The Abandoned Husband Dominates

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Too Scared To Admit!

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Jordan stared at Hailey’s beautiful side profile, but he felt she was hideous!

“Hah, you cheated on me first, but you accuse me of cheating on you instead. Now, you even want to slap me? You’re such a good wife. I’ve married a rare gem!”

Jordan could not be more exasperated!

To everyone’s surprise, Drew snatched the giant Dragon Ruler and dashed towards Jordan.


“Dog, how dare you hit me? I’m going to destroy your face!”

Drew then tried to swing the Dragon Ruler at Jordan’s face!

Jordan stood rooted to the ground without dodging. He grabbed Drew’s arm with his left hand and then twisted it, causing him to slap himself with the giant Dragon Ruler instead.


Drew was struck hard in the face by the giant Dragon Ruler in his hand.

That made his face, which was already gruesome, look even worse.

Everyone was astounded!

How dare a live-in son-in-law hit the heir of the Camdens?!

Old Mrs. Camden stood up and hollered, “Scoundrel! How dare you act like a brat and cause such a scene here!?! Do you know how many government officials there are here!?! They can arrest you now and put you behind bars!”

Jordan believed that Old Mrs. Camden’s words were true. Often, the wealthy were acquainted with high-ranking government officials, such as the Camdens. They had ties with distinguished figures of power and stature.

However, Jordan looked at the guests and said, “I think the officials should have seen clearly that Drew was the one who tried to hit me with the weapon first, and I was just defending myself.”

All the guests wore ordinary clothing instead of work uniforms. However, one of them, who was tall and bespectacled suddenly spoke up.

“However, you just said you will accept the punishment according to the family law. Yet, you went back on your word when it was time to exact the punishment. Do you think that’s something a man should do?”

After that person finished speaking, the crowd chimed in. It was evident that he had a high status.

Upon hearing the words of the crowd, Old Mrs. Camden smiled too.

Jordan said, “I’m willing to accept the punishment according to the Camden Family’s law but only if I have done something wrong.”

Old Mrs. Camden hollered, “You had an extramarital affair behind Hailey’s back and even hit my grandson. Is that not enough!?”

Jordan curled his lips in disgust and said, “For the past three years, I’ve loved Hailey wholeheartedly, and I have never had a change of heart!”

“It was your granddaughter who cheated on me! She checked into a room with Tyler in the Splendor Hotel yesterday. You can go check!”

As soon as she said that, the hall became lively as the guests exchanged pleasantries.

“Tyler? Do you mean Tyler Collins? The scion of the Collins family?”

“I’ve long heard that the Camdens intend to let the scion of the Collins marry Hailey. Seems like it’s true.”

“The Camdens and the Collins are indeed compatible, but Hailey can just remarry after getting a divorce. It doesn’t seem right for her to have an extramarital affair, does it?”

“It seems that the legendary most beautiful woman of Orlando is not so pure as she’s made out to be.”


Upon hearing the whispers of the crowd, Hailey blushed and bowed her head in embarrassment.

“Grandma, everyone, don’t believe his nonsense. I met Tyler yesterday to talk about business. As you are aware, Landmark Realty has been trying to rope in some investors lately, so I met Tyler for that matter.”

Jordan laughed and gibed, “Must you talk about business in a hotel room, dressed in a bathrobe? Do you take everyone here for fools!?!”

At this moment, a familiar person walked into the hall.

Speak of the devil. It was Hailey’s lover, Tyler!

“Hey, everyone’s here.”

Tyler had an eye-catching hairstyle and was dressed in expensive clothes with some gifts in his hands. When he saw the commotion in the lobby, he was a little startled.

Hailey pulled Tyler over as soon as she saw him.

“Tyler, this live-in son-in-law of our family insists that I’m in an extramarital affair with you. Quick, tell everyone that I went to see you yesterday for business.”

Tyler froze, finally realizing why everyone was looking at him with a peculiar gaze.

Tyler glared at Jordan and thought to himself, ‘How dare this good-for-nothing who sponges off his wife expose my affair with Hailey in front of so many people!’

It was common for upper-class members to engage in sordid acts. Still, the most critical difference between them and hooligans was that, despite their misdeeds, they built a positive image for themselves.

Tyler said, “Everyone, don’t listen to what this good-for-nothing Jordan just said. Hailey and I are innocent. She came to see me yesterday, just to deliver a document to me.”

“Jordan, you said that Hailey was cheating on you with me, but do you have any proof, like videos or photos?”

Tyler questioned Jordan instead.

Tyler knew that Jordan did not take out his cell phone to take any photos or videos at the hotel yesterday.

The only video that could prove Hailey’s stay in the hotel room was also deleted by Tyler, who had managed to do so by using his connections.

Tyler just had to deny vehemently now.

Seeing that Jordan could not produce any evidence, Tyler laughed and said,

“Everyone, the reason why Jordan slandered me is because of another matter.”

“Maybe all of you don’t know this, but this live-in son-in-law also works as a part-time deliveryman. I ordered takeout yesterday, and it happened to be delivered by him.”

“Yet, he had a horrible attitude just because he had the Camdens as his backer, and he even tossed the takeout I ordered onto the ground.”

“Hence, I gave him a one-star rating.”

“It just so happens that Mr. Dunn, the general agent of Ubereats, is also here. Mr. Dunn, you can check his delivery records from yesterday!”

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