The Alchemist God

Chapter 13 – Challenging a Stronger Opponent

Chapter 13 – Challenging a Stronger Opponent

“Grandpa, what’s a Discount Token?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

Chu Feng spoke with flushed cheeks, “The Discount Token is the real treasure of this event. The Empire’s Panacea Division sent out a total of 10 Discount Tokens and there is only one of these tokens in the whole Silver Fir City. Whoever has the Discount Token can get at least a 50% discount at any herbal shop, which is pretty much the special benefit only those in the Panacea Division can enjoy. Of course, only the best of the best can get their hands on these Exemption Tokens.”

Next to him, Chu Yao showed a sliver of displeasure as she complained, “It’s a shame because the rules in Silver Fir City is that only the best alchemists younger than 30 years old can enter the martial arts competition. It’s quite fitting of the phrase, “only the best are skillful in both alchemy and martial arts.’ The only problem is that of all the younger generation of alchemists in Silver Fir City, Hua Wan’s martial training is the highest. As a Level 29 Battle Spirit, there is no one else capable of matching him.”

Surprised, Lin Mu Yu asked, “As a Level 20 Battle Spirit, how are your chances in a fight with him?”

Chu Yao clenched her teeth and grimaced, “My martial spirit is far weaker than his, plus Lord Hua Tian invited many powerful mentors to train this dear son of his. And I…I have never learned any fighting techniques…”

“Never learned…Wait, why is that?”

Chu Feng sighed, “You can blame this useless grandfather. Books for fighting techniques are too expensive. A slightly good copy costs at least 10 gold Yin, but where could our Bai Ling Pharmacy find that kind of money… And because Ah Yao is a girl, I didn’t have many plans for her to train in martial arts.”

Looking at Hua Tian stand on the stage, Luo Kai expressed his discontent as he raised his fist and declared, “No matter what happens we’ll have to at least go for it. If Bai Ling Pharmacy can really win the Discount Token, then things might really start turning around for us.”

Chu Feng was silent and lost in deep thought.


It was evening when Bai Ling Pharmacy welcomed their guests.

The White-Robed Qu Chu arrived and was invited to the guest room by Grandpa Chu Feng. Following behind him was an even more prominent guest. Unbelievably, that picturesque beauty of a young girl also came to visit. The legendary 2nd beauty of the Empire, Tang Xiao Xi, was only 19 years old and already an absolute beauty. Something like this is really too rare.

The apprentices were all organizing herbs, Lin Mu Yu included, while Chu Yao went to prepare tea.

Luo Kai looked at the guest room and stuck out his tongue, jokingly he laughed, “Zhao Xin, that’s Qu Chu? The legendary White-Robed Qu Chu? He looks like a regular old man. He isn’t as awesome as the legends make him out to be!”

Zhao Xin immediately smacked him on the head and laughed, “You dimwit, don’t make irresponsible remarks. Flame Cauldron Qu Chu; there is no one on this earth that’s never heard of him. Especially now that he is a member of the White-Robed Imperial Guards and is responsible for protecting the safety of the emperor. There is only a handful of people who can wear those white robes in the whole empire.”

“Why is he called Flame Cauldron Qu Chu?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

“It’s because his martial spirit is called the Flame Cauldron, 3rd class martial spirit. According to some stories, he once defeated two Sacred realm enemies with that Flame Cauldron.” Wang Ying spoke as he mockingly looked at Lin Mu Yu, “Ah Yu, you have a heaven sealed physique; unable to train in martial arts, it’s probably better if you don’t think too much about it. Especially since your body is about as good as garbage, you probably can’t have a martial spirit either. Isn’t that right?”

His eyes could not conceal his contempt, but Lin Mu Yu didn’t pay him any mind and continued to organize medicine.


Inside the guest room, Chu Feng smiled as he poured tea into a cup, “Old Qu, come try this Clear Dew Tea, it’s a type of herbal tea. Its taste is fresh upon drinking, and the water was condensed from dew. Princess Xi, won’t you try some as well?”

Tang Xiao Xi took a small sip and stuck out her tongue, “I don’t really know how to drink tea. Grandfather would always waste a lot of time when he prepares tea, and the resulting tea would often be too bitter and tart.”

Qu Chu couldn’t hold back his smile as he wore a doting expression on his face, “Heh, that’s because you don’t understand how to properly enjoy tea. Do you think that tea made by the Duke of Azure Tide is something an average person can have a chance to taste?”

As he spoke, he took a sip of the dew tea, and couldn’t help but praise, “Nice tea, truly refreshing. Ah, that’s right. This…is Chu Yao right? I can’t believe in the blink of an eye you’ve grown so big. The last time I was here at Silver Fir City, you were still a little baby!”

Chu Yao softly chuckled, “Elder Qu and Grandpa are acquaintances of twenty years. Of course I would be so young at that time.”

Qu Chu laughed aloud, and asked, “Brother Chu Feng, after all these years, how have you been? Looks like you are still a medicine adept and still as impoverished as in the past. There is really not much you could do to change how things are.”

Chu Feng awkwardly chuckled, “Sigh, my old bones only know to pick herbs in the mountains and to collect dew in the twilight. My body is too weak, so I can’t personally collect much of the higher grade herbs, nor do I have the money to buy them from someone else. Thus here I am, in the same place as always.”

“Today, that apprentice of yours, called Lin Mu Yu. Did he really alchemize that bottle of first tier potion?”

“Yeah, Ah Yu is a natural talent, it’s just a pity that…”

“What’s wrong?” Qu Chu asked in surprise.

Chu Feng continued, “It’s a pity that although he is talented, he has a heaven sealed physique. His energy channels are naturally sealed, so he is unable to channel energy at all. That’s why the mentor at the Temple said he can never learn martial arts.”

