The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Targeted His Highness

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The guy’s ‘hmm’ was said in a manner that was very ambiguous. The last syllable was just like a hook, hooking onto the bottom of a person’s heart. A bottom so deep it could almost cause a person to lose all of their defenses.

But Helian Wei Wei only lifted her eyebrows and smiled, devilish shrewdness not reduced by one bit.

“What is Your Excellency saying, what “wasting my time”? What “easily running away” ? I completely don’t understand.”

“Oh?” Baili Jia Jue grasped her chin between his thumb and forefinger, extremely angry yet hiding it in a smile, “Don’t tell me, after only an afternoon and you’ve lost your memories?”

Helian Wei Wei smiled beamingly while rubbing her temples, “Actually, today, something did bump to me.”

“Want me to remind you that you had bumped into me?” Baili Jia Jue lifted her chin, his handsome face leaned extremely close and it seemed like his every breath could touch her lips, “Maybe I should kill you now so that you can recall what ‘nice things’ you have done.”

His tone was very cold, his words were spoken at an extremely slow speed, so slow he seemed to be at the Gates to Hell, like a death god holding a record of the deceased.

Wei Wei knew that he wouldn’t easily let her escape. Additionally, in front of this intelligent man, tricks used once before would not work a second time.

Moreover, there wasn’t really a lot of the poison. Yuan Ming only allowed her to use them three times. Any more than that and she would have to pay a price.

Yuan Ming was a true demon, she really didn’t want to discuss prices with him.

Maybe. . . . .there might be another way.

Wei Wei tilted her face to one side, hearing the sound of water outside, her eyes flashed and she suddenly yelled out loud, “Help, molestation, ahhh!”

“Did you think that someone would believe you if you yelled like that?” Baili Jia Jue dangerously narrowed his eyes, an incomplete smile forming at the corners of his mouth appeared unusually bloodthirsty. His long and slender finger pressed down on the flesh of her lips and used force squishing them, “Looks like I’ve still been too merciful towards you.”

Wei Wei’s shapely eyes slowly lifted. Not willing to admit defeat, she grasped the opportunity firmly as she directly opened her mouth and bit down!

However, the result was..….

Not only did she fail to retaliate as she intended.

That guy unexpectedly seemed unperturbed, not minding at all that she had bitten him. He even wickedly used his long slender finger between her teeth to scratch the tip of her tongue.

Wei Wei’s back became stiff and she almost blurted out a string of swear words!

“Why not continue, hmm?” Baili Jia Jue dragged her over again, his countenance calm. “****not bad.”

The corners of Wei Wei’s lips lifted, “Since His Excellency has the time to praise me, how about putting on your clothes …..because my plan all along was not as simple as to have people mistake that you’ve molested me. If you don’t believe me, then listen, one, two, three, coming!”

The sound of her voice had just stopped when from outside came the sound of knocking on the door!

Wei Wei took advantage of the bustle and like a molting insect, slipped out from under her outer robe. No one could see clearly how she did it. Her speed was very fast, so fast that it was like a blur and confuse one’s vision. In a flash, she jumped away from the guy. This kind of movement would probably be difficult for other people to execute, but Wei Wei wasn’t like other people, she was an ace secret agent from the mercenary guild. This kind of taking off the clothes move was one of their necessary skills. In order for him not to notice, from the very beginning, she took advantage of an opportunity to undo her collar. Their wordy exchange after that was only a cover for this escape at the end!

Baili Jia Jue didn’t move while looking at his hand holding the empty outer robe. He appeared as if he wasn’t bothered by the rejection. His eyebrows jumped while pondering a bit. He didn’t think that in the world, there was a technique which involved taking off clothes.

“Hey, is there someone inside?”

“Stupid, there must be someone if there was sound. Someone yelled they were being molested.”

“Hurry and kick open the door!”

The commotion outside grew bigger and bigger. Wei Wei then laughed more quietly, “Handsome guy, you should think clearly. If you waste time to catch me, you won’t have time to put on your clothes. If you’d rather be exposed like this and allow people to check you out, then keep coming after me.”

Baili Jia Jue’s entire flank was hidden in the shadows. His hand which gripped a ladies robe slowly tightened up. So what she planned was this.

“It seems like you really don’t want to let other people check out your body. Good, the two of us agree on this.” Wei Wei opened the lock on the wood window while still not forgetting to say, “I’m busy, so I’ll go first. This time, let’s really not see you later, bye…”

Baili Jia Jue looked at her demonically. His voice was gloomy like a snake that had just emerged from the water, “You’re really not afraid I’ll kill you?”

“Oh yeah, I’ll say one more thing. Seriously, your body really is not bad.” Wei Wei looked back and whistled provocatively. Then, she threw herself out of the wood window!

What she didn’t know was that behind her, a pair of dark, black, bottomless deep eyes had locked onto her slender and lanky back all along. Only when she disappeared into the boundless dark night did the man’s exquisite mouth emit a demonically captivating laugh, but the the intent within that laugh did not reach his eyes. His pupils were as dark as the night, permeating a terrifying chilliness…..

The people outside of the bamboo stall used all their strength to slam against the wood door. Baili Jia Jue took a look at the ladies outer robe held in his hand. Within his eyes flashed a hidden light…..


The people outside of the stall finally rushed in. When they finally got to see the scene inside the stall, their confusion couldn’t be described with words.

The body of the classmate in front of their eyes, from head to toe, was covered with nothing besides the robe wrapped around his waist.

They could even see most of those enviable six packs…..murmur, gulp gulp, the people who came inside continuously swallowed their saliva, however…..that robe should be a woman’s and even had flowers embroidered on it!

They didn’t need to guess in order to realize what had happened here just now!

For example, a female sexual predator targeted an enticing hunk and thought up the idea of sneaking into the bathroom.

As for regarding how Baili Jia Jue reacted – – – – maybe he had refused to submit even onto death, and even yelled, “Help, molested, ahhh!” and so on?

In any case, those new students wracked their brains and started to guess nonstop…..

Nangong Lie, after having heard this, was totally stunned for half a minute, then laughed loudly, “Ha ha, you got, ha ha, you were targeted by someone?”

Baili Jia Jue raised his head and slowly looked at him while he grabbed and threw down the robe wrapped around his waist…

“Hey, hey, hey, you should calm down!” Nangong Lie immediately stood a bit farther away, “I don’t lean towards that kind of love. However, did you really yell ‘help, molested’?”

Baili Jia Jue arrogantly turned his thin lips down, the light in his eyes was totally cold, “What do you think?”

Nangong Lie rubbed his nose a bit. Of course he wouldn’t believe that this guy would yell something like being molested. However.…..his narrow and long eyes turned, his nosy curiosity was welling up, “What’s up with the ladies robe?”

Baili Jia Jue’s eyes paused, indifferently lifted his hand and buttoned up the meticulously crafted buttons one by one.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Nangong LIe immediately thought of something, “Could it again be.…..that ‘little kitten’?”

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