The Alchemist God

Chapter 4 – I Only Do First Tier Medicine

Alchemist God Chapter 4 – I Only Do First Tier Medicine

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“Ah Yu, have you really never learnt the Refining Hand before?” Chu Feng couldn’t help but ask.

Lin Mu Yu extended his palm and said, “No but I’m very familiar with the structure of herbs. Maybe it’s because of that…”

This excuse definitely could not be counted as an explanation still passed in this situation.

Chu Feng could not suppress his glee and said, “Then…since you’ve learnt the Refining Hand… Ah Yao, you can start teaching Ah Yu medicine recipes. First teach him Level 1 Medicine, then Level 2. In this year’s Alchemy Conference, our Bai Ling Medicine Shop will be represented by Ah Yu’s Wang Ying’s and your medicine.”


Wang Ying was shocked. “Master, you’re not displaying your own medicine but letting us three juniors participate?”

Chu Feng smiled slightly. “Master is already old. It’ll be a good experience for the three of you.”

Wang Ying had fallen silent, but Lin Mu Yu perfectly understood. Grandfather Chu Feng wanted him to improve quickly and win a prize for Bai Ling Medicine Shop.


Very soon, only Lin Mu Yu and Chu Yao were left in the storage room.

“Chu Yao Jie, is the Alchemy Conference really that important?” Lin Mu Yu had held back the question for very long, but finally couldn’t resist asking.

Chu Yao nodded her head. “Yes. Cathaya City has a total of around a hundred Medicine Shops, providing the supply of medicine for the surrounding cities. But the government funds the ten medicine shops of the Alchemy Conference. Last time, our Bai Ling Medicine Shop was placed seventy-ninth. We probably don’t stand a chance this time as well. Come Ah Yu, I will teach you the recipes!”

Unknowingly, Chu Yao already felt natural when holding Lin Mu Yu’s hand. She probably felt that her good-looking junior had a relaxed personality and constantly brought her lots of pleasant surprises!

Flipping through a very thick encyclopedia, Chu Yao pointed to the top and softly said, “Let us… first try to create Level 1 medicine. Yup! Let’s try the Incision Medicine! Look at the recipe: Silver Line Grass and Long Night Flowers at the ratio 8:2. After mixing, we must refine it at a high temperature. This is the weighing scale. How about you try it yourself?”


As Chu Yao lit up the kerosene burner to the side, Lin Mu Yu swiftly used his Sublimation Hand to extract the right amount of Essence from Silver Line Grass and Long Night Flowers. However, when he weighed the ingredients, he didn’t use a ratio of 8:2. Instead he used 7.7:2.3, because he had experimented it in game so that this would produce optimum results. Then, according to his ratio, he added a sprinkle of powdered Steel-tipped flower for no other than the reason that Steel-tipped flower could speed up the healing of incisions. It seems that the people in this world have yet to discover this unique method. Even on the encyclopedia, there was no mention of using Steel-tipped flowers to heal cuts and incisions!

After mixing the ingredients, he placed the mixture onto the plate on top of the kerosene burner. At the same time, Lin Mu Yu opened his right hand and used Sublimation Hand to guide the mixing of the herbs with a cyclone, hence speeding up their fusion. All of this caused Chu Yao to be extremely shocked. She had never known that the Refining Hand could be used in such a way.



After the powdered medicine was completed, it was dissolved in a small amount of warm water to become a paste and completed its fusion.

Chu Yao took the small plate and inhaled deeply. She smiled, “It smells really nice! Ah Yu, I’ve never smelt such a fragrance in Incision Medicine!”

Lin Mu Yu smiled slightly, “When Silver Line Grass and Long Night Flowers are mixed, fumes are emitted. It was originally already very fragrant.”

Chu Yao laughed lightly and said, “Ah Yu, make a few more kinds of medicine. Tomorrow, we’ll take them to the market to sell. They should sell for a good amount of money! Alright, let’s create medicine together.”

“Yeah, ok!”

They continued to make Incision Medicine until early morning. Finally, a strange sense of sleepiness took over Lin Mu Yu as he had spent too much of his body’s energy. He fell into a deep sleep hunched over the medicine table.

