The Alchemist God

Chapter 6 – Seven Star Forest

TAG Chapter 6 – Seven Star Forest

Translated by Khh Mart and Ryu!

Edited by GGP, Noah, TwangyNewt, Zephir


The ground Stone Skin Medicine was placed into small bottles and mixed with water along with a few extra medicinal ingredients. Slowly, the powder began to dissolve, letting out “siii..sii..” sounds. A total of 25 bottles were filled to make sure Eagle Eye got his money’s worth, Lin Mu Wu was not greedy with the medicine . Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been a problem to fill 40 bottles with the amount of medicine he normally used.

Chu Yao rested her head by placing her hands under her chin and looked at the small bottles with curiosity. She was also an alchemist, but the highest tier medicine she could produce was tier 3 medicine. As for Stone Skin Medicine, she had only heard about it; never actually attempted to make it.

They say that earnest men are the most attractive ones and passionate women are the most charming. Although Chu Yao Jie’s clothes were plain and simple, they could not conceal the charm of a grown women.

Lin Mu Yu found her curiosity interesting and asked “Chu Yao Jie, do you want to give it a try?”

“What? How?”

“Apply a small amount on your skin, or drink an entire bottle to make all the skin of your body as hard as stone. How long it lasts depends on an individual’s build” Lin Mu Yu was well aware of the method of application.

Chu Yao, faint fragrance diffusing from her body, raised her eyebrows and sat beside Lin Mu Yu and, after leaning in, asked“Really, can I?”

“Sure!” Lin Mu Yu panicked seeing the look in her eyes. This senior of his, not only was she very beautiful, but her figure was also fabulous with D sized breasts… On top of that, she was showing great affection to Lin Mu Yu, making it hard for Lin Mu Yu to concentrate.


Chu Yao then leaned against the chair and, scooping with a spoon a little bit of leftover Stone Skin medicine from the bowl and applied a thin film on her hands. “Shasha” sounds babbled and a pale blue light appeared on the skin of her wrist. The light instantly formed a tortoise-shell-like layer. Though her wrist was a little numb, she felt that her arm’s defensive strength had been increased.

“This…..” Her mouth dropped in amazement “Will the added defense be really strong?”

Lin Mu Yu began eating. Since the chicken mushroom stew had been reheated by Chu Yao not too long ago it was still extremely fragrant. This was his first time eating such delicious food after coming to this world and he was thinking that even though he was the young master of Long Kan Company, with a net worth over billions, ever since he came to this world he’s been living too pitifully. He looked at Chu Yao while eating and said, laughing “Try knocking your arm with the stick?”


Chu Yao took a stick and gave a few gentle knocks to her arm. “Pa” sounds vibrated off, but she didn’t feel any pain and so she used more strength to knock on her arm and still she didn’t feel anything. Ultimately, using her full strength, it got to the point where the stick broke in two: she felt only a slight pain. It seemed the the Stone Skin didn’t mean that there will be no pain, if it was hit to a certain degree then pain would still be felt.


After quickly finishing his food, Lin Mu Yu began making the Paralysis Medicine.

Serpent’s Flower and Gold Silk Grass, individually were not considered difficult to refine, however together, it became a challenge. The two herbs, when mixed together, would conflict. Great effort and skill were required if one desired to mix the two. However, Li Mu Yu was unlike the rest, he possessed the Sublimation Hand which offered precision in the art of refining medicine such that it could be considered as top in this world. Furthermore, he had his own secret knowledge of how to face the problem: Serpent’s Flower and Gold Silk Grass required high temperature in order to meld the two. Low ranked pharmacists’ refinement made use of iron cooking pots to heat medicinal herbs, which was a poor method. It was destined to introduce impurities into the medicine, thus affecting the potency of the potion.

Lin Mu Yu’s method was to rise a pile of flame and then to cook the herbs above the burning flame with his Sublimation Hand. The herbs would evaporate immediately and land inside an iron pot with a bit water inside that was above the fire. Afterwards the vaporized substance dissolved within the water and with Lin Mu Yu’s Sublimation Hand to guide the medicine, there wouldn’t be many losses. Soon 10 bottles of top grade paralytic medicine were successfully compounded.

