Tempest of the Stellar War

Chapter 6: GODLIKE

Chapter 6: GODLIKE

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The Beast was originally a slow mech. Furthermore, in Yan Xiaosu's excitement, he had completely lost himself in the cadence. Suddenly, he had realized that he had wandered alone into the center of the battlefield.

A flurry of beams flashed towards him. F**k!

Mad Warrior did not retreat. At this point, if he were to do so, it would all be over. With Yan Xiaosu as a meat shield, the other three rushed forward to attack. With the three of them fighting, they would be able to destroy the enemy Demon Wolf

Beast Type 3's strong energy shield only lasted for a couple of seconds under the enemy's attacks. After a brief moment, he turned into a fireball.

Tall-Rich-Handsome OVER!


Yan Xiaosu angrily struck out. The enemy had destroyed him before retreating quickly. It was very clear that despite Mad Warrior's strong attacks, the enemy Demon Wolf had almost been destroyed. However, under the support of his teammates, the firepower was too strong and the Demon Wolf managed to escape.

This was a huge loss. The battle had turned into a 5 versus 3. Mad Warrior was angry as well. As a bronze player, getting played by newbies made him extremely angry.

"Tall-Rich-Handsome, since you played like that, we can't do anything either. That one behind you isn't very helpful either. It's over," Mad Warrior said.

Yan Xiaosu's fat face leaked a trace of anger and his tone turned sharp. "Boss, don't do this. Even if the situation has turned for the worst, you were bragging so arrogantly just now. Now that at this key moment you even blame my brother, you won't get a cent from me. However, if you win, I will double what I was going to pay you!"

No matter how good-natured he was, Yan Xiaosu could not tolerate that bastard insulting Wang Zheng. It looked like it was all over this time; such a good opportunity was lost, and he did not know when the next time would be.

The power of money was great. The three of them looked at each other. Even though they had created trouble for their client, he would still give them money? Who knew that Yan Xiaosu was so generous? They nodded their heads. With large compensation, they would really have to play properly now.

Never Admit Defeat revealed a grin. "Since our senior here is so generous, we have to show our skills. Old rules. Beat them to death."

Mad Warrior and Just Love Beating Beginners nodded their heads. In the blink of an eye, Never Admit Defeat had become their captain.

Although Mad Warrior had the highest rank among the three of them, Never Admit Defeat was the most skilled. He just did not play enough. The three of them now clearly played at a different levels compared to previously. Yan Xiaosu finally just realized that they had played him for a fool!

Never Admit Defeat went up to the left lane completely alone to bait the enemy. Although he seemed brave, it also showed how much confidence he had in his own skills. Mad Warrior and Just Love Beating Beginners took up the rear.

The intense battle left Yan Xiaosu completely delirious and drunk. On the other hand, Wang Zheng, who was enjoying the feeling of piloting a mech, was also observing the battlefield. A deep sense of anticipation rumbled from within him. Even his hands were shaking.

It had to be said that he was serious now!

People were afraid of getting serious. As a CT expert, once one got serious, they would disregard everything. The three of them were now going to showcase their skills. Although they were outnumbered, they slowly regained the advantage. The enemy Demon Wolf had already been weakened, but in the end it was destroyed.

That shot was extremely beautiful. Even Yan Xiaosu couldn't help but to clap his hands and cheer.

An expert was truly an expert!

Never Admit Defeat's position was exposed. After 10 minutes, both sides were clashing in the middle of the battlefield.

Mad Warrior had been destroyed. Just Love Beating Noobs had also been destroyed. Never Admit Defeat had single handedly destroyed three opponents but ran out of gas at the last moment. Right now, the enemies' Beast Type 3 had rushed into him.

The sniper mech had been cornered by the tank mech. The result was completely miserable.

Both opponents had fought a bloody battle. The Beast Type 3 grabbed the Hunter mech. Boom…

The Hunter mech had its head torn into two by the blade on the Beast mech's head. The opponent cheered as the Beast roared.

At this point in time, Yan Xiaosu was sighing. If they had just fought casually, a loss would not have meant much. However, he had played so seriously and had lost by a hair. Mad Warrior and his friends were angrily slamming against their cockpits.

The Beast mech rushed towards the enemy base. He felt extremely happy. Not far away, he suddenly noticed a target.

The Beast player suddenly jumped up in shock. He thought that he had fallen into a trap, but it turned out to only be a Wargod No. 1. F**k. No wonder he had not come out to fight. There was an idiot who had accidentally picked that mech.

Wang Zheng did not notice when he had walked out of the base. Never Admit Defeat couldn't help but to shout, "Use your laser rifle. There's still a chance. Hit him! KILL HIM!"

Yan Xiaosu was also getting anxious. "Boss, fire your rifle. Aim and fire! Hit him!"

Wang Zheng wanted to fire, but the question in his mind was…

"Gun? Where?"

Anguished wails could be heard. F**k. The Wargod No. 1 was already a bad mech. However, how could one not even know where their equipment was?

Had one ever seen a soldier who forgot to bring their equipment?

Yan Xiaosu knocked his head against the wall… It was over.

The opposing Beast was extremely happy. After playing for so long, this was still the first time he had ever met such a noob. He immediately shouted through the open communication channel, "My little friend on the opposing side, Big brother here is going to give you a good memory of your first game! Haha!"

The Beast suddenly rushed with absolutely shocking speed towards Wang Zheng.

Yan Xiaosu couldn't help but look at the sky and sigh. To be frank, the other three players did not even feel like scolding him. This was the end. They had fallen into an abyss.

