The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: Movement of the Red Phoenix Star

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The steward was so shocked that his jaw almost dropped onto the floor after hearing the answer.

The elder didn’t expect that the result would be like this, his whole body tensed up, his eyes staring straight at Helian Wei Wei “Why?”

“No reason.” Helian Wei Wei gracefully lowered the long whip, took the money and just left, not caring about their reaction.

The elder’s facial expression was still stiff, seem to unable to accept that he was rejected, he didn’t know how to describe his emotions right now, stunned, reluctant, add up the regret of not getting this talented disciple…his heart was in turmoil. He suppressed his voice into a low shout ” Chang Steward, everything about what you saw today, must not be known.”

“Yes.” Chang Steward hastily nodded his head, even though he didn’t understand why Tu Lao suddenly became so serious, but as the steward of the Phoenix Loft, the only thing they did best was to keep secrets.

The elder glanced at the ‘Nine Tunes Silver Snake’, he took the whip up, wrapping it with a black cloth, said” Then that’s all, as for the rest of the examination, you continue it, I’m going to see the Grandmaster.”

“Huh?” The steward looked at the back of the elder who was was hastily walking away, he was stupefied, he was just a steward, he didn’t know how to grade Armaments!

” Tu Lao, Tu Lao!”

Chang Steward chased after him in little steps while shouting for the elder, yet no matter how much he cried out, the elder didn’t even glance back at him.

Now, the elder’s mind was completely filled with thoughts on how to win over the brat, the extraordinary talent that she possessed. If the other clans knew about her, it would definitely cause powerful people to rise and looking for her, so he must quickly find the Grandmaster, and properly discuss it…

” Look, the trash came out!”

“Look, only how much time has passed, did she get kicked out by Tu Lao?”

“Haha, most likely, Tu Lao’s temper is pretty bad, the people who have the talent for armament is very little already, and this waste still followed here to join the examination, getting kicked out is normal.”

Ignoring the ridicule around her, Helian Wei Wei’s expression didn’t change at all, her demeanor was still one of leisure, the same casual manner when she strode in to take the test. Now that it was over so quickly and she had swaggered out, with one look and anyone could see that the results were bad.

The crowd was gloating, they were even more sure about Helian Wei Wei, being a complete waste. Afterwhich, They didn’t even spare a glance at her, she was just a waste, she didn’t deserve them wasting their energy for her.

And yet, they didn’t know that the ‘trash’ they were talking about, already won the prize for this Armament Master Assembly….

Deep within the Dragon War Empire, from east to west there’s an ancient palace, orchid fragrance was still lit inside the palace, white mist wafting, lulling people to sleep.

The servants hung up the lavishly embroidered silver silk drapery, lightly opened the incense burner, added more incense in using a gold spoon, then nimbly left the room without trace.

Baili Jia Jue was laying on his side on the golden embellished sandal wood chaise lounge, his arm supporting his head, his midnight black hair sprawled out and some rested on his left hand which was holding onto an old scroll.

Two beauties were kneeling beside him, holding the incense burner, the clothing they were wearing were so thin.

Baili Jia Jue coldly smiled, pang! He kicked over the burner!

“Get out!” The deep voice was cold, resounding in the spacious palace, sending a cold chill to their spine.

The two servants looked at each other, trembling beside Baili Jia Jue’s legs, one hand holding his robe “Your highness, what did this servant do wrong, this servant can change…..”

The woman raised her palm sized face, her eyes glistening with tears, her long eyelashes fluttered down like a fan.

Any men won’t be able to resist this kind of temptation.

But Baili Jia Jue was not like other men!

Just then when a servant wanted to fall into Baili Jia Jue’s arms, a silver light flashed by.

That palace maid’s forehead slanted to a side, then terrifying wisps of blood suddenly spilled out from the corner of her mouth.

“Settle it.” Baili Jia Jue’s voice coldly announced this command.

In less than an hour, the palace had one less unnecessary palace maid.

Shadow, who had executed the command, grasped his ice cold blade as he stood behind Baili Jia Jue as he watched the scene apathetically.

Baili Jia Jue laughed coldly, and unhurriedly untied his sleeves and threw his robes, “Burn it.”

“Understood.” Shadow lowered his head deferentially. He had long expected this kind of outcome. The master of this family would never allow his outer garments to be touched by others.

It seemed, aside from the Miss from the Helian family, nobody else could even come close to this master’s body.

However, if that miss had not daringly provoked his master, it’s possible that Master would have long killed her off. Now, he had kept her purely because Master had his own unique interests.

Shadow saw the master of this family, bemused smile, and all the hairs on his arm stood straight as he threw the expensive outer garment into the fireplace. He observed a moment of silence in tribute for that unknown lady, hoping that she would not die so miserably next time.

As the fire burned brightly, some sounds of activity came in from the outside.

“Brat, don’t pretend that you’re not here in front of this old man, this old man knows that you are inside! If you have the ability then come out for this old man, and this old man will immediately accept you as a follower!”

When Shadow heard the commotion outside, a look that said, “No way, not this again”, appeared on his face. He quickly called for men to first prepare some clothes to give to his family’s master to put on.

Baili Jia Jue was never flustered as he received his outer robe and placed his hands into the sleeves, buttoning each button one by one, without the slightest bit of care for what was happening outside.

“Brat!” An elderly man dressed in a showy white fur robe rushed in from outside, he was still panting as he said, “This old man knew it, you would definitely be here!”

Baili Jia Jue did not care about him as he did not even take a single glance at his fur robe. He only looked on coldly, causing the old man to subconsciously swallow his saliva.

He stabilized his breathing, then switched to using sincere and heartfelt words, “The Grand Advisor did a divination, and the divinatory trigram showed that within three days you would encounter your life’s…hey hey hey, don’t tug at me, if you continue to tug at me I’ll get angry, okay!”

“Grandmaster!” Shadow lowered his voice as he looked directly at the most revered Armament Master of the kingdom. There was no other reason but fear that his master would beat people to death the moment he was unhappy!

The old man immediately shook him off, pointed inside the palace hall and shouted, “Brat, everything that this old man has said is true, there is Movement of the Red Phoenix Star, there will definitely be a calamity that follows, if you still want to keep your freedom to do whatever you want, you need to immediately hail me as your master and this old man will help you to solve that divination!”

“Get, out.” A deep dark voice resonated from within the palace hall, as if it contained a countless amount of light ice blades that could slice through his throat at any time.

It really caused one to tremble with fear!

The old man’s voice that was raised immediately withered, as he pulled back his throat, “Fine then, even if you don’t want to hail me as your master, you should come back to White Academy at least. If you still don’t come back to class, this old man will fail you!” After saying this, he slipped away.

In a secret place, the foreheads of the palace eunuchs that were standing at the side were all matted with cold sweat. They trembled as their arms were drooped and didn’t even dare to raise their heads.

Seeing that the old man had left, Baili Jia Jue did not stop him. He merely propped himself up with the back of a chair, standing up from the bench. A black colored feathered cape slowly raised its head, the pair of narrow pupils appeared as if it had found a joy within this insipid life; they got deeper and more demonic…

“Movement of the Red Phoenix Star? Heh, this palace wants to see if a dead Red Phoenix can still move about.”

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