It was late into the night, so Chu Yao and Lin Mu Yu returned to their rooms.

Covered with sweat, Lin Mu Yu’s qi had been drawn thin and almost gone. But Lin Mu Yu could clearly feel the qi flow inside his veins get stronger. Practicing the Sublimation Hand was a way to increase one’s qi. It could let his inner forces be more and more powerful and his body’s power also slowly recovered. He could obviously feel that the power of his fists should not be underestimated.

However, if compared to the ones of strong man like Eagle Eye, there was still a wide gap.


The next morning, they woke up early to fill the medicine box. This time, however Lin Mu Yu and Chu Yao went alone to deliver the medicine at the market. In about an hour, Eagle Eye appeared with no fewer than a hundred men each mounted fully armored and equipped with weapons: a large mercenary group.

“Where are the goods kid?” Eagle Eye stopped in front of the both of us.

Lin Mu Yu handed over altogether 30 bottles of medicine and said “You owe me 20 gold Yin coins.”

Eagle Eye raised one eyebrow and dismounted. Then he grabbed a bottle stone skin medicine and gave it a smell. With a complex look he said: “Boy, you……you really don’t have an alchemist master at home, right? As far as I know, Cathaya city only have Hua Tian as the only alchemist master. You……you would not know Hua tian, right?


Lin Mu Yu shook his head: “These medicines were wholly refined by myself.”

At this time, a horse’s hoof clattering could be heard. A youth in a robe urged his a horse to them. His robes were adorned with many patterns on it and had a purple Yin crest on them. One could see how wealthy he was. He glared at Lin Mu Yu. Then took a look at the medicine and sneered: “From ancient times till now, you need to be at least 35 years old to be able to refine a black steel tree. This boy’s tale is too much. With one look you could see that he is an imposter. Commander Eagle Eye, don’t you need someone important to catch the bloodthirsty tiger? I think he is fit for it!”

“Thanks a lot for the reminder master!”

Eagle Eye took the 30 bottles medicine with a bloodthirsty smile looming over his features. He then spoke to Lin Mu Yun: “Your 2 medicines are first-rate products. However……I am not sure whether these will be as effective as they should be. Why don’t you come with us? If we can successfully complete our task, I will pay you 20 Gold Yin. How about it?”

“Take a trip? To where?”

“To Seven Star Forest. This time our mission given to us by our master is to kill a 3000 years old spirit beast – Bloodthirsty Tiger!”

Lin Mu Yu did not know how terrible the beast was, but Chu Yao was stunned. Hastily she stood in front of Lin Mu Yu and spoke: “No…..Lin Mu Yu will not go with you to kill the Bloodthirsty Tiger. Go on your own!”

Eagle Eye smiled: “Oh, little beauty. You don’t want to see your little man die? Rest assure, we Flaming Eagle mercenary regiment will not let him perish!”

Biting a silver fang Chu Yao firmly said: “That will not do! A 3000 years old Bloodthirsty Tiger has at least the strength of a level 60 spirit warrior. You……you are a level 42 spirit warrior. There is a two realm gap. Even with so many people, it is not granted that you could kill off the Bloodthirsty Tiger!”

Eagle Eye raised one eyebrow and pointed behind him and said: “You should not look down on us. You did not see it, but we took arrows coated with Paralysis Medicine and even brought along a large arrow balistar. The Bloodthirsty Tiger is only a stupid creature. How could it rival us?”

With that, Eagle Eye opened his hand and grabbed Lin Mu Yu’s arm: “Come on, kid!”

Lin Mu Yu flustered and abruptly a right fist unexpectedly crossed over making the surrounding freezed. “Bang” an explosion could be heard over Eagle Eye’s arm. The surrounding became quiet and everyone stared at them. Eagle Eye was stunned and a faint pain came from his arm. Sneering he began to speak: “Kid, you are a spirit warrior?”

“I am not a warrior; you will not take me with you……” Naturally Lin Mu Yu did not want to die.

“You won’t follow us right now?”



Eagle Eye reached out his finger and said: “Duyanlong, go and grab the girl. I think this kid is willing to join us in catching the Bloodthirsty Tiger!”

“Yes, commander!”

