The Alchemist God

Chapter 226: Golden Rock Swift Wolf

Qin Yin closed her eyes and the God Binding Lock lingered around her like a golden dress. She used her taming power and strengthened the connection between her and the Golden Rock Swift Wolf.

“Wu, wu……”

At first the Golden Rock Swift Wolf bared its teeth in resistance, but after ten minutes, it began wagging its tail. It began following Qin Yin, this beautiful master.

“This brat……” Lin Mu Yu couldn’t help secretly laughing.

Qin Yin slowly opened her eyes and said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, release your gourd vines. The contract has been established!”


Lin Mu Yu waved his hand and the gourd vines quickly disappeared.

The Golden Rock Swift Wolf dove into its master’s embrace while wagging its tail, even reaching out its tongue to lick Qin Yin’s face. Lin Mu Yu was unhappy seeing this, so he quickly reached out to pull its head away, as he said in a jealous voice, “Beast, let go of my Xiao Yin.”

Qin Yin broke out in laughter and a beautiful blush appeared on her face.

The Golden Rock Swift Wolf was not happy and immediately showed its fangs, biting Lin Mu Yu’s fist. Lin Mu Yu directly opened his hand and his gourd martial spirit gathered in his palm, sending the Golden Rock Swift Wolf flying. With a “wu, wu” sound, it shook its tail as it went over to Qin Yin.

Although this Golden Rock Swift Wolf looked rough and fierce, it also looked like a cute pet right now, quickly melting Qin Yin’s heart. She said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, stop arguing with a little wolf!”

“Then don’t let it lick your face…..” Lin Mu Yu said in a jealous voice, “I don’t want to……”

“Don’t want to what?” Qin Yin had an evil smile as she looked at him.

Lin Mu Yu wanted to say “I don’t want to lick the same place as a wolf”, but he didn’t want to be offensive. He avoided the princess’ suspicions and said, “I don’t want Xiao Yin to be infected by some disease because of a wild animal……”

Qin Yin was a bit disappointed, “Oh, it’s only like this?”

“What else do you want?” Lin Mu Yu reversed it on her.

Qin Yin’s face instantly flushed red, “Go, pack our things and let’s set off, otherwise who knows when we’ll get to Twilight Rain City. Perhaps grandfather is already anxious from waiting.”

“He still doesn’t know you’re the one visiting him……”

“That’s right.”

So, their little group changed their lineup. The two people and two mounts, with a Golden Rock Swift Wolf following close behind Qin Yin. After connecting her mind with the Golden Rock Swift Wolf, Qin Yin seemed like she knew everything the Golden Rock Swift Wolf was thinking. She pursed her lips into a smile as she said,” Big brother Ah Yu, do you know what the little wolf was just thinking?”


“It was thinking that these two horses definitely don’t taste good. There’s too little meat and is all bones, it isn’t enough to fill the gaps in its teeth.”

“Is that so?” Lin Mu Yu turned to look at the Golden Rock Swift Wolf and said with a smile, “This beast, it actually wants to eat our horse. Humph, if you dare touch a single hair on these two horses, I promise I will beat you to death.”

The Golden Rock Swift Wolf looked up at Lin Mu Yu and couldn’t help pinching its tail in, whining as it returned to Qin Yin’s side.

Qin Lin laughed, “Ah Yu, do you want to know what it was thinking?”

“It’s definitely nothing good…..”

“That’s right. It was thinking that although this man is very strong, he looks too ugly. He doesn’t conform to the wolf clan’s aesthetics of beauty at all, his stomach isn’t fat at all……”

“Isn’t that the aesthetics of beauty towards prey?” Lin Mu Yu said with a smile, “This old man’s nine packs are not just rumours, how can there by any fat on my stomach…..”

“Enough…..” Qin Yin’s face turned red. Although she had never seen Lin Mu Yu’s naked body, just thinking about it was enough to make her young girl’s heart beat fast. How could she dare keep thinking about it.

Just like this, the two people and one wolf walked along the mountain path while being filled with jealousy. When it was nighttime, they looked at the map and saw that they were still around five-six days away from Twilight Rain City. They didn’t rush and slowly moved along.

It became night and night was when people did not travel since there were too many dangers. They could be attacked by packs of Swift Wolves at any time. Several dozens could be taken care of, but if they met a giant pack in the thousands, perhaps it wouldn’t be too easy to take care of. Although Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin’s cultivations were at the peak in their generation, their bodies and strength were still limited, so they could only meet their death if they met a wolf pack in the thousands.

The iron pan was suspended over the bonfire and Qin Yin was sitting on the side, adding some vegetables into the meat soup to improve the taste. Lin Mu Yu had come back carrying a bundle of dry firewood.

At this time, there was a faint sound that came from the mountains. It sounded like a tree branch being stepped on!

“Someone’s coming.”

Lin Mu Yu put down the firewood and said in a small voice, “It seems like they aren’t friendly!”

“Are they people?” Qin Yin didn’t look up, raising her battle qi a bit. She prepared the God Binding Lock, but didn’t release it.

“Who knows, we’ll wait for them to make a move. Gather your protective energy.”

“Un, I know…..” She gave a sweet smile, “Relax, Xiao Yin can protect herself.”