They thought that they had clutched a life-saving straw, but it turned out that was just an illusion.

The Wargod No. 1 looked as though it had accepted its fate and stood there blankly.

Brittleskin versus a heavily armoured demonic beast!

Death was the only outcome.

Bang… Bang… Boom! Flowers of fire erupted in every direction!

The entire room was silent. The computer's voice echoed out:

Ironhearted Mad Warrior, OVER!

Team Destroyed!

Red Team WIN!

In this brief moment, the opponent started to celebrate. Then they suddenly stopped, shocked as they could not believe their eyes.

Wait, what? Red Team won?

F**k, was there something wrong?!

Did the system mess up?

At that moment, the only mech standing on the battlefield was the Wargod No. 1. The Beast Type 3 had been destroyed.

Wang Zheng closed his two eyes as he re-experienced the adrenaline rush. Suddenly, his eyes flashed open and flared with excitement.


The last kill was replayed slowly.

The Beast mech had rushed over. However, Wang Zheng was so excited that his trembling hands had suddenly become icy cold. The Wargod No. 1 tilted 45 degrees to the side and upon being struck, was pushed back 45 meters. However, what was surprising was that the attack had been blocked! What was more amazing was that at that moment, taking advantage of the momentum, the huge Beast Type 3 had been thrown into the sky and landed upside down!

The Beast mech's head had landed a large rock, collapsing inwards and becoming warped before finally exploding.

A completely unarmed Wargod No. 1 remained!

"F**k, f**k, f**k. Did you see that? That was an expert. All of you have fallen for a scam! Your entire family is a scam!

The opponents on the other team immediately logged off. They could not tarry any longer. Their fully equipped Beat had been destroyed by an unarmed Brittleskin. This was extremely humiliating.

The three bronze players also had nothing much to brag about. The entire group of them also went offline.

Leaving Brother's Net Café, Yan Xiaosu could not control his excitement. He was even happier about this than the fact that he was promoted to bronze rank.

"Boss, your luck is just too good. As I was saying, the seasons will change accordingly! It is time for you to shine!" Yan Xiaosu was not a newbie. The Brittleskin being able to block the Beast's attack, if not for luck, what else could it have been?

Wang Zheng gave him a slight smile. Deep down he was not as calm as he had looked. At that moment in time, Wang Zheng felt truly alive; it was as though a door had opened in front of him.

This was what it meant to battle!

At this point in time, Wang Zheng began to anticipate going back to the Rubik's Cube. If this was only the first phase of training, what would the latter stages bring?

Originally, Yan Xiaosu was planning to bring Wang Zheng out for dinner. However, his dad had sent an explosive Skylink message asking Xiaosu to go back. That brat had actually used his school fees to hire the players just now. It made his dad so angry that he was going to explode.

After arriving home, Wang Zheng took off his clothes. He examined the Rubik's Cube tattoo on his chest carefully. At that moment after the battle, the Rubik's Cube tattoo had heated up. After thinking about it, Wang Zheng figured that this must have been that so-called Battle Energy. Bonehead had once said that battle energy was battle comprehension. Technology was a non-living thing, so in order to fully integrate the lessons he learned, it required one to engage in real battles. This was the only way to create a battle system that fit the individual. This was the Rubik's Cube's Battle Energy!

Every single Super Soldier was unique and unbeatable.

Wang Zheng carefully examined the Rubik's Cube tattoo. In the centre of the thin, white outline was a small red dot. This was Battle Energy!

He could not participate in military battles and could not join the underworld to engage in street fights, so CT was the only way he could temper himself.

He would not need to be destroyed! Wang Zheng could not help but whistle a happy tune!

When there is a will, there is a way!

At Dawn Middle School.

During the last period of time before graduation, only those who were planning to enter Ares Military College were worried about their entrance examinations. A majority of the individuals were currently enjoying the last period of their middle school lives.

Wang Zheng had become famous due to the previous incident. On the road there, Yan Xiaosu was constantly happily greeting people.

"Boss, am I extremely handsome today? Why are there so many people looking at us?"

Yan Xiaosu did not realize what was going on. Wang Zheng gave him a bitter smile. This was basically all his fault. Wang Zheng was just helping Xiaosu clean his ass.

At this time, two girls walked over. They looked as though they were waiting for them. It was Dawn Middle School's two famous individuals, Yue Jing and Ye Zisu. The two girls had dressed up carefully, and their spotless white skin did not require much makeup. However, their exquisite jewelry only made them look even more beautiful. In addition to their specially tailored uniforms, it made the two of them look absolutely stunning. Their surrounding fans were absolutely smitten by them.

"Student Wang, my birthday is this weekend. Are you free on that day?" Yue Jing asked, with a warm smile. It was as though a hundred flowers were blooming. Yan Xiaosu, who was standing at the side, was absolutely dazed. He had never, ever seen Yue Jing speak so warmly.

"I am not…" Wang Zheng did not feel any attraction towards such an individual. However, Yan Xiaosu, who was standing at the side, couldn't help but reply for him. "Yes. Definitely free. Being able to attend Student Yue Jing's birthday celebration is my honor!"

Yan Xiaosu had immediately invited himself along with Wang Zheng.

"Haha, You must be student Yan Xiaosu. You are indeed quite cute, " Ye Zisu said.

Yan Xiaosu felt as though he was floating in the clouds. He stuck his chest out. After growing up for so long, he had finally become a man!

The students around them were absolutely shocked. What was going on? How did these two have the qualifications to attend these goddess' birthday parties?

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