Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Chapter 413

Shuna and Shion were to participate in the competition as well.

I was overjoyed at the time. Shuna then muttered with a soft voice, “Lord Rimuru, for the cheerleading, please wear that outfit …,” but I was too excited to pay any heed to what she said.

Little that I know I would regret it on the day of the sports festival ….

The remaining personnel, Benimaru, Souei, and Geld formed the cheering party.

Of course, Milim took part in it as well, as promised.

The meeting on that day was adjourned after the role of each person was decided.

# # #

Two days had passed since that meeting in the conference room.

Without delay, the cultural festival was officially opened.

The speed in which we organized an event in this kingdom was second to none.

However, since the main purpose of this event was to give the participants a hands-on occupation experience, by having a few people working for a fixed number of hours in rotation to each stall would give enough experience for everyone. No major problems occurred because the personnel working support were vigilant.

Many minor troubles occurred, but those were quite entertaining. By identifying the small details that had possibilities of generating a major incident, everyone was able to reflect upon them and take precautions. Accidents could easily be born from trivial mistakes. And mistakes often happened when you were too used to the job.

It seemed that this school festival provided an opportunity to understand that as well.

Because the amateur participants were not familiar with the work, they became more cautious and asked more questions. They asked surprisingly stupid questions as well.

Personnel overwhelmed with questions they did not have the answer to, panicked. They immediately cried to their seniors and were told to participate in the compulsory training. Nevertheless, they were pleased with the valuable experience.

For this very reason, the event was unexpectedly informative for the personnel working support as well.

It seemed that even the participants who usually work in managing a store came to understand the difficulties faced by those working the stalls. In the future, the number of people issuing unreasonable orders should decrease. Thus, it could be said that the event was truly meaningful.

The cultural festival, which brought more good impact than I had expected, was held for two full days and ended without any problems.

Then, the planned sports festival began.

Milim had been enjoying buying and eating all kinds of food for the past two days.

I was exhausted from baby-sitting the participants.

Shuna cheerfully appeared in front of our exhausted figures.

“Lord Rimuru, and also Lady Milim. I have especially prepared these outfits for today! Please wear these and cheer for us, okay!”

When I unfolded the clothes that were handed to me, I found a sleeveless V-neck top and a fluttering miniskirt.


A cheerleader outfit.

— I mean, wait, wait, wait!!

She wanted me to wear this?!

I was already made to wear maid clothes to serve customers yesterday!

Keeping up with Milim was agonizing. Shion and Shuna were hard to keep up with, too.

Thanks to the four of us wearing maid clothes, the sales that day shot through the roof. From noon to dusk, we were working non-stop to serve the customers who were standing in a long lines waiting for their turns to be served.

I was so busy that I had not the time to feel shy. I felt comfortable, so to speak, but … that was by means I was okay with the getup. Absolutely, not okay with it!

“Wait a minute —.”

“Hahahahaha! Wearing this, it is so easy to move!”

“Wow, you look great, Lady Milim!”

“Really! Very cute.”

My protest came a little too late.

Milim had already changed into the cheerleader’s outfit in a blink of an eye. Upon seeing that, Shuna and Shion started to flatter her.

“Lord Rimuru, you should hurry up and change, too!”

“No, like I said, I’m … originally a man —.”

“Do you dislike wearing matching clothes with me?”

“Like I said, that’s not the problem!”

Like swimming against the current in a great river, I was powerless to go against them.

I mean, ever since that idol incident, seemed like Shuna had been attempting to dress me up as a girl whenever she had the chance.

“Hee-hee. Lord Rimuru, you promised to be my supporter, didn’t you?”

Witnessing that smile, I could only think that perhaps Shuna might have been under stress as well.

As was the case with the idol activity, surprisingly, Shuna did not resist wearing such clothes. I thought it was the same way this time, too, since she wore the gym clothes so willingly, it seemed like it was not just my wild guess.

If she wanted to dress me up like this, I can’t purposely —.

I felt bad to deny her the pleasure.

Benimaru was looking at me with a sympathetic gaze.

“Don’t just look, help me!”

“That’s impossible. Just give in already ….”

When it came to Shuna, Benimaru and Souei could not be relied upon. Realizing that, while tasting the bitterness of life, I gave up and held the cheerleader’s outfit in my hands ….

The sports festival was getting very exciting.

The results were also unexpected. A team of girls, including Shion, Shuna, Haruna and Souka, won the obstacle race.

No …. This result might be reasonable since Shion entered the competition. It was more accurate to say that the male participants were disappointing because Gabiru and his group were not strong enough to compete against Shion.

Well, it could not be helped.

If future opportunities arise, I think it would be better to prepare more carefully and divide the team more appropriately.

The bravery of the girls that unfolded during the fierce competition was magnificent, the cheering from Milim and me was most certainly contributed to the excitement of the sports festival as well.

Anyway, the original purpose was fulfilled. The students had fun, and the event concluded with great success.

Incidentally —

Because of how the event progressed, — a new entertainment was born in Tempest.

Unknowingly, a popularity contest had already been held.

As a result, Shuna, Milim, and I came to be nicknamed as the three great idols, but … it took a while before I knew about that fact.

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