The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1265 - 1265 Fighting the Horned Dragon!

Chapter 1265 - 1265 Fighting the Horned Dragon!

1265 Fighting the Horned Dragon!

Jordan was already in full combat mode. Compared to arguing with these golden mutants who he could not figure out, he might as well fight to his heart’s content!

However, Jordan did not target the golden-horned dragon above his head.

No matter what, this was a competition between Jordan and Mike Baylor. As long as Jordan could subdue Mike Baylor, he would win. There was no need for him to fight the dragon.

Therefore, Jordan took the initiative and attacked Mike Baylor by surprise!


“Master, be careful!”

Randall reminded when he saw Jordan sneak attack Mike Baylor.

As for Mike Baylor, he was a dignified golden mutant. How could he be so stupid? He flew into the air and landed on the golden-horned dragon, avoiding Jordan’s sneak attack.

“My God, Mr. Baylor can fly! It’s so cool!”

“He’s like a god! Although Jordan is also a golden mutant, he doesn’t seem to have the ability to fly!”

The members of the Mutant Tribe started to worship Mike Baylor.

Mike Baylor smiled at Jordan from above and said, “You want to fight me directly? No, you won’t have the chance.”

Then, Mike Baylor patted his dragon and said, “Big baby, teach this guy a lesson!”

In the next second, the golden-horned dragon immediately roared and attacked Jordan!


The golden-horned dragon used the Divine Dragon Tail Swing first. Its mammoth tail slowly attacked Jordan from the sky.

Initially, when the horned dragon was in the sky, Jordan did not see how huge its tail was. However, as it got closer and closer, Jordan realized that the horned dragon’s tail was massive!

As such, Jordan did not dare to be careless. He immediately stood up to dodge and attacked the horned dragon’s tail.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Jordan launched lava and fireball attacks at the horned dragon’s tail!


Sensing the scorching flame attack, the horned dragon immediately roared.

“What is this!”

Mike Baylor, who was in the sky, was slightly shocked when he saw that. He did not expect Jordan to be able to launch such a fire attack.

The Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa had the same feeling. They continued to watch Jordan’s attacks seriously.

Initially, Jordan thought that he could use such an attack to injure the horned dragon. However, he did not expect the horned dragon’s defense to be too strong. Moreover, it was too big and only a small portion of it was burned. It was not affected at all.


Enraged by Jordan’s attack, the golden-horned dragon launched an even more violent attack. It opened its mouth and spat flames at Jordan!

“Heavens, this dragon can spit fire!”

“The Divine Dragon spits fire! So powerful! Jordan is doomed this time!”

Jordan was also shocked. He did not expect the horned dragon to have the ability to attack with fire. Moreover, this raging fire was attacking him very fiercely.

Jordan dodged quickly, but his body was too small compared to the horned dragon. Moreover, the horned dragon was in the sky while Jordan was on the ground.

It was like a person teasing an ant on the table. No matter how you ran, you would not be able to escape.

“Damn it!”

Jordan was a little frustrated. He did not expect that the dragon created by Mike Baylor was really as the legends said. It could spit fire and he believed that it could spit water too.

“No, this dragon is too powerful. I can’t wait for death. I have to take the initiative to attack!”

Jordan took out the Iron Man Armor and forcefully took a flaming attack from the horned dragon. Then, he soared into the sky. He was at the same height as the golden-horned dragon.

Seeing that Jordan had also flown up, Mike Baylor flew down directly and stood beside the Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa.

Mike Baylor smiled and said, “It doesn’t seem wise for this kid to fight my Horned Dragon in the sky.”

Jiumo Kasyapa also said, “Amitabha. Deity Jordan has yet to awaken his flying ability. I don’t know how long he can last with his technological armor.”

Mike Baylor snorted. “Two more spits of fire and his armor will turn to ash.”

The Moon Maiden looked at Jordan in the sky. “He should know that he’s no match for him in the sky. Why do I feel that he has other motives?”

The moon maiden’s guess was correct. Jordan had flown up specifically not to fight the golden-horned dragon in the sky, but to seal the horned dragon’s “mouth”!

Since the golden-horned dragon could spit fire, Jordan would seal its mouth directly!

Jordan took the initiative to fly in front of the golden-horned dragon to lure it to attack.

As expected, the golden-horned dragon was tricked. It immediately opened its mouth and prepared to attack Jordan again.

However, the moment the golden-horned dragon opened its mouth, Jordan was the first to create something out of nothing. He created piles of rocks the size of the dragon’s mouth and stuffed them into the horned dragon’s mouth!

“Oh sh*t!”

Mike Baylor, who was on the ground, realized what Jordan was thinking.

Bang bang bang bang bang bang!

Incomparably hard rocks were stuffed into the golden-horned dragon’s mouth one after another.

Other than rocks, Jordan had also conjured a lot of things. Rubber, rotten trees, and poisonous grass. To fill the golden-horned dragon’s mouth as quickly as possible, Jordan did not have time to think. He conjured whatever came to mind.

There was even a box of Durex stuffed inside.

Salvatore was also shocked. “Damn! Mr. Jordan is mighty! I saw some familiar things! Can that sort of thing be digested if fed to the horned dragon?”

Rong Bingshao was also dumbfounded. “Jordan really has a hundred ways to deal with the enemy. Thankfully, he didn’t use this move against me when he fought me. If he stuffed so many things into my mouth, I would feel worse than dying.”

In just a few seconds, Jordan had conjured hundreds of things and stuffed them into the golden-horned dragon’s mouth.

The golden-horned dragon was completely unprepared and many things were swallowed.

“Don’t eat it!”

Mike Baylor warned the golden-horned dragon, but it was too late.

The huge body of the golden-horned dragon began to sway in the air.

After a few seconds…


The golden-horned dragon actually vomited!

“Damn! The Horned Dragon vomited! F*ck, the smell is so strong, I’m going to vomit too.”

“To be able to make such a powerful golden-horned dragon vomit, Jordan is extraordinary!”

At this moment, Mike Baylor did not look too good. The Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa looked impressed. They were both stunned by Jordan.

The Moon Maiden even praised him directly, “Jordan, this young man, always has wild ideas. If it were me, I would never have thought of using this move to deal with the golden-horned dragon.”

His incomparably mighty golden-horned dragon had vomited in public, making Mike Baylor feel very embarrassed.

Mike Baylor directly reprimanded, “Don’t embarrass me anymore! Use your strength!”

When the golden-horned dragon heard Mike Baylor’s order, it pulled itself together. Coupled with Jordan’s humiliation just now, it was furious!

The golden-horned dragon danced continuously in the sky. The sky also changed abruptly, and lightning kept appearing.


The golden-horned dragon drew a bolt of lightning and attacked Jordan!

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