The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1045 - Shen Manting Attempted Suicide

Chapter 1045: Shen Manting Attempted Suicide

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Shen Luo’an had a faint sense of foreboding. After putting the food down, he knocked on the bathroom door.

He wanted to open it, but it was locked from the inside. He twisted it hard, but it didn’t move at all.

“Manting?” As Shen Luo’an knocked on the door, he shouted, “Are you inside? Open the door!”

However, it was silent inside. Suddenly, a sound of something falling on the ground came from the bathroom. It was like thunder striking Shen Luo’an’s heart.

He was shocked, so he knocked harder. There was still no response.

Someone outside heard his shouting and rushed over. No matter how they knocked on the door or how they shouted, the person inside didn’t open the door.

Shen Luo’an’s face became solemn. He had a bad feeling deep down. He growled, “Get out of the way!”

He grabbed a solid wood stool from inside the room and smashed the lock on the bathroom door. He didn’t succeed the first time. After several tries, the lock became a little loose.

Finally, he slammed into the door, and it opened. At the first glance, he saw Shen Manting leaning against the glass door of the shower room.

There was a bottle of shower gel and a bottle of shampoo in front of her. She had foam at the corner of her mouth. The two bottles were completely empty.

Seeing the scene, Shen Luo’an was shocked. His brain became blank. All his consciousness and sensibility seemed to disappear.

“Oh my god!” a man behind him exclaimed and ran to where Shen Manting was. Once he saw her, he shouted, “God! Ambulance! Call the ambulance!”

There was sudden chaos. Shen Luo’an stood where he was stunned. As he watched people running forth and back, he didn’t know what he should do.

He was scared stiff. Has she attempted suicide because I forced her to make love to me? No, impossible. I know Shen Manting clearly. She is not such a woman!

Temporarily lost at sea, Shen Luo’an went forward and took Shen Manting’s body from Sister Zhang’s hand and held her up. He was flustered and frightened as he shouted, “Get out of the way!”

In Paris…

Inside a presidential suite, a man and a woman were entwined with each other. The sound of their rapid breath was particularly clear in the quiet room.

After a while, the phone rang. The sound echoed in that spacious room.

Ou Ming raised his head and glanced at his phone. He saw it was his mother. He gently loosened Yu Lili and said, “It’s my mother. I better take her call.”

Yu Lili was lying on the bed half-dressed. Her bra was untied and hanging loosely on her.

Ou Ming only wore a shirt and trousers. His thick coat had long been taken off.

After adjusting his breath, he answered the phone. “Hello mom.”

Qiao Ziqing sounded like she was crying. She shouted, “Ou, come back quickly! You have made big trouble!”

His mother rarely cried. It was extremely difficult for him to picture her speaking and crying.

Ou Ming was stunned. He calmed down and asked, “Mom, tell me what has happened slowly.”

“You have committed a sin! Manting has attempted suicide by drinking a bottle of shower gel and a bottle of shampoo,” his mother said. “She has already been sent to the hospital to pump her stomach. See what you have done! Xiao Ou, you have really made big trouble this time!”

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