“Really?” Qu Chu looked outside at the group of apprentices and couldn’t help but laugh, “I don’t quite see it.”

Chu Feng immediately stood up and bowed in respect at Qu Chu.

“Brother Chu Feng, what are you doing!?” Qu Chu immediately stood up and scolded.

Chu Feng took a deep breath and pleaded, “Old Qu, I won’t hide it from you. I’m already an old sack of bones, so shouldering this kind of humiliation isn’t a big deal. But for Ah Yao and Ah Yu, their lives should not be buried by the hands of bad people. The reason I asked you to come this time was all for this one favor. I beg of you to take in Ah Yao and Ah Yu as disciples!”

“This…” Qu Chu had a difficult expression on his face, “This time…this time I had been asked by the Duke of Azure Tide to protect Princess Xi. Our next stop is the Capital Lanyan City, so I’m afraid we can’t stay in Silver Fir City for too long. To advise them seems plausible, but to take them in as disciples… I’m afraid I…”

As if noticing something, Tang Xiao Xi jokingly teased, “Grandpa Qu Chu, you have never taken in a disciple for your whole life, unless… you just want to be a grumpy old man forever?”

Qu Chu couldn’t keep up his countenance and complained, “Now you’re just making fun of me…”

Looking at Lin Mu Yu from a distance, Qu Chu could see a shadow of his own past on the young man. To be honest, he was really interested. For a youngster like Lin Mu Yu to be able to alchemize a first tier Stoneskin potion, he definitely wasn’t an average boy. It interested Qu Chu all the more when he was told that Lin Mu Yu had a heaven sealed physique. He had been challenging difficulties all through his life, and this time he really wanted to see if he can train a heaven sealed person into a strong warrior.


Right at that moment, loud chatter could be heard outside, followed by the front door being kicked open. A group of armor-wearing men walked inside the yard, with the young lord Hua Wan leading the way wearing his suit of traditional clothing.

“Bai Ling Pharmacy chief, Chu Feng. Come out to receive your award!”

Chu Feng hurried over. Tang Xiao Xi also wanted to go, but Qu Chu motioned for her to wait. He wanted to see what would happen in the meantime.

“Young lord!” Chu Feng bowed down in respect.

Hua Wan took a heavy purse from a servant and faintly smiled, “This is Bai Ling Pharmacy’s award: 100 gold Yin coins. Congratulations, but…”

He took out a black plate from his waistband, and mockingly laughed, “But this Discount Token is probably still mine this year. After all, Bai Ling Pharmacy’s apprentices are all trash. I doubt any of you can put up a fight.”

“What did you say?”

Zhao Xin was a bit hot-blooded, and growled, “Hua Wan. Watch what you’re saying!”

Hua Wan coldly chuckled, and threw the purse onto the floor. Crossing his fist, lines of energy wrapped around him and condensed into plates of spirit armor. His smile turned into a smirk as he taunted them, “What? You want to witness my strength firsthand? Fine with me, I’ll take all of you to the dumpster where you belong. This is better than having to waste time in the ring with your annoying faces at the tournament in three days.”

Zhao Xin howled in anger, “One versus one, you dare?”

“Why wouldn’t I?”

Hua Wan turned to the lackeys behind him and shouted, “All of you. Don’t move a finger. Even if I was to be beaten to death, none of you shall lend a hand!”

The group of martial arts saluted in respect, “Yes, young master!”


Hua Wan quickly laid out the ring and stood inside. With an air of an expert, without even pulling a weapon, he stood there with his bare fists and tauntingly laughed, “Come at me, trash!”

With a roar, Zhao Xin pulled an iron sword from his side and dashed out. Two layers of energy waves enveloped the blade, a characteristic trait of a Level 15 Human realm warrior. That was a little surprising for Hua Wan, but it only made Hua Wan more certain that this person was definitely not a match for himself. The difference in power was too great!

Right when Zhao Xin’s sword was about the make contact with Hua Wan, he quickly sidestepped and ruthlessly kicked at Zhao Xin’s leg!


With a cracking sound reverberating in the air, Zhao Xin fell on his knees and cried out in pain. Just like that, his tibia was shattered by one kick.

“Young lord!” Chu Feng yelled in anger, “What is the meaning of this? To attack so viciously, are you trying to kill him?”

Hua Wan raised an eyebrow and cheekily smirked, “Old fellow, if I really wanted to kill him, I would have gave him one good kick to the brain. It’s your disciple who challenged so, so shut the hell up!”

Continuing on, he glanced at the group of Bai Ling Pharmacy’s apprentices with an arrogant look and tauntingly asked, “Who else?”

Wang Ying clenched his teeth but didn’t speak up. He was only a Level 17 Human realm practitioner, if he went up, he would probably end up the same way as Zhao Xin.

Just then, Lin Mu Yu slowly walked out and sternly looked at Hua Wan. “You came here for me, what’s the point of hurting the unrelated?”

“I’m happy to. What? To cripple you bunch of trash is just dirtying my hand. What about it? You got a problem with that?”

Hua Wan had a ridiculing smile on his face as he continued, “Lin Mu Yu, I recently heard that you were identified as a heaven sealed physique at the temple. Hahaha. As expected, you are trash. So what if you know alchemy, trash is trash, fated to never go any further in life.”.

Lin Mu Yu did not respond, only to step forward to take the form of Starfall Step while raising his right palm. Although he had zero martial arts training, somehow he gave off the feeling of an expert. Calmly staring at Hua Wan, he said, “Come at me!”


Almost everyone thought Lin Mu Yu had gone crazy. He was level 0 but his opponent was level 29!

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