The Anarchic Consort

Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Escape From Calamity

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When Zhang Shi Jie saw that she hadn’t reacted for a long time, he laughed out loud again, “Ha, ha, look you guys, this good-for-nothing was intimidated by me to this extent. She really is such a poor thing…..”

As Zhang Shi Jie was mocking, he just really wanted to grab Helian Wei Wei’s hair and to ferociously tug it downwards!

However, before his hand had the chance to touch her hair, in front of him, her entire body shot outwards. His hand and wrist then became contorted almost to an unimaginable degree as his bones and joint became locked in the wrong places; only the sound of bones breaking was heard!

The right hand that Zhang Shi Jie most proud of was broken!

Nobody saw her movements clearly. By the time they reacted, Wei Wei had already grabbed Zhang Shi Jie’s wrist. Her smile still remained on her lips, like a empress who emerged victorious from within the smoke of a fierce battle.

Everybody was stupefied. It seemed like the air had solidified. They didn’t know when the surrounding noise had died down.

Zhang Shi Jie only gasped in shock and looked unbelievably at Wei Wei. The pain was so much that his face was covered in cold sweat. He lifted his left hand intending to fight back…..

Crack crack!

Again, another loud and clear sound!

Wei Wei smiled and looked at him with narrowed eyes, “Such an ill-behaved dog claw. It would be better if it was removed.”

“Arghhh!” Zhang Shi Jie screamed out loud painfully. The kind of pain caused by broken bones which bore into flesh and blood, made the color on his face to drain instantly into the whitest of white. No longer maintaining any appearances, he prostrated on the ground and howled, “What are you motherf*****s doing still standing there stunned, help this lord out!”

At this time, the young lads who were following behind Zhang Shi Jie finally reacted. They immediately came over and split their legs in a horizontal kick!

There were about four to five people. Everyone possessed Martial Qi and attacked viciously. Their long legs cutting through the air, no normal person would be able to go against them.

However, Helian Wei Wei wasn’t a normal person. She was the Queen of Mercenaries with the most outstanding battle prowess. Didn’t matter if it was the underworld or the side of justice, nobody dared to directly face off against her!

Looking at the legs cutting air coming head-on, Wei Wei curved her lips into a smile. Her body was like a dragon shuttling back and forth in between the crowd of people as she grabbed the wrist of a person among them and powerfully tugged…

Crack crack!

During the time the sound of broken bones bursted forth, one of Wei Wei’s foot tapped off on a low table and abruptly flipped her body over. Her long hair flew in a dance while her white leg raised up. In a flash, she quickly struck down on top of a long leg coming at her!

In terms of ruthlessness, who could be more ruthless than the Empress of Mercenaries!

“Still want to fight?” She laughed coldly as rays of light shone behind her. One hand grabbing the back of someone’s neck and one foot stepped on Zhang Shi Jie’s back. Her entire body emitted a magnificent aura bright enough to almost burn through people’s eyes.

On the ground jumbled the tangled mess of young lads. Numerous people towards the back stepped away. Completely panic-stricken faces looked at Wei Wei, fearful that she might attack again. Finally, those who fell flat on their faces got up and anxiously escaped from the hall. They tucked their heads to one side and ran with their tails between their legs, while screaming threats at the same time, “You..You better watch out!”

The rest of the new students inside the hall looked at their appearance and roared out in laughter.

Wei Wei acted like nothing had happened and simply picked up the book from the floor, blew off the dust, placed it in the compartment under the low table, continued to lie down as she closed her eyes and rested.

There was still time until the teacher’s arrival. Barely a moment’s time had passed, yet students from the Inferior Compound already caused such a ruckus.

Zhang Shi Jie held his own wrist and forcefully swore, “Damn that good-for-nothing!”

“Brother Jie, how about we don’t go looking for trouble from her anymore.” There was a young lad who suggested, “White Academy is not like other schools. If we cause trouble, we’ll be expelled from the academy.”

Zhang Shi Jie was indignant, “You mean to say that this Young Master should bear with it?”

“But you clearly can’t win her in a fight…..” Several lads whispered quietly. They began to regret helping him out.

Zhang Shi Jie also realized that his own angry words were wrong and lowered his voice, “What are you guys afraid of, I’ve got the backing of the Defense Division.”

“Isn’t Helian Wei Wei also someone from the Defense Division side?” A lad who didn’t understand furrowed his brows.

Zhang Shi Jie looked left and right, voice muted, “Ah, ah, how could she be regarded as the someone from the General’s side? Why don’t you go and ask around who the current head is. A good-for-nothing who dared to attend White Academy simply is courting death!”

“Brother Jie’s meaning is that somebody wanted her …”

Zhang Shi Jie called out, “You guys don’t need to guess. Immediately have this master’s hand fixed well. After this matter has been taken care of, you guys won’t be short on benefits!”

“Ai!” hose lads, after hearing the words ‘Defense Division’ early on, their eyes had already shined. Now that they also heard they’ll obtain benefits, they immediately helped Zhang Shi Jie treat his wounds, “Still, this Wei Wei is very strange. She obviously doesn’t have even a bit of Qi. How could she be so dangerous? Even Brother Jie was not her opponent.”

Having heard that, Zhang Shi Jie’s face dropped down, “It’s because today, this Master’s condition wasn’t good. Sooner or later, I’ll settle this fight again!”

As if the anger couldn’t be held back, he used force to kick away the rock under his foot!

Zhang Shi Jie was still blabbering and swearing, when all the other lads looked like they saw some extremely fearful thing. Everybody’s distorted and scared face looked absolutely unsightly. Their mouth gaped open and stammeringly called, “Bro.. Brother Jie.”

“What now?”

Zhang Shi Jie looked up fiercely and saw that beneath the shade not far away was the shadow of a person.

That shadow looked like it just woke up. Fine black hairs were still sticking up. The pure white tunic was marred by a leaf. A man standing next to him casually threw away the stone in his hand, impolitely smiling maliciously.

Even though Zhang Shi Jie was born in the Eastern Mountain Province, the time he spent at the capital was even more than at his native home. For the most part, he got along with the circle of people at the capital, usually as a lackey the same way he followed around behind Murong Chang Feng. Also with Concubine Su’s support, intentionally or not, he was acquainted with not a small number of powerful young lords at the capital. Yet, he obviously had not seen these two people before. Therefore, he didn’t care and immediately ferociously glared back, “What’s there to look at, never seen an angry person before? Hmph!”

Having heard these words, the shadow of a person slowly raised his head and took a look at Zhang Shi Jie. It was only one look, yet it made Zhang Shi Jie lose the strength to move.

What kind of a look was that, so cold as to be heartless, much like an emissary from hell out to capture escaped spirits. Made people tremble in their hearts.

Nobody saw clearly how he moved, they only saw a white flash before their eyes. When they were able to react, the shadow of a person already arrived before Zhang Shi Jie. Strands of hair danced in front of his forehead, his posture free and unrestrained, his contours impressive. The spirit in his eyes was like a mature leopard’s, close to having no feeling, all emotions hidden.

Zhang Shi Jie subconsciously raised his hand to block, but discovered that the opponent’s inner force was far above his own. He was hurled backward stiffly and tumbled to the ground!


Only one clear burst of sound was heard as the shadow’s leg casually stepped on Zhang Shi Jie’s calf. Then as calm as still winds and floating clouds, he moved away, as if the person on the ground in fact was not worth wasting any bit of his effort on.

The shadow of his back seemed like it belonged to ancient deities, as if it was the only pure snowy white in front of heaven and earth, yet burning fiercely nevertheless, blotting away the sky and sun…..

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