The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 1262 - Bai Zhun’s Regret

Chapter 1262: Bai Zhun’s Regret

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The shrieking sounds in the hall grew louder and louder.

Ajiu’s big round eyes followed the two girls as they fought. Her small face was very serious as she said to Helian Qingchen who was standing beside her, “Second Brother, watching them hurt each other like this is even more enjoyable than beating someone up myself.”

Helian Qingchen tilted his head and smiled. He lowered his voice and said, “This was all father’s idea.”

“I have to learn from him in the future,” Ajiu said as she nodded her head. The kitten on her head wagged its tail as she moved.

Of course, Old Master Gu would not allow his granddaughter to continue embarrassing herself like this. With a stiff expression, he ordered the people beside him, “What are you all standing there for! Hurry up and pull Young Mistress away!”

The Gu family’s bodyguards did indeed want to pull her away, but they were still being stared at by the men in black. Just the gaze of those men in black alone was terrifying.

It was as if the ones looking at them were not humans, but some unknown creature.

The Gu family’s bodyguards were so frightened that they did not dare to move.

Old Master Gu became even more anxious.

He walked over with his walking stick and wanted to pull his granddaughter away himself. But when Gu Rou raised her hand, her hand slapped right into his eyes!


Old Master Gu let go of his walking stick. If Gu Cheng hadn’t reacted quickly enough and caught the old man, Old Master Gu might have perished on the spot.

“Nonsense! This is simply nonsense!” Old Master Gu’s eyes were burning with pain. He knew that everyone here was staring at them. Looking at the Gu family was like watching a farce.

Just scheming against others might not be so embarrassing, but what was this now? His granddaughter, whom he had carefully groomed and praised in front of others constantly, was actually acting like a shrew in public.

Of course, those things she said in the video were no better. The old man really wanted to leave right now.

Gu Cheng noticed the old man’s expression and quickly grabbed hold of Gu Rou’s wrist.

Gu Rou was still struggling as she shouted, “Gu Cheng! Let go of me! I must teach this traitor a lesson!” As she said that, her feet continued to kick wildly as if she wanted to kill the other party.

Gu Cheng was extremely angry and pulled her over. The youth’s voice was suddenly very stern. “Enough! Get a grip! Do you know where you are?!”

After hearing Gu Cheng’s words, Gu Rou finally realized that she was still at Bai Zhun’s birthday party. She looked around her in panic. Everyone present looked at her as if they were looking at trash. The disgust in their eyes was very obvious. Only then did she realize what she had done in front of everyone!

“I, I didn’t do it on purpose…” Gu Rou’s voice became weak again. Her black and beautiful long hair had also become messy. Her exquisite makeup was smeared because of the scuffle just now. The lipstick she had applied had all been ruined. 70% of a girl’s aura depended on the way she dressed, and now, all the elegance Gu Rou once had was gone. She didn’t look anything like a daughter of a respectable family anymore. No matter how pitiful her expression was, everyone would just think she was putting on an act. But Gu Rou didn’t realize this at all. She pointed a finger at the other girl she was fighting with earlier and said, “It’s her! She’s the one who’s slandering me!”

“Me? Slandering you?” The girl sneered. One of her false eyelashes had fallen off, and she did not look any better. But her words were as cutting as ever. “All those things you said are all recorded within our chat group! I’ve got all the records! Are you going to admit it only after I show everybody the chat logs? Young Mistress Gu?!”

Gu Rou’s face was livid, as if she was angered by her words again. Her fingers began to tremble, as if she intended to pounce on her again.

Gu Cheng stretched a long arm out and stopped her.

Gu Rou started to cry. It seemed like that was all she could do now.

Helian Weiwei’s eyes looked at this scene indifferently, and the corners of her mouth slowly curved upwards. “Old Master Gu, there’s no point denying it. Your granddaughter has already done herself a disservice.”

Old Master Gu’s left eye had turned a little blue from being punched by Gu Rou earlier. His white hair was a mess and he was bent over, like he had aged by a decade all of a sudden. He had lost his overbearing aura altogether.

He first glanced at Helian Weiwei, opened his mouth, but couldn’t bring himself to apologize.

But this matter had to be closed somehow.

If this went on, the Gu family would be even more embarrassed. Thus, he turned his head and looked at his good friend of many years, Old Master Bai.

“Bai, you can see that my Rou’er already knows that she was in the wrong. She’s not a bad-hearted child, really. It’s my fault for not paying attention. She did say before that it was very hard to get close to Bai Zhun, and I’ve never seen her like a boy so much before. As her grandfather, I got worried for her. She’s done so many things for the boy that she would never have done in the past, and now she’s done all these things for the sake of getting close to Bai Zhun.”

Old Master Gu’s voice slowly began to drop in volume. “On account of our many years of friendship, do you think you could put in a good word for Rou’er? Your family raised Ajiu, so I’m sure the folks from Juewei Group will listen to you. I’m fine with whatever way Ajiu wants us to apologize, I just ask that she doesn’t completely embarrass Rou’er. She’s just a child and did the wrong thing in a moment of folly. Ajiu’s not hurt anyway, so why don’t…”


Old Master Gu hadn’t finished his sentence.

Suddenly, a gust of fierce wind swept past his ear. It had come at him in full force!

What brushed past his ear wasn’t some random object but a wine glass.

The glass flew past and smashed into the wall behind Old Master Gu, and the glass shards littered the floor, while the liquid in it spilled onto Old Master Gu’s face. He was so shocked and frightened by this sudden noise that he remained in a daze for a long time.

When he finally turned back to look with a pale face, he saw Bai Zhun standing in front of him, a wine glass obviously missing from his hands. His pure white suit gave off an acute sense of his fury, and his handsome face was frosty beyond belief.

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