An one-eyed mercenary stepped forward to grab Chu Yao. However, Chu Yao abruptly lowered her body, following that she struck out with a palm wrapped in four qi blades. “Bang” her palm hit the mercenary’s stomach. Unexpectedly the palm hit and the man vomited blood.


Eagle Eye was shocked: “Both of them are spirit warriors? This little beauty has the strength of a level 19 warrior. Hahaha. Interesting!”

Suddenly Eagle Eye cried out. With one hand he forced Lin Mu Yu to the side and with the other he opened it to grab Chu Yao. An astonishing display! Between his palm raging flames appeared. A blaze wrapped around the five fingers, clawing at Chu Yao. Chu Yao did not know how to resist and the blades that cloaked her palm collapsed in a flash. Both blade and wielder had fallen into Eagle Eye’s hands.

“Bind them and put them on a horse. Take both of them with us!”

Eagle Eye shouted and after a few minutes Lin Mu Yu, with bound hands, was thrown onto a horse. Chu Yao also got her little hands constrained and was thrown behind Lin Mu Yu. A mercenary led the horse, and with this both youths were taken out of the city. This all happened so quickly that no one in the surroundings could’ve stopped them.

Or perhaps no one dared to interfere. In Cathaya city, Eagle Eye was infamous. Who did not know this?


Outside of the city they soon left the main road and entered a lush jungle.

Chu Yao was held behind Lin Yu Mu and did not speak.

“Chu Yao Jie, I’m sorry. Please blame me……” Lin Mu Yu endured it for a while and he had to apologize.

Chu Yao smiled: “It does not matter. I hope that after confirming the medicine’s efficacy the mercenary will release us……”

“How can you be so at ease?”

Lin Mu Yu smiled wrily. Although he is one year younger than Chu Yao, he had more experience and knew the danger. This mercenary who took them both had another use for them. He could only hope that it was not for that sinister purpose.

Chu Yao was sitting behind him and he could feel the two big thing which were the pride of a young woman. But he was not in the mood for such pleasures. All he could think about was how both of them could escape.


They moved for a day and the night came in a flash. However, it seemed like the Flaming Eagle mercenaries did not want to stay. They just ate some dry food and continued moving deeper into the forest. The area became more and more overgrown. The group even encountered some ferocious beasts, but all were killed by Eagle Eye.

They waited until midnight to stop for food.

“Chu Yao Jie, what are level 19 and 42 spirit warrior that Eagles Eye mention earlier?” Lin Mu Yu asked while eating the dry food.

Chu Yao let out a sigh and began to explain: “The empire promote martial spirit. Almost anyone can practice martial arts. But only a few people can have a high achievement, but there are also people with low achievements. Based on strength, all cultivation are divided into 15 levels and 5 big realm. The 5 big realms are the Human Realm, Earth Realm, Heaven realm, Sacred Realm and God Realm. Each realm are divided in 3 stages. Human Stage, Earth Stage and Heaven Stage and are concretely classified as: Martial Artist, Battle General, Battle Spirit, Battle Strategist, Battle Elder, Battle Saint, Heaven Elder, Heaven King, Heaven God. Each stages are divided into 10 levels. For example me – my power is about level 19 so I am at the second tier of Human Stage – a Battle General. As for Eagle Eye, he is at level 42 a second tier of Earth Stage – a Battle Elder.

Lin Mu Yu was stunned. There were too much ranks and he mostly was a level 1 noob. He did not want to ask too much and began to speak: “For what do they want to kill a 3000 years old spirit beast?”

“Perhaps the beast is for a quick spiritual cultivation?”

“……” Looking like a newbie he did not understand completely.


At this moment the youth wearing luxury clothes appeared again. With a jug in his hand and a sarcastic smile on his face, he spoke to them, “You two baits are conversing very optimistically. You do not know that you are going to die soon?”

Chu Yao looked angry: “Who are you?”

“You don’t even know me, the city’s master Hua Wan and yet you still dare to…….” he was about to nag, but this girl turned out to be a pretty beauty!

He was the youngster who became a big alchemist, Hua Wan?

Chu Yao inwardly feared him. However with Hua Wan’s evil smile pointing at her chest, she was speechless for a moment.

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