The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 1278 - 1278 Rejecting Victoria!

Chapter 1278 - 1278 Rejecting Victoria!

1278 Rejecting Victoria!

Jordan admitted to this matter generously. He was not like Randall who liked to lie. Of course, Jordan still felt embarrassed to tell his old lover about this.

Victoria wasn’t surprised at all and nodded. “Yes, I know.”

Jordan was shocked and asked in confusion, “You know?”

Victoria nodded. “I’ve met Mike Baylor. He told me about it and his grand plan.”


Jordan did not expect Victoria to have met with Mike Baylor. He could not help but wonder why Victoria was here this time.

“Why are you here?”

Victoria did not beat around the bush anymore. “Jordan, I’ve heard their grand plan and witnessed the power of the three golden mutants. I don’t think they’re lying to you. Think about it. If they really want to harm you, why would they go so far as to make you only give up a quarter of your bloodline? With their strength, wouldn’t it be more straightforward for the three of them to gang up on you?

“And I don’t think the three of them have any wild ambitions. Think about it. They’ve been golden mutants for so long, but they haven’t dominated the world or created chaos. If they’re really bad people, the world couldn’t have been controlled by the Eight Great Families for the past few decades.”

From her words, Jordan immediately saw through Victoria’s purpose for coming here. He asked directly, “Are you here to persuade me to agree to their conditions and create another golden mutant? Did Mike Baylor promise you to be the fifth golden mutant?”

Victoria didn’t hide anything. “Yes, as long as you agree, I think the Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa won’t refuse. I admit that I really want to become a golden mutant, just like you… Jordan, can you fulfill my wish?”

No wonder Victoria took the initiative to meet Jordan after they broke up at Immortal Lake. It was because she wanted to become a golden mutant!

Victoria had always been a very ambitious woman. Jordan had long guessed that if she knew that a purple mutant had the chance to become a golden mutant, she would definitely be tempted.

Jordan said to Victoria directly, “I can understand your desire to become a golden mutant. If I were a purple mutant and had the chance to become a golden mutant, I might be as excited as you. However, I won’t agree to cooperate with them. Mike Baylor is definitely not a good person. I suspect that he has something to do with the fact that the memories of many people have been tampered with. As for the Moon Maiden and Jiumo Kasyapa, although they seem friendly, who knows if they are feigning civility and harboring evil intentions?”

Victoria retorted, “Even if they are bad people, you have the ability to predict the future, so you don’t need to be afraid of them.”

Jordan chuckled softly, “If my prediction ability was so invincible, I wouldn’t be like an idiot. After all, I didn’t even know that you and my uncle were sleeping in the room next to mine.”

Victoria knew that Jordan still blamed her for that night with his uncle. She felt that Jordan was unwilling to agree because he hated her for that.

Victoria said guiltily, “Jordan, I ran out of your room that night. I wanted you to chase after me, but you didn’t come. I was a little angry, so… I’m sorry. No matter what, I shouldn’t have had sex with your uncle. I formally apologize. Also, I made a mistake when you pretended to be William in the capital. I’m sorry. I hope you can forgive me.”

Victoria apologized to Jordan consecutively.

Even when Jordan revealed his golden mutant identity, Victoria did not beg for forgiveness. She even slapped Jordan.

However, Victoria, who had always been arrogant, had never felt that she had done anything wrong. She thought that Jordan was in the wrong. Now, she formally apologized to Jordan.

If Victoria had apologized with such an attitude on the night Jordan and Victoria broke up, Jordan might have forgiven her.

Jordan knew that just a few days ago, Victoria thought that Jordan was the cause of all this. It was Jordan and the Steeles who had let her down.

But now, it was impossible for her to change her mind so quickly.

‘She’s only apologizing to me because she wanted to become a golden mutant,’ Jordan mused in his mind.

Victoria continued, “Jordan, if you think that those three people are bad and want to harm you, you should agree to let them turn me into a golden mutant. If I become a golden mutant, once they want to deal with you, I can join forces with you and help you deal with them. If my mental control is raised to the golden level, I believe that I can even control Mike Baylor and the others!”

Jordan was very grateful that Victoria was willing to help him. However, he still shook his head.

“Victoria, those three are extremely intelligent people. If they wanted to harm me, why would they create a golden mutant helper for me? This matter is not that simple.”

Hearing this, Victoria said, “Is it because you’re overthinking things? Or is it because you hate me for letting you down, so you don’t want to agree? You don’t want to see me become a golden mutant, right? You don’t think I’m worthy, right?”

Jordan was speechless. “I didn’t.”

Victoria suddenly burst into tears and started sobbing.

After a few seconds, Victoria knelt in front of Jordan with both legs. She said with tears in her eyes, “Jordan, I beg you, I beg you, please help me this time, okay? This is also helping yourself. After I become a golden mutant, I will definitely not harm you. Can you give me a chance to make it up to you? You saved my life. I’m willing to return it to you!”

Jordan did not expect Victoria to kneel to him!

“Victoria, what are you doing!”

Jordan quickly helped Victoria up. He was in a mess because of Victoria.

Outside, Lauren could not help but peek into the room curiously when she heard Jordan’s sudden heavy tone. She was also extremely shocked to see Victoria kneeling to Jordan.

“Did Victoria ask her husband to get back together?”

Lauren thought that Victoria wanted to get back together with Jordan.

In the room, Jordan pulled Victoria up. He felt helpless as he looked at Victoria who had been crying.

Victoria had already said that she was willing to help Jordan after she became a golden mutant. She was even willing to return her life to him at a critical moment. Jordan could not blame her anymore.

Jordan said helplessly, “Victoria, it’s not that I don’t want you to become a golden mutant. If you have the chance to become a golden mutant, I’ll be happy for you too. However, I can’t agree to their request just because of you. I’m sorry. No matter what you say, I won’t agree to this!”

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