When he woke up, he found that he was accompanied by a gorgeous young lady. It was Chu Yao.

As sunlight streamed in through the gaps in the door, Chu Yao extended her hands and stretched lazily. She looked at Lin Mu Yu and couldn’t hold back a blush. “Ah Yu, how did we fall asleep?”

Lin Mu Yu rubbed his eyes, “We were probably too tired from all that Alchemy. Chu Yao Jie, how many Incision Medicine did we make?”

“We made a total of 51 bottles. We spent somewhat 20 Silvers on the ingredients!”

“Oh. Then how much can a bottle of Incision Medicine be sold for?”

“Normally, it’s 1 Silver per bottle. But there are some veteran hunters and soldiers who are more discerning so high quality Incision Medicine will sell at a higher price. Since they are constantly fighting wild beasts, high quality medicine can save lives. Our Bai Ling Medicine Shop is only a small business so we don’t have too much money to purchase ingredients above Level 4. Our main source of income is through Incision Medicine.”

“I see. So we’ll quickly eat, then proceed to the market to sell?”



Under the bright sunlight, the four apprentices Wang Ying, Chu Yao, Lin Mu Yu and Luo Kai carried their medicine boxes to the market. The market was located at the cross junction of Cathaya City, right beside the Government House so a lot of people passed by the area.

Bai Ling Medicine Shop’s location was remote so waiting for customers to buy Medicine would definitely lead them to starve. Hence the apprentices brought the medicine to the market to sell as their main means of survival.

After sitting down, Lin Mu Yu put the 51 bottles of Incision Medicine on display. By his side, Wang Ying arranged the Level 2 Concentration Medicine and Strength Medicine. Concentration Medicine was able to alleviate faintness after suffering an injury and increase a person’s energy while Strength Medicine was made through refining the blood of fierce tigers. It could increase a person’s potential and heighten the user’s strength and aggressiveness.

Usually, customers were all martial artists, mercenaries, soldiers or hunters – the more dangerous jobs. This especially applied to mercenaries. In order to slay evil monsters or powerful enemies, they needed Strength Medicine, Concentration Medicine and other battle-related medicines to increase their chances of winning and surviving.

Beside him, Wang Ying started to yell at the top of his lungs, “Top quality Strength, Concentration and Incision Medicine! Masters who need them, please buy! Products from Bai Ling Medicine Shop! Quality is guaranteed!”

When his voice fell, a group of youths at the opposite stall laughed. One of them, a young man who wore a green cotton shirt couldn’t help but mock, “Bai Ling Medicine Shop? How can you guarantee quality when you can only sell Level 3 and below medicine? This is really laughable!”

Wang Ying was furious. “Li Qin, what did you say?!”

The youth wearing the cotton shirt raised his eyebrows and replied, “I said, that Bai Ling Medicine Shop is trash. SO what? Wang Ying you’re a mere Level 3 Alchemist yet you disagree with me? Hmph, I have already refined Level 4 Medicine. How about you? Trash like you should stick to creating Level 2 Medicine!”

After he spoke, the cotton-shirt-wearing youth yelled loudly, “Shen Yu Medicine Hall’s Level 4 Medicine is on sale. Stone Skin Medicine! It can increase your defense, allow you to use your inner energy to protect your body. Paralysis Potion! When smeared on an arrowhead, you can even teach thousand-year evil monsters and powerful enemies a lesson! Come and buy!”

“Shen Yu Medicine Hall is going too far!” Luo Kai angrily said.

Lin Mu Yu already knew that Shen Yu Medicine Hall was Cathaya City’s top medicine hall. The man behind the hall was Cathaya City’s Lord Hua Tian. He was relatively famous worldwide and was extremely wealthy. The boy wearing the cotton shirt was young, not even 20 years old, and already could refine Level 4 medicine. This was not something that Bai Ling Medicine Shop could have competed with. But Lin Mu Yu also realised, that Bai Ling Medicine Shop’s history of being mocked would be overturned by himself!


At this moment, from afar came a group of people.