Lin Mu Yu naturally relaxed. There were a total of twenty four human auras in the mountain and the strongest was only in the First Earth Layer. This group of people weren’t even Qin Yin’s match, not to mention him. Only these people didn’t attack right away, it seemed like they wanted to attack with bows and arrows.

The peak of the mountain was a whole two hundred meters away, their arms shouldn’t be strong enough to kill someone from two hundred meters away, right?

But at this time, the people hidden in the forest attacked.


With the sound of wind being cut, an arrow flew out that was covered in true qi. When it was only ten meters away from Lin Mu Yu and Qin Yin, it still maintained its speed and power. As expected the other side had skilled people!

But Lin Mu Yu had already seen the path of the arrow. Stepping in front of Qin Yin, his hand covered in battle qi swept out. With a “peng” sound, the arrow was completely shattered to pieces and the battle qi scattered in the air, happening very quickly. This strike was very beautiful.

In the mountains, the sounds of swords being drawn rang out. A group of people stood up, looking like mercenaries. One of them holding a long spear roared out, “Charge, kill these two people. Bringing their heads back is worth five thousand gold coins! Brothers, it’s time to become rich, kill for me!”

Qin Yin continued washing the vegetables and putting them into the pot. She said with a smile, “Big brother Ah Yu, do you need my help?”

“No need.”

Lin Mu Yu gave a cold laugh, “It’s just a group of mercenaries who cares more about money than their lives, truly annoying.”

Qin Yin revealed a faint smile, “The world is complicated. Gold coins can let a person live, so naturally it is attractive. This group of people are killing for riches, perhaps…..there is no need to be ruthless. Big brother Ah Yu, spare their lives, just don’t let them keep harming people.”

Lin Mu Yu slowly pulled out his Dragon Spirit Sword and said, “Then I’ll cripple their sea of qi. They will be unable to cultivate, but at least they’ll have the strength to be farmers. How about that?”

“Un, that is the best. Remember to catch one of them, we have to ask who hired them to kill us.”


At this time, the Golden Rock Swift Wolf beside Qin Yin gave angry howls. Its golden hair was standing up and it seemed like it could kill someone at any moment, taking large bites out of them.

Qin Yin reached out to rub its head and said with a smile, “You just stay here, big brother Ah Yu will take care of them.”

The Swift Wolf immediately stopped howling and swung its tail. It rubbed its head, trying to curry favour with its master.

Lin Mu Yu had already charged out, putting the golden gourd wall around himself. After blocking several arrows, he jumped out and fell down from the sky with a slash. He cut the shield of a mercenary in half with a “kacha” sound. At the same time, with a flick of his sword, sword qi stabbed into the sea of qi of that mercenary.


The mercenary rolled on the ground with a pitiful wail. His true qi scattered and his cultivation had been crippled.

Lin Mu Yu’s movement technique was very skilled, moving through the people and blades like lightning, sending out sword qi beam by beam. In the blink of an eye, several dozen mercenaries had their sea of qi crippled without exception. Lin Mu Yu looked very casual as he sheathed his Dragon Spirit Sword and softly said, “Alright, your cultivations have been crippled, go home and go farm. Don’t come out to hurt people again.”

After saying this, he raised the mercenary with the bow and coldly said, “Speak, who hired you to kill me?”

The mercenary’s face was covered in rage as he said, “Bastard, you have already crippled my sea of qi and now you want me to talk? In your dreams, our Fierce Tiger Mercenaries will never reveal any information on our clients!”

“Is that so?”

Lin Mu Yu took out a diamond coin from his Qiankun Bag and shook it. This diamond coin glittered with an attractive light under the sun as he said with a faint smile, “Tell me and this diamond coin is yours……”

As expected, the Fierce Tiger Mercenaries’ leader’s moral integrity was only worth one thousand gold coins. This leader looked as shock as fighting an immortal.

Lin Mu Yu then added, “Your cultivations have already been crippled, if you take this one thousand gold coins, at least you can still do something, otherwise you will have nothing. As the leader, shouldn’t you think of your brothers?”

Finally, the leader let out a sigh and said, “It was a rich person called Liu Jun who hired us to kill two siblings. One is Lin Yu and the other is Lin Yin, who are the two of you. He said that we were killing you to get revenge for Du Yi Ming. You…..As for whatever grudge you have with Liu Jun, it is unrelated to us.”

“Alright, quickly scram!”

Lin Mu Yu threw the diamond coin to the ground, which could be considered compensation. Otherwise, when this group of mercenaries returned home, they wouldn’t even have the money to buy a single cow.

Watching these mercenaries leave, Lin Mu Yu knit his brows. He came back beside Qin Yin and said, “Xiao Yin, we shouldn’t stay here for long. We’ll ride into the night after eating and head another fifty miles to a stream beside some rice paddies. We’ll camp there and we can sleep until noon tomorrow.”

Qin Yin nodded with a smile, “Un, un, it’ll be up to you. Come and taste my soup, how is it?”

Lin Mu Yu took one mouthful and his face turned green.

“Does it taste good?”


“When did your voice become this hoarse……”

“Can I ask how much salt you put in……”

“Did I make a mistake!”

“No, it’s not your fault, it’s the salt’s fault!”

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