The 99th Divorce

Chapter 755 - Let’s Communicate In Depth Tonight

Chapter 755: Let’s Communicate In Depth Tonight

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Lu Yihan had stood in place for a long time, as if he was scared. Even he did not know how long he had stood there. He lowered his head, and the ash of cigarettes had fallen to the carpet. His finger was about to get burned. After a long time, he suddenly chuckled as if he was angry. Stepping into the bathroom, irritated, he threw the cigarette butt into the toilet and flushed it. The sound of flushing sounded and he saw that the cigarette butt was washed away. Lu Yihan inexplicably felt a bit relieved, as if the bad things were washed away. However, thinking of the behavior of Luo Zhan just now, he couldn’t help but scratch his head and curse, “Motherf**ker! What the hell!”

The exceptionally popular, exceptionally sensational, and exceptionally dreamy wedding broadcast was big news throughout the country. The news, the network, the big screens of various shopping malls, the little screens on buses and subways were all about the wedding scene of Su Qianci and Li Sicheng. This kind of popularity was comparable to the US presidential election.

A slender, tall figure was sitting at the bar, making a cocktail. Wearing a red fishtail skirt with sequins, she was sexy and hot, with a beautiful and delicate mask on her face, showing only a small mouth like a cherry and a pair of beautiful big eyes. The guests who came and went gathered at the bar and looked at her with lust. The beautiful woman was concentrating on making the drink with a smile. Her hot and glamorous lip color was breathtaking. She enjoyed the obsessive looks around her very much. Tang Mengying winked and gently lifted the corner of her eye. “Who ordered passionate desert?”

“It’s mine.” A young and handsome man reached out a hand.

However, it was deliberately put forward, holding Tang Mengying’s bare wrist, gently stroking. He whispered, “Tonight, do you have any arrangement?”

This was the famous masquerade bar in town. The attraction was the thrill.

The bartenders came and went often, but every bartender was carefully adjusted and taught. With their great bartending skills and beautiful appearances, they brought profits to the bar. On the surface, they were bartenders. But actually an alternative deal was often made.

The beautiful girl pulled her hand back and pushed back, whispering, “Stop it, I am still working.”

The young man smirked and sat down in front of her. “My passion is like a desert. This cup of passionate desert is for you.”

The beauty laughed. “Really?”

“Of course.” he smiled in a flirty way. “Let’s communicate in depth tonight, so that you can learn more about my passion?”

“This depends on whether the boss would let me go.” The beauty looked like she was torn.

The young man chuckled and shouted, “Old Gao!”

Gao was the owner of this bar and he knew a lot of people. At this moment, when he saw the young man, his expression suddenly changed. He smiled and walked over, “Young Master Zhao, what happened?”

“This beauty, I want to take her away tonight. Is that fine?”

Gao heard that and smiled sensibly. “Of course, Guo, why don’t you thank Young Master Zhao?”

The beautiful woman nodded. “Thank you, Young Master Zhao.”

“What’s your name?”

“Guo Xiaomei (Translator’s note: Xiaomei means small beauty).”

“That’s too modest. A beauty like you, it should be super beautiful, or the most beautiful. Let’s go, Miss Guo.”

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