The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Found the Wrong Person

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The most handsome man… Li Feng subconsciously thought of that person from the royal palace. Allegedly, his Royal Highness will be returning to White Academy this year. Don’t know what he would look like if he removed that mask of his?

Would it be an appearance ruined by the burns of a big fire, or would it still be as handsome and godlike as before?

I’m afraid this matter was one that only Grandmaster Zhi Zun and Principal Tusu knew of, because other than the Retired Emperor, only these two people have seen his Royal Highness’ grown appearance.

Alright, maybe the High Priest could also be included, but it seemed that the High Priest was still in closed door meditation, and simply could not have come here.

Otherwise, with those two people’s looks and bearing, they would have definitely brought about no small disturbance to the White Academy … …

“In any case, my good disciple, you should rest assured. Who would dare say they dislike my official disciple!” The old man spoke vigor, his expression forceful and domineering.

Li Feng gently coughed twice, “His Royal Highness would. He wouldn’t only dare say, but would also dare to, kick you away with one leg. Has Grandmaster forgotten this matter?”

“You!” Grandmaster turned around, wondering what had gotten into Li Feng, this little guy, destroying every stage he had set up today. In other words, contradicting his every plan.

“That Royal Highness is?” Helian Wei Wei lifted her brows in query.

Grandmaster moved closer to her and in a hushed tone, he replied, “The current Third Prince. He’s also entering White Academy this year. That young guy is too sinister, his retaliation is tenacious. Disciple, if later you should chance upon a man wearing a mask, you must hide far away!”

“Mhm hm.” Wei Wei responded absentmindedly.

How would Grandmaster know, his dear disciple had already offended that person, and even in the worst possible way … …

Wei Wei didn’t explore this matter further, in any case, from the moment she entered White Academy and thereafter, she hadn’t encountered any masked man, but would like to make a little request, “Master, for the matter of you accepting me as a disciple, can you temporarily not tell other people?”

“Why?” Grandmaster’s eyes opened wide, it wasn’t easy for him to accept a disciple formally, and was thinking of showing off a bit to Tu Lao and the others!

Wei Wei curved her lips into a smile, “It would be more interesting for the enemies to be out in the light while I’m hidden in the shadows, also … … Master only needs to teach me and that’s good enough, I can handle all other matters on my own.”

She intended to find a backer to lean on, but that didn’t signify that she wanted to become someone who needed to be protected from every single thing, like a second-generation rich heiress.

Compared to relying on others, she’d prefer to fight her own battles.

“Dear disciple, ahhh.” Grandmaster looked at his own disciple, replied quietly, “Actually, you don’t need to be so sensible.” It wasn’t easy at all for him to have accepted a disciple, so what if he brought her around to show off!

For the purpose of becoming respected, Wei Wei was dead set on this idea, “You have to agree. In addition, you need to pretend you don’t know me when in front of others.”

“No way!” Grandmaster shook his head from side to side like a child, “This old man refuses! This old man was even planning on teaching that boy, Murong, a lesson on your behalf!”

Wei Wei knew the old man wanted what’s good for her, she chuckled and coaxed, “Master, there are so many people at White Academy, you are also a Master here, when everybody finds out that you’ve accepted a good-for-nothing as disciple, they will laugh at you.”

“Who dares!” Grandmaster turned his head and roared, “Li Feng, you tell this old man, who would dare to ridicule my disciple!”

Le Feng wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, afraid to make a sound. He knew that the grandmaster was truly angry at this time.

Wei Wei touched and rubbed her nose, “Then let’s wait and talk about it again in one month.”

“One month?” Grandmaster’s eyes flashed abruptly, “Disciple, are you talking about the testing event taking place one month after school starts?”

“Correct.” Wei Wei’s eyes looked up, their light shining unimpeded, “I want every single person to know, I, Helian Wei Wei, am not lovesick, and am not a good-for-nothing!”

Grandmaster looked at her dazed, then suddenly let out a big laugh, “Ha ha, good, good disciple!”

Then let them have a good look, his disciple was not merely good at Armament construction, but was also good at beating others!

Li Feng, however, didn’t share the same glorious expectations, he had not forgotten Wei Wei’s previous test results. With a fragmented qi foundation, even if she was an Armament genius, that still won’t change the reality of her low aptitude. In addition to White Academy having so many elites, he was really worried about how Wei Wei would perform in a month’s time … …

Night fell, a crescent moon hung in the sky, as the shadows of trees swayed.

Within the academy’s eastern region sat a compound concentrating those praised as geniuses. Those living here were all daughters and sons of influential families.

Therefore, here, whenever someone infiltrated, he would catch the attention of all the new students.

Moreover, it was two people coming at once.

“Ah Jue, it’s here.” Nangong Lie devilishly laughed, tiptoed to the wood door straight ahead, “I helped you asked around, that ‘little kitten’ is living in this room!”

Baili Jia Jue curled his thin lips, nibbling on his left glove, the moonlight illuminated his handsome, blemish-free features, like a demon corrupting and bewitching people’s hearts, “Very good.”


Only a ‘bang’ was heard!

He placed both hands into his silver-colored fur coat, then with his long leg, resolutely kicked open that wooden door in front of him!

Nangong Lie hastily jumped to the side, then stretched out his neck and complained, “Ah Jue, damn! Next time, before kicking down the door, can’t you say something first!So aggressive!”

Baili Jia Jue didn’t pay him any attention and leisurely strolled into that quaint room. Within their own rooms, all the misses and young masters from prestigious families who heard the ruckus, stopped what they were doing and couldn’t help but look towards that direction.

His gaze didn’t pause in the slightest, his imposing bearing strode forward towards the inner room … …

“Wasn’t this the young lord who just entered the academy today?”

“Heavens, how could he be here? Is he here to look for Jiao Er?”

“Jiao Er is exceptional, as expected. She’s even acquainted with such a person.”

The young misses gathered together, looking at the shadow of Baili Jia Jue’s back with blushing cheeks and eyes that seem to radiate light.

Such a resolute man, even without speaking, the slightest raise of his eyebrow could cause a person’s heartbeat to speed up.

His every phrase, every word, even merely a simple gesture from him, brings with it a gracefulness that words could not describe, like well-coordinated movements that could direct victory from a thousand miles away.

“Sir?” Helian Jiao Er lifted her head in surprise, her heart burst with ecstasy, but she didn’t express it. After all, many ladies from influential families were here. She needed to be a bit reserved, however, when looking at his ice-cold appearance, redness permeated her entire face. She spoke gently, “What is the reason you’ve come to look for me?”

Baili Jia Jue didn’t say anything. After only having looked at the young girl’s face, his thick brows firmly creased. Then, he turned around and left!

“Huh? Ah Jue, how come you came out so quickly?!” Nangong Lie was still greeting the young ladies outside the room. After seeing his good friend, he laughed without restraint, “It can’t be, that ‘little kitten’s’ stamina is so low?”

Baili Jia Jue coldly signaled with his eyes, chin raised gently in a graceful arc, the tone of his words like ice, “It wasn’t her.”

“What?” Nangong Lie was laughing devilishly before it changed, took a big step inside and looked at Helian Jiao Er’s delicate face, his pair of narrow long eyes were filled with astonishment!

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