The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Who is the Red Phoenix Star

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“The person who dares to dalliance you, must be interesting, but Ah Jue…..” Nangong Lie recklessly continued “I’ve heard that the little kitten was born in the Grand Advisor’s residence?”

Baili Jia Jue roughly took off his robe, his expression was cold “Wee you really under closed door meditation? Or collecting rumors?”

“I know everything even if I’m sitting in a small space.” Nangong Lie winked his left eye, bewitching any living thing “Plus when I’m bored, I’ll divine your life.”

Baili Jia Jue took the wine cup that was set beside him, casually swirling it, his elegant face was expressionless “If you’re trying to talk about the Movement of the Red Phoenix Star, then you can go now.”

“Haha, I know that old man will tell you about it, but what he probably didn’t tell you is….” Nangong Lie suddenly lower his voice, “The little kitten that seduced you might be the Red Phoenix Star…”

Baili Jia Jue’s hands paused, turned around, gracefully walked towards the Lotus wooden bathtub, looked at him with a deadpan face, with a warning tone”You better not do anything.”

Nangong Lie elegantly stood up, sat down on the chair that’s situated on the side, drowsily yawned, lazily said “Ah Jue, don’t tell me you’re going to let her go?”

“Let her go? What stupid things are you saying?” Jia Jue stretched and rested his long legs on the sandalwood desk.

He reached out his hand throwing his robe to the side, a lock of black hair was unruly hanging in front of his eyes.

Suddenly, he smiled, an arrogant smile, causing people to tremble ” The most important thing in preying is the process. If the prey is easy to catch, then it wouldn’t be interesting, haha…..”

When he laughed it made all the hair on Nangong Lie stood up.

[This… don’t have to do this right, I mean if you just killed her because you feel bad, then everything would end. But you want to ‘play’ with her…..Looks like Ah Jue has made up his mind to ‘play’ with the kitten, Helian Household’s Miss, you have to hold on!]

“Ahchoo! Ahchoo! Ahchoo!”

Helian Wei Wei rubbed the tip of her nose with her hand, not knowing who was thinking of her, that made her sneeze three times in a row.

Even though she couldn’t become a genius that everyone envied in one night, at least she could regain her Profound Qi, so she no longer would be a waste!

Helian Wei Wei breathed in the fresh air from the ancient times. When she was just about to go into the space to pick some strawberries to fill her stomach, she heard an ear-piercing voice filled with sarcasm.

“Second sister, I’ve heard someone shamelessly went to the Armament Master Assembly, and was chased out by Tu Lao, the scene was quite interesting!”

It was Helian Mei, she was cutting from while eyeing Helian Wei Wei, her gaze was bright with disdain.

“Third Sister!” Helian Jiao Er lightly scolded her, her jade like hands pressed down Helian Mei “You must not speak like this in front of anyone, you should be careful or someone would bite back, and say you’re bullying her.”

Both of Helian Mei’s eyes widened “She dares! A waste thinking of becoming a genius, Second Sister you don’t know right, the White Academy sent a letter, I think, in three days someone’s name would be removed! Does she really think that just because she has the Helian Family’s blood in her, she can do whatever she wants, Bah! She’s just dirt on the ground, not like Second Sister, the real one and only genius!”

“That’s not true, don’t say that.” Helian Jiao Er replied modestly, but her eyes was shining with arrogance.

Helian Wei Wei was still thinking how Helian Jiao Er could act this much, a man wearing luxurious clothing was drinking tea not far from them, ha… wonder, there’s an outsider here.

“I was telling the truth.” Helian Mei shouted, then she looked at Helian Wei Wei with disdain “From what I see, I fear that a certain someone can’t even gather the school fee!”

Helian Jiao Er acted as if she doesn’t understand ” Mother always give Big Sister with everything that she needs, how can she not have money to pay the school fees?”

“She used all her money on her flashy clothes, duh!” Helian Mei she huffed with dislike.

From the beginning, Helian Wei Wei didn’t say anything, just leisurely throwing strawberries into her mouth, the corner of her mouth curved into a cold yet alluring smile.

This made the two people who were acting, scrunched up their brows, what’s wrong with this bitch, usually in the past, she would already threw a tantrum, and yet today, she’s quite….

“Hey, Helian Wei Wei! Do you not hear us talking to you!” Helian Mei could not bear her anger anymore!

Helian Wei Wei raised her hand, totally unconcerned while blowing her fingers, unhurriedly said” Third Sister, who taught you to talk to me like this? You have to treat the oldest sister the same way you treat your mother, how can you not understand such a simple logic? Or is it that other than teaching you how to steal other people’s husband, she didn’t teach you anything else?”

“YOU!” Helian Mei irritably snap the flower that she was holding in half “Do you want to die bitch, talking about me like that!”

Helian Wei Wei looked at her, coldness flashed by her eyes “Bitch?”

“Third Sister!” Helian Jiao Er pulled Helian Mei away when she saw the situation, with a soft voice ” Restrain your temper, someone is still watching.”

Helian Mei took a deep breath, glared at Helian Wei Wei, “Just you wait, I’m going to ‘play’ with you until you’re dead!”

Helian Wei Wei lazily yawned, she’s not even worried about the threat from Helian Mei.

As for Helian Mei she was so furious that she threw away the broken flower, wanting to punch someone!

Before she could even raise her arm, she was shocked by the scene in front of her!

“Where did all these bees come from!” Helian Mei pulled a servant in front of her “Get them away from me!”

The servant was also scared, the huge amount of bees, their wings buzzing as they circled around Helian Mei like a black cloud!

“The flowers! Young Miss just cut the flowers!”

“Who asked you this, ah! My face! Damn bees!”

As Helian Mei screamed, Helian Jiao Er start to panic, she was not rushing to save her, but instead was worried about herself, with this amount of bees, if she got targeted, it would be awful!

In an instant, the whole Residence’s garden was in a hysteria, only Helian Wei Wei was calm. It was quite chaotic all around, however, not one bee flew over to her.

“Yuan Ming, don’t end the show too quickly, it’s not interesting….” as Wei Wei was talking, she was smiling charmingly.

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