The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Becoming The CEO!

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Chief Lee glanced at Hailey and Tyler and could immediately tell that they had an extraordinary relationship.

Chief Lee said, “Ms. Camden, we don’t have the right to arrest Mr. Jordan until there is definite evidence against him.”

“If you insist that we arrest him, please produce evidence like videos or photos of him stealing the watch or any proof of him selling the watch in exchange for money.”

“Also, stop calling your ex-husband a pauper or a good-for-nothing. After all, the two of you used to be a married couple, and those words are just too hurtful.”


Hailey Camden snorted coldly, “I’m not wrong. If he was a little more competent, I wouldn’t have divorced him!”

“You were the one who initiated a divorce with Jordan… Mr. Steele?”

Still looking incredibly smug, Hailey answered, “Yeah, I initiated the divorce! Has he already regretted it?”

The police officer didn’t dare to reveal Jordan’s true identity and hence had no choice but to smile and give Hailey a thumbs-up.

Deep down, he thought, ‘You should be the one regretting your decision to divorce the CEO of Ace Corporation, who has a net worth of billions of dollars!’

Seeing that the two police officers were leaving, Hailey asked again, “Um… was there a woman in his room?”

Chief Lee shook his head and said, “Mr. Steele is staying alone in the room. There wasn’t anyone else.”

Hailey was in a much better mood, and she muttered softly, “I knew it. He still loves me.”

Seeing that the arrogant Hailey still didn’t know the huge mistake she had created, Chief Lee sighed and left.

After the two left, Tyler asked in bewilderment, “Why did they become so polite to Jordan after coming downstairs?”

Hailey didn’t pay attention to these details and simply said, “I need to hurry up and call my mom to tell them to collect evidence!”

As soon as Hailey took out her cell phone, she received a call from Drew before calling Sylvie.

“Hello, Drew.”

Hailey rarely received phone calls from Drew. Still, they had recently started contacting each other rather frequently, probably because of Jordan.

Pretending to be affectionate, Drew asked, “Hailey, how are things on your side? I heard you called the police. Did they not take him to the police station?”

Hailey replied truthfully, “No, the police officers said that they couldn’t arrest him because there wasn’t any evidence.”

“Evidence? What kind of evidence do they want?” Drew asked.

Hailey answered, “Evidence for the theft of his watch or a receipt of the sale of the watch.”

Drew thought about it for a while and felt that it was impossible for there to be any evidence of Jordan stealing the watch because he wasn’t the culprit to begin with.

However, now that the watch was in Drew’s hands, he could just fabricate evidence against Jordan to accuse him of selling the watch!

Drew said, “Leave this matter to me. I’ll find out who he sold the watch to. Then, rest assured, I’ll put him behind bars!”

After hanging up, Hailey panicked and continuously ruffled and fiddled with her hair.

She wanted to punish Jordan so that he would treat her like a queen again and spoil her like he used to. On the other hand, she wanted Jordan to obey her without getting mad at her or contradicting her.

On the other hand, she didn’t really want Jordan to be sentenced by the law.

After all, after three years of living together as husband and wife, how could Hailey bear to let Jordan spend ten years in prison?

Tyler, beside Hailey, drooled continuously when he saw her ruffling her hair, which he thought was really sexy.

He grabbed Hailey’s hand and said, “Honey, let’s stay at West Lake tonight too, shall we?”

Hailey shrugged his hand away to Tyler’s surprise and then gave him a slap on his face.


Hailey snapped, “You couldn’t even handle Jordan, and you have the cheek to sleep with me!?!”

After saying that, Hailey stormed off in a rage.

Being slapped in the hotel lobby was quite an embarrassing thing.

Covering his face, Tyler thought to himself, “Jordan Steele, you made things hard for me today. But, once you come outside, I won’t let you off!”

He walked towards the hotel manager, who had been watching from the side, and grabbed him by the collar.

He ordered, “Once Jordan Steele leaves the hotel, inform me immediately!”

It was six in the morning.

Jordan changed into a suit, put on a tie, and a pair of leather shoes. He then waxed his hair and styled it into a side pompadour, making him look suave and very much like the company’s CEO.

That was Jordan’s first time donning a suit in the past three years.

He reckoned that even Hailey wouldn’t be able to recognize him for a few seconds after she sees him.

The front desk attendants were all stunned when he came down from upstairs.

“He’s such a domineering CEO… His aura differs completely from when he checked in yesterday!”

“I’m in love! I wonder who is so lucky to be his wife!”

The two front desk attendants were gushing and swooning over Jordan when the hotel manager, John, immediately walked over and rebuked, “You guys are so man-crazy! Pay attention to your image!”

Afterward, John walked out of the lobby and called Tyler. “Jordan Steele has gone out.”

Tyler had arranged for some people to stay outside the hotel, and they immediately started tailing Jordan.

Jordan hailed a cab and arrived at the office tower of Ace Corporation in the central business district twenty minutes later.

It was his official first day at work as the CEO.

Jordan alighted from the car and looked up at the majestic tower with a smile on his face.

“Victoria Clarke, you swore to cut off all means of a livelihood for me yesterday. I wonder what your attitude will be when you see me today!”

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