

"Boss! Boss! I thought you had gone missing!"

Yan Xiaosu was extremely anxious. He was used to calling Wang Zheng "Boss" because he always had to copy his homework. After a period of time, he got used to calling him that. Wang Zheng was definitely a genius at homework, and Yan Xiaosu admired him greatly for this. However, he had only just passed his exams not too long ago.

"You wish I'd go missing. I just woke up." After hearing Yan Xiaosu's voice, Wang Zheng felt like he had just heard a goddess of beauty speak.

"Haha, Boss, I have another problem I need your help with. We need five players and I am missing one. I know you're not interested, but today is my promotion match's first round. I spent the last three months trying to get promoted. Xie Yuxin was supposed to help out, but something came up. Can you please give me a hand?"

Yan Xiaosu said tearfully.

Surprisingly, Wang Zheng replied with hesitation. "No problem!"

"Boss, I will love you in this life and the next."

"Scram. Give me five, no, wait ten minutes!"

Wang Zheng went to take a quick shower. He felt like he was so smelly that someone could die from the stench! All of the things he was not interested in before had suddenly become interesting. Granny's leg. Living is awesome!

Brothers Net Café.

This net café was the most popular one near the school. Even their slogan was good. "No brother isn't hot-blooded, and no brother will make it difficult for you to succeed in Wargod's Covenant!"

Even if there were four elites, if there was one weak link, the entire team would be defeated.

1 vs 5?

That was just a legend!

Wargod's Covenant was known as CT. It was the Milky Way Alliance's most popular mecha game. Mecha were mankind's most commonly used equipment when it came down to work or military usage. It was the perfect combination of both biological and mechanical engineering.

Through a tactile interface, a person's actions in the cockpit causes the mech to respond accordingly. Of course, a real mech's physical requirements were much higher. CT does not require such a level of skill; it is easy to control, and if one wants to be an expert at it, they require great battle awareness, skill, and experience.

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