“It’s Eagle Eye!” Chu Yao whispered to Lin Mu Yu: “He a famous mercenary that has the power of a Battle Zun, he’s strong… very strong! He controls at least a hundred mercenaries so we should try to sell our medicine to him!”

At this time, Eagle Eye stood at the opposite stall and looked at Li Qin’s medicine. He grabs a bottle and opens it up to smell. He quickly sneers: “This Numbing Medicine is a failure and you Shen Yu Medicine Hall would dare to sell it? Hmph, you can’t even numb a normal person with this and you say that it can numb a Battle Sheng? Stop dreaming!”

As his voice grew louder, Eagle Eye dropped the bottle of Numbing Medicine and it shattered on the street.

Li Qin stared with his mouth wide open, but had no courage to speak up in front of a Battle Zun level warrior. His entire body shook slightly, as if he was a cold chicken.


“Do medicine have different tiers?” Lin Mu Yu asked.

Chu Yao whispered back: “Yeah, medicine goes from tier 1 to 9. The first tier being the best and ninth being the worst. The Incision Medicine that I make are usually between 3-7 tier. But only the veteran Mercenaries and other Alchemists can use their smell to determine the tier of the medicine, normally, we have to go the the Medicine Division to find out the tier of the medicine.”

“Oh, I see…”

While they were talking, Eagle Eye brang his group of mercenaries to Bai Ling’s stall and smelled the Energy Medicine of Wang Ying. He smiled: “Fifth tier Energy Medicine, worthless.”

Like before, he dropped the bottle and let it shatter on the road. Wang Ying said instinctively: “You… You pay me for that!”

“Pay you?”

Eagle Eye laughed and suddenly swung his arm so that his battle axe was right next to Wang Jing’s neck. The invisible pressure that he exerted quickened the breath of the three people behind the stall: “Your medicine wasn’t higher than the fourth tier, not going to the state government to sue you is already a mercy and you want me to pay? Brat, are you looking to die?”

Ling Mu Yu endured the every increasing pressure and stood up, saying: “You… if you have a problem then just talk it out… Don’t bully others!”

“Bully others?”

Eagle Eye let go of Wang Jing and looked at the medicine in front of Ling Mu Yu: “Brat, you’re also selling fake medicine. Do you want to die?”

As he was talking, he picked up a bottle of Incision Medicine and threw it to the ground: “Fifth Tier trash!”

The medicine was refined by Chu Yao.

Afterwards, he angrily held up another bottle of Incision Medicine and smelled it. Right when he was about to throw it down, his body trembled and he looked up towards Ling Mu Yu: “You made this Incision Medicine?”

“Yes!” Ling Mu Yu calmly answered.

“Weird, how could a brat like you create tier one Incision Medicine? You need to be an Medicin King to be able to do that. You’re not lying are you?”

“I made it myself, why would I lie to you?” Ling Mu Yu was still very calm.


Eagle Eye picked up another bottle of Incision Medicine and smelled it: “Another first tier medicine. How is this possible? Brat, how many of these do you have?”

“29 Bottles.” Minusing the ones made by Chu Yao, Ling Mu Yu had made 29 bottles of medicine.

Eagle Eye lowered his head to look at Ling Mu Yu. Suddenly his mouth cracked open and he placed his hand in his pocket. When his hand came out again, he had three gold coins in his hand. On top of them carved Purple Yin Flowers, it was the standard currency within the empire – Gold Yin Coins!

Author Note: The standard currency of Qin Empire are 1 Diamond Coin = 1000 Gold Yin Coins, 1 Gold Yin Coin = 100 Silver Yin Coins, 1 Silver Yin Coin = 100 Copper Yin Coins. The Copper Yin Coins are the most basic currency and have the carvings of a bow and plow, symbolizing the two main sources of income for most citizens. A blacksmith can earn 30 Copper Yin Coins a day while 1 Copper Yin Coin could buy a steamed bun or 20 Copper Yin Coins could buy a cooked chicken.)


“Brat, your luck is pretty good. I’ll take all of your Incision Medicine, 10 Silver Yin Coins per bottle!” Eagle Eye showed his first smile and his already scarred face became even more frightening with the smile.

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