The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1165 - Bringing Ajiu to School

Chapter 1165: Bringing Ajiu to School

“I don’t care who the others are, I just can’t take this lying down!” Mrs.Lin dragged her bandaged right hand, tears welling up in her eyes. However, her anger had not subsided one bit. “She has already come to our Lin family to shoot people. I must make her regret bullying people like this!”

Elder Lin was angered by his daughter-in-law to the point where all he could do was chuckle. “Then go and sue her. Lin Feng, divorce this woman right now. If you don’t get a divorce, even you can forget about staying in the Lin Family!”

Mrs. Lin did not expect it to end up like this. How could Elder Lin let Lin Feng divorce her? It was just a small matter. Moreover, she was the one who was injured. Shouldn’t he be helping her?

Mrs. Lin was not convinced and turned to look at Lin Feng, “You won’t divorce me, right? Feng, we have been married for so many years. Now that I’m the one who got shot, can’t I vent a little?”

“Vent a little?” Lin Feng threw the hat in his hand away. “How else do you want to vent? It’s fine if you usually stomp on the ground in the courtyard, but why did you even bully a child? Now that you’ve provoked someone you shouldn’t have provoked, you still say that no matter who those people are, you can’t swallow this anger. How come you think you’re so powerful? Are you really not afraid of anything? Then I’ll tell you, who exactly is the person who came to the Lin family today? It’s the one you always wanted to get close with, it’s Helian Weiwei!”

After hearing the four words “Helian Weiwei”, the noisy Mrs. Lin was completely dumbfounded.

She froze on the spot in a daze, completely unable to believe what she heard.

The little country bumpkin’s mother was Helian Weiwei? !

How could this be?

How could this be!

Mrs.Lin was not unfamiliar with the name Helian Weiwei.

The madam of the Juewei Corporation, the legendary woman she had always wanted to know.

But Mrs.Lin’s mistake was that she had never met Weiwei in the first place, and did not know that she actually had a daughter!

Mrs. Lin reached out and grabbed Lin Feng’s sleeve. Unfortunately, Lin Feng had long since stopped listening to what she was saying.

Actually, even if Helian Weiwei didn’t come, Old Master Lin wouldn’t let Mrs.Lin off just like that. Just based on the fact that she dared to go to the Bai family like that, thinking she could say whatever she wanted.

Old Master Lin didn’t want to keep such a daughter-in-law. It was only a matter of time.

That night, Old Master Lin personally went to the Bai family. As usual, he put himself in an even lower position.

Others might not understand, but he himself knew best. Without the guidance of the old chief, the most he could do was to come back home and feed the bigs.

The Lin family is pretty well off now, but they could not forget what they owed just because they gained a better social status.

This was the foundation of being a person.

The two people who had opinions about the Bai family before also had their own ways of dealing with it.

Those who had not been in the military compound for a long time only now found out from the elders that the Bai family, Xiao family, and Li family were working together,

Little Gangster Li was the first person to receive the news that Mrs. Lin had been kicked out of the military compound, and he rushed to the Bai family saying, “Come, come, give me Bai family’s best food. This time, I have taken down everyone that I could. That vicious woman from the Lin family will not be back for a while. Even uncle Lin has been sent to the provincial district by Grandpa Lin to reflect on himself. This is good for the Lin family. It also saves that woman from causing any more trouble. Right now, our courtyard beauty is crying for her mother. Bai Zhun, tell me, how are you going to thank me?”

“I’ll let you copy my English homework, but there’s one thing you have to learn on your own,” Bai Zhun said as he picked up Little Baldy, who had just washed her face, and placed her back on the sofa.

Little Gangster Li wanted to tease Little Ajiu when he saw her, but it was obvious that Little Ajiu was not the same as before. “What’s wrong with the child? She doesn’t eat anymore?”

Bai Zhun’s hand also paused. He looked at Little Baldy, who was leaning against the window and looking outside. He did not know what the child was looking at, but he had a vague sense in his heart that Little Ajiu’s strange behavior had to do with the little boy she had just saw.

However, after searching for a long time, he could not find any clues.

This was something that really concerned Bai Zhun. This concern did not subside even after the summer vacation had ended and school had started.

Master Bai was a person who did things normally and would not go overboard.

Bringing the child to school was probably the craziest thing he had done. However, he was really worried about leaving Little Ajiu in the courtyard, so he had to carry her with him.

Fortunately, they have already informed the school. Mother Xiao was also the principal, and Bai Zhun had always been an excellent student. In fact, he had already learned most of what is taught in elementary school. In fact, he was already reading books that were beyond some of the students in junior high.

Therefore, Little Ajiu going to school with Bai Zhun would not affect Bai Zhun’s grades.

However, arranging for a child to enter the classroom like this would attract the attention of others no matter what.

Little Baldy was afraid that she would make things difficult for Bai Zhun, so she immediately said that she could wait for her brother outside.

Bai Zhun did not agree at first, but he could not bear the child’s insistence.

There was a corridor outside the classroom, which was clean and beautiful. When Bai Zhun was in class, Little Baldy sat under Bai Zhun’s window and lectured the little ants that came and went. Occasionally, she would recite the buddhist scriptures.

Little Baldy always remembered that she was going to become abbot in the future, and she could not betray her Buddha.

However, the teachers who came to class had never seen such an obedient child. They could not help but look at Little Baldy.

During break time, Bai Zhun would carry Little Ajiu into the classroom and put her on his seat.

The person sitting at the same table as him was Little Gangster Li. Li finally understood what it was like for someone to abandon their bros in favor of their sister.

Ever since Little Ajiu came, he could not sleep during class and after class. Bai Zhun, this sister lover, would kick him whenever he did not see Little Ajiu for a while. Now, Li’s grades were increasing and he was even called to the teachers office to be questioned about cheating during the exam.


It’s not like he never wrote his own exams!

Little Gangster Li gloomily stuffed a sandwich into his mouth. When he turned around, Bai Zhun was feeding Little Ajiu yogurt with a small spoon. His gentle and caring look made all the girls in the class want to scream. Bai Zhun had received more and more love letters recently anyways.

Little Gangster Li was filled with resentment. Why wouldn’t any girls notice his bright side.

Little Ajiu was eating very well. She took one bite after another. In her hand, she was playing with the Little Rubik’s cube that Bai Zhun had given her.

Bai Zhun smiled and wiped the child’s mouth. “One more class. We’ll be home soon.”

“Brother, don’t worry about me. I’ll be obedient.” Little Baldy said seriously, but her big head was a little itchy. She stretched out his small claws, scratching..

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