The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Beat the Camdens Furiously

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Drew said impatiently, “Okay, cut the crap and get inside the car. We will entertain the guests in the hotel first. We’ll punish you after the birthday banquet is over. You can then explain to Grandma about your divorce.”

With a murderous gaze in his eyes, Jordan hollered, “I said, I will not go!”

Drew was furious, too. “You wastrel, you must be itching for a beating again huh?”

As he said that, Drew opened the car door, stepped out of the car, and dashed towards Jordan, who was mounted on his motorbike. He then kicked Jordan!


To his surprise, Jordan caught him off guard by moving the motorbike backward, successfully dodging Drew’s kick.

After that, Jordan got off the motorbike, dashed towards Drew, and kicked him hard in the gut!


Drew was a playboy with multiple girlfriends and a weak body due to his overactive sex life. Thus, Jordan’s kick quickly sent him flying.

“You… you good-for-nothing, how dare you fight back!?!”

Drew was shocked. In the past three years, Drew had bullied Jordan on several occasions.

Even when Jordan was bullied in front of Hailey’s family, Jordan never dared to retaliate.

Yet today, Jordan, the live-in son-in-law, actually beat up the future successor of the Camdens!

Drew got up on his feet and took out a fruit knife from the trunk of the Maserati.

He barked in exasperation, “I’m going to punish you on behalf of Grandma. I’ll stab you to death!”

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

Drew rushed towards Jordan and slashed him thrice, but the latter dodged the attacks effortlessly.

Jordan started training in martial arts when he was five years old and never stopped doing so in over ten years. He was taught by the best martial artists in both the local and international communities.

Drew and his fruit knife can’t hurt Jordan at all!

Jordan’s hand was as fast as lightning, and with a loud smack, he hit Drew’s wrist, causing him to drop the fruit knife onto the ground.

At the same time, Jordan punched Drew in the face, using several Wing-Chun moves before Drew could pick up the knife again.


Drew fell to the ground, not daring to strike at Jordan again.

Jordan looked at Drew from above and warned, “Tell Old Mrs. Camden that I’m no longer your family’s dog who will come and go as you please. Unless I’m willing, no one can try to threaten me!”

After saying that, Jordan rode his motorbike away to deliver the next takeout order.

Drew was already bruised and swollen, but he did not go to the hospital since he felt it was an excellent opportunity to win his grandmother’s sympathy.

Battered with bruises, he drove back to the mountain villa. Old Mrs. Camden and the others came out of the villa at the same time, all ready to go to the hotel to receive the guests.

“Drew, you’re back.”

Drew’s mother, Adeline Walter, saw the familiar yellow Maserati driving forth and pointed at it in front of Old Mrs. Camden.

Old Mrs. Camden smiled and nodded. “Drew is still the most efficient after all.”

Everyone thought Drew had brought Jordan back but Drew alighted from the car alone with his face covered in wounds to their surprise!

Old Mrs. Camden was incredibly heartbroken. Drew was the only male descendant of the third generation, so it would be the end of the Camdens’ line of succession if anything happened to him!

“My dear grandson, how did you get beaten up like this? Who beat you up?” Old Mrs. Camden asked anxiously.

Drew cried and complained, “Grandma, it was Hailey’s loser husband who hit me!”

“What?” Herman was furious and pointed at Benedict and his family. “You good-for-nothings, how dare you hit Drew!?! You must give me an explanation for this matter!”

Benedict and Sylvie also panicked. Since Jordan was their son-in-law, they would definitely have to take the blame.

“All this good-for-nothing does is create trouble for us. When I see him, I have to slap his mouth!” Sylvie remarked viciously.

“Should we call the police? Grandma?” Drew asked Old Mrs. Camden.

Old Mrs. Camden disliked dealing with the police.

“This is a family matter, don’t worry, I will make sure he gets the punishment he deserves!”

Old Mrs. Camden then looked at Herman.

“Herman, I know you know some friends in the triads. Ask them to teach that beast a hard lesson and bring him back to me!”


Looking at the wounds on his son’s face, Herman wished he could skin Jordan alive. Hence. he immediately called a friend who was a triad member.

Half an hour later, at the stairway of a residential estate.

It was a multi-story building with no elevator. Jordan had just delivered takeout and was ready to go downstairs.

A pair of brawny tattooed men who were over 1.85 meters tall and weighed around 100 kilograms each appeared suddenly.

“You’re Jordan, right? Come with us.”

One of the tattooed men asked.

Jordan looked at the two men and knew that the Camdens had sent them.

Jordan said, “Today is my last day of working as a takeout delivery man. I’m not going anywhere.”

Jordan was the type to complete what he started. Having been appointed as the new chairman of Ace Corporation, today was actually his last day as a delivery man.

All jobs are to be respected. Hence, he wanted to end his delivery career after completing it to satisfaction.

“Seems like you want to do this the hard way!”

The two brawny men immediately attacked without any nonsense!

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