The 99th Divorce

Chapter 1151 - A Handicapped Person

Chapter 1151: A Handicapped Person

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Yu Lili blinked and thought about Jiao Ziqing’s hesitation when speaking to her moments before.

So that’s what she wanted to say? But…

“But, I don’t want to.” Yu Lili’s tone was somewhat abrupt. She lowered the tray onto a table nearby and said, “Ou Ming, I won’t be coming over anymore after your hand gets better.”

“Why?” Ou Ming asked.

“Your mother hates me very much,” Yu Lili said.

Furthermore, his mother had declared it very clearly the night before that she would never accept Yu Lili. Instead of having to deal with her cutting remarks and mockery, it was easier not to come at all. She couldn’t deal with it.

Ou Ming stretched out his uninjured hand and said, “Let’s move out. We’ll go back to my apartment and live together.”

“I won’t be able to take good care of you, Ou Ming,” Yu Lili said.

She wasn’t qualified to at this point, and Jiao Ziqing would never approve of it.

“I want to be with you. Nobody can stop it.” Ou Ming left his hand hanging in resolution, waiting for her to hold it.

Yu Lili looked at his hand and gently pressed it down back to its original position. “Let’s eat,” she said.

This small gesture suddenly chilled Ou Ming to the bone. She didn’t take his hand. Had it begun? Considering her impatience and displeasure, had she thought it through and decided that a life with a blind man was not what she wanted? Did she not want to marry a blind man like him anymore?

The sentiment weighed heavily on Ou Ming to the point that it was almost suffocating.

Yu Lili sensed a change in Ou Ming’s movements. She narrowed her eyes, but she proceeded to pick up the chopsticks and feed him anyway.

Neither of them said a word throughout the whole meal.

When they were done, Yu Lili cleared the table and went down to the kitchen to wash the dishes. When she went back up, she discovered that the door was locked.

She was shocked when she couldn’t open the door. She knocked on the door and called out, “Ou Ming?”

There was no answer.

Ou Ming leaned on the couch and closed his eyes. Even when he heard Yu Lili calling him from outside, he didn’t stir.

The banging on the door became more frantic. Yu Lili’s voice started to get more panicky. “Ou Ming! What are you doing inside? Open the door!”

Ou Ming found that statement entirely laughable.

What was that supposed to mean? Is she afraid I’ll die? Is she afraid that I’ll kill myself?

Ou Ming laughed to himself and realized that his eyes were wet with tears.

To think that he was that weak and feeble in the eyes of others, what a pathetic state he was in. Even if he was blind or handicapped, as long as he wasn’t dead, Ou Ming was still undefeated.

So, why was everyone around him acting the same way? His mother was acting that way. Yu Lili was also acting that way. Everyone pitied him and treated him like a disabled person.

If she was so unwilling, why did she still come? Was it just because he was handicapped and had used a hunger strike to threaten them?

Ou Ming realized despairingly that other than being handicapped, he had no other qualities.

“That’s enough,” Ou Ming replied. The volume was loud, but it was just enough for the person outside to hear it. “Leave. I would like to rest on my own.”

Yu Lili’s heart twisted. She knocked again twice on the door in panic. “I’ll accompany you. Would you please open the door?”

“Leave.” Ou Ming’s voice was even lower and hoarser. At the same time, it sounded like he was biting back a bitter laughter. “I want to be alone.”

Don’t come again. Don’t come again ever. This way, you wouldn’t be uncomfortable. And, you won’t have to withstand my mother’s insults and humiliation.

It had been too selfish of him not to consider her feelings. Never again. A handicapped person didn’t have the right to tie anyone down.

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