The 99th Divorce

Chapter 930 - My Loved One Is Ou Ming..

Chapter 930: My Loved One Is Ou Ming..

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Their voices were very low, so the people outside could not hear them.

Holding the lighter in his hand, Shen Zhilie looked at her and said in a charming voice, “In this flame, you can see your loved one. Who is it?”

“Ou Ming.”

“Yes. He looks at you from inside, smiles at you, and is coming towards you.”

Yu Lili smiled and looked forward with a blank expression.

Ou Ming is coming towards me.

He is wearing a straight burgundy suit, and his beautiful eyes are smiling. He walks over to my side and kneels beside me.

She didn’t realize that the person standing in front of her was Shen Zhilie. She reached out to that person in front of her and whispered, “Hug me.”

Seeing her like that, Ou Ming didn’t feel well. When he was about to walk in, Luo Ran stopped him and said, “Don’t worry, he is a doctor. Maybe we should wait outside.”

Luo Zhan also agreed, because looking at Ou Ming, he was really afraid that Ou Ming would suddenly rush in. Thus, Luo Zhan said, “Yeah, Ou Ming, let’s wait outside. If you suddenly break in there during the hypnosis and do something, your girl might become crazy.”

Going crazy was an exaggeration, but Ou Ming couldn’t cause Yu Lili any trouble. After watching for a moment longer, Ou Ming nodded and followed them out.

When Shen Zhilie noticed that they had left, he became more open. He reached out to Yu Lili and said, “I am Ou Ming.”

“Yeah, Ou Ming.” Yu Lili held his waist and looked up at him.

“What are you most afraid of me doing?” Shen Zhilie asked. His palm gently rubbed her face.

She pouted, and her eyes turned red. Then she said, “Scolding me.”

“What have I said to you?”

“You called me a b*tch… called me a woman who sold her body, I…” she said in tears and held Shen Zhilie’s waist. However, she suddenly looked up and pushed him away.

Shen Zhilie’s expression immediately changed. He took two steps back and tried to say, “B*tch, going to sell yourself again?”

The face that was originally vague in front of her suddenly became clear again.

It is him, it’s Ou Ming!

Hearing what he said, she felt that she was wronged to the extreme. After that, she shouted, “I didn’t do that. I didn’t do that!”

“Are you in pain? What have I done that made you feel most pain? What was it? Do you remember?” Shen Zhilie asked, looking at her. “The things that I did used to hurt you. Do you remember?”

Yu Lili felt chaos in her mind, and she was developing a headache.

Shen Zhilie noticed her change and continued to ask, “I did something that caused you pain and suffering. What was it?”

She frowned and her headache got worse. She shook her head and shouted, “I don’t know, I don’t know!”

“You know it, but you don’t want to recall it. You deliberately forgot what happened because you want to stay with him, so you selectively lost the memory of that painful moment.”

That thing is the most important key to her psychological health.

Shen Zhilie was certain that she had really lost a memory.

That memory inflicts pain on her. However, what is it?

Her head felt like it was being run over by a big truck.

Is there such a thing? I forgot, forgot…

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