The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1246 - : Ajiu Was With Helian Qingchen

Chapter 1246: Ajiu Was With Helian Qingchen

It was just that suddenly, the music became much quieter. The people on the other side all looked to the side.

Bai Zhun had returned!

He had already taken off the mask on his face, revealing his well-defined features. His fine black hair brushed against his eyelashes, and he was as noble and cold as ever.

The clothes he wore when he went out had long been changed. The leg-length plush tassel jacket made him look even more handsome and upright.

His rice clothes were light and his appearance was good. The moment he appeared, he suppressed all his peers at the party,

Seeing that he was satisfied, the smile on Old Master Bai’s face became even wider.

At this time, the people who were attending the banquet also walked up to Bai Zhun. They greeted him and joked around.

“I really didn’t expect Bai Zhun to be so old in the blink of an eye.”

“It’s worth it to come back this time. This kid has to go to my place.”

“What’s the point of going to your place? You should go to my place. The Flying Tiger Brigade is suitable for our Bai Zhun.”

The people standing in that row were all wearing military uniforms. Bai Zhun had seen them before. Even if he wasn’t feeling well, his face didn’t show anything. He smiled faintly and greeted, “Uncle Li, Uncle Liu.”

“Come, Bai Zhun, let me tell you. You must go to our place. To be honest, don’t go to your uncle’s place, okay? His training is deadly.”

The uncle that Li Boyan spoke of was the famous devil, Third Young Master Tang.

Bai Zhun smiled. “How could Uncle Li forget again? Uncle Tang has already retired from the army.”

Li Boyan was instantly stunned. He shook his head. “I can only blame him for giving me too much psychological trauma when he was around.”

To be scolded as a rookie by someone younger than him and whose military rank was higher than his, that was really not a good feeling.

The most important thing was that that person did not look like a soldier at all!

He looked more like the young master of a warlord during the Republic of China era.

However, speaking of which, this child, Bai Zhun, did not look like he could enter the army. However, in reality, it was not the case.

Bai Zhun coughed lightly. “Uncle Li, you guys chat first. I’ll head up.”

He was going to look for Ajiu. From the moment he entered until now, he had not seen any sign of the child. Bai Zhun could not help but feel anxious.

The strange thing was that Ajiu wasn’t even on the second floor. He searched the bedroom and kitchen but still could not find her.

The two girls behind Gu Rou kept looking at Bai Zhun. “That’s strange. What is Senior Colonel Bai looking for? Shouldn’t he cut the cake first?”

Gu Rou narrowed her eyes and didn’t say anything. Instead, she curled her lips into a smile.

At this moment, the music also changed and gradually became exciting.

Li Hailou and Xiao Lin also saw that something had happened on Bai Zhun’s side. The two of them were wearing suits today and looked very handsome.

Xiao Lin was originally doing foreign policy with his mother, but when he saw that Bai Zhun had no intention of cutting the cake, he exchanged a glance with Li Hailou and walked over.

“What’s wrong?” Xiao Lin lowered his voice.

Bai Zhun suppressed the pain in his throat and said in a raspy voice, “Ajiu is not back yet.”

“Not back yet?” Li Hailou frowned. “Today is such an important day. It’s impossible for her not to know if she went to the courtyard to play.”

Bai Zhun shook his head. “No, I went upstairs to check. Her schoolbag is not in the bedroom.”

“What’s going on?” Li Hailou raised his head and looked at the clock hanging in the living room. “Could it be that she’s still in school?” How about this, you cut the cake first. Xiao Lin and I will go and pick up Ajiu. Don’t worry, we will definitely let her celebrate this birthday with you alone.”

Bai Zhun coughed again. “She’s not in school either. Before I came back, I went to the teaching building. The head teacher said that she had already applied for today’s leave.”

“Then where did she go?” Li Hailou was also surprised.

Gu Rou listened from the side and walked over with a wine glass. “She should have gone to play with Helian Qingchen.”

“Helian Qingchen?” Li Hailou’s eyes suddenly widened. “That transfer student?”

Gu Rou nodded. “That’s right. When we came here, we saw Ajiu with him. We even asked Ajiu if she wanted to come back with us, but she didn’t want to.”

“Yes, yes.” The two girls behind Gu Rou also spoke. “Those two people are quite intimate with a dog. They should still be together now.”

Hearing this, Xiao Lin frowned. A hint of worry appeared in his eyes when he looked at Bai Zhun.

Bai Zhun valued this birthday very much.

The reason why he valued it was because he had long planned to spend the rest of the day alone with Ajiu.

However, Ajiu missed the opening of the banquet because she was with someone else.

Xiao Lin’s heart clenched. He was really afraid that Bai Zhun would do something bad on this day.

Li Hailou also knew the details of this and immediately said, “Bai Zhun, do what you have to do. Ajiu will definitely not forget such an important day. Maybe she is rushing here.”

“Hailou is right.” Gu Rou softly echoed from the side, a long dress that was as white as snow swayed. “No matter how young Ajiu is, she knows what is more important. The time to cut the cake is almost up. If we don’t start now, I’m afraid she will be anxious in a while.”

Bai Zhun did not speak. He stood there with a cold and indifferent expression. The falling strands of hair covered his eyes. Perhaps it was because he was sick, but it actually made people feel a little lonely at that moment.

When the two girls who were beside Gu Rou saw this, they only felt that Ajiu was really not sensible. Her brother’s birthday was still outside, and he did not know how to come back earlier.

However, after the incident last time, they did not dare to say anything in front of Bai Zhun anymore. They could only stand to one side and be wallflowers.

Vice Commander Zhang walked over from inside and whispered in Bai Zhun’s ear, “Young master, the chief is asking when to cut the cake?”

Bai Zhun still did not speak. He stood there, his slender fingers clenched one by one, as if he was enduring something. Even the expression on his face became a little cold.

When Gu Rou saw this scene, a smile formed on her lips.

She had said long ago that the difference between twelve and seventeen was not just five years old.

Two people with different thoughts were never destined to be together.

Ajiu’s youth and ignorance of worldly affairs had finally begun to make Bai Zhun suffer.

Doesn’t matter if you like her or not.

It was just a habit that had been formed since young.

Gu Rou had also heard Auntie Wang and the others mention that when Ajiu first came to the Bai family, Bai Zhun was not very welcoming.

Coincidentally, the timing of that child’s arrival was too perfect.

At that time, Bai Zhun was alone at home, so it was very easy for him to develop feelings for others.

It was not impossible for him to mistake that feeling for liking.

After this incident, Bai Zhun would probably be completely disappointed in